Top 10 YouTubers Who Ruined Their Careers With A Single Video

Welcome back guys, todays video is the top 10 YouTubers who ruined their careers with a single video The internet can be a fickle place, one minute people love you, the next minute youre dead to them

These are the stories of videos uploaded by YouTubers or about them – that seem to have irreversibly damaged their careers … Starting off at number 10 now we have LeafyIsHere In the summer of 2016, commentary channel LeafyIsHere was pulling in an impressive 121 million views a month Then he got caught caught up in a bullying scandal which many YouTubers calling him out, most famously H3H3 The nail in the coffin came in September 2016 when Idubz released a content cop video about him He ripped apart his content saying it wasnt satire, it was low quality, repetitive cheap shots, mainly at kids because Leafy was too scared to go after anyone else

Leafy made a reply video to this which many people felt never truly addressed the points Idubz made Since then, the views on Leafys channel began to plummet, from a high of 121 million, hes now pulling in about 6 million a month Coming in at number 9 we have Sam Pepper Sam Pepper was once a famous YouTuber known for his prank and interview videos Then, one day, he uploaded a video that pretty much put an end to his YouTube career – the killing best friend prank

It involved him pretending to kidnap his friend Sam on the outskirts of LA They bagged him up and took him to a location where Sam thought his friend Coby had just been shot and killed right in front of him Sam was obviously distraught Many people on YouTube were shocked and disgusted and Sam eventually deleted all the videos from his channel … Next up at number 8 we have Daddy O 5 This family vlog channel was pretty big at one point, gaining 750,000 subscribers in under 2 years

Their videos featured their day to day lives and pranks on each other – mainly Cody, the youngest of the family The pranks on him would involve accusing him of something and then pretending to get angry Sometimes they would encourage his siblings to kick or punch him – you get the idea Philip DeFranco talked about them on his show and that was the beginning of the end YouTube removed ads from the channel and when the backlash got too much, the family privated every video on their channel and the channel was finished

At the number 7 spot now we have Toby Turner He was a very popular YouTuber in the platforms early days with millions of subscribers spread across multiple channels On April 8th 2016, DramaAlert broke a story based on a tumblr post from one of Tobys ex girlfriends She accused him of abuse and rape Other former partners of Toby came forward to tell their stories of lying, cheating and manipulation

Still, the main focus was on the abuse and rape Toby released a video firmly denying the allegations and not much more has been said on the matter from either side but Tobys channels have taken hits they may never recover from Moving on to number 6 we have Tana Mongeau This YouTuber was called out by Idubbz in one of his content cop videos He accused her of using the N word in a number of videos and that her explanation of -I didnt know that was a racist word, I heard it rap songs- was not good enough

This came after Tana had accused him of saying certain offensive words like the n word- Idubz retort was that either all of these words are off limit, or none of them are Tanas name was tarnished among the YouTube community although she has still maintained her core audience Next up at number 5 we have TMARTIN This YouTuber gained fame for his CS:GO videos, earning millions of subscribers In 2016 he uploaded a video showing off CS:GO lotto – a gambling site for kids where they bet real money in the hopes of winning in game items

A scandal exploded when it turns out that TMARTIN actually founded the CS:GO lotto site This was something he did not disclose upfront and is widely regarded as extremely unethical He tried to lie and cover up his tracks before the truth came out His channel is still up but earning a fraction of the views it used to Next up at number 4 we have Bold Guy

Real name Matt Hoss, he used to uploaded skit videos which involved parkour and picking up girls H3H3 made a video mocking how ridiculous they were and Matt Hoss sued them, claiming they stole his content This was the start of the famous H3H3 lawsuit that many of you guys have heard about After a long time, h3h3 won the lawsuit and it was seen as a victory for free speech and fair use on YouTube The backlash against Matt before, during and after the ordeal was immense

He tried to make a comeback after the dust settled but every one of his videos was downvoted into oblivion and nobody has heard of him since Moving on to number 3 now we have The Fine Brothers Benny and Raphy fine are the guys behind Kids React To, Adults React to, Elders React To – all of those shows, Im sure you guys have seen them In 2016, they made a video announcing -React World- … an opportunity for people to license the React brand in exchange for a share of revenue The YouTube community didnt like that in general, they saw it was The Fine Brothers trying to essentially copyright reaction videos so nobody else could do them

To be fair, they did try and trademark the word react so you can kinda see why people thought that The brothers put out a video explaining how that wasnt actually the case but the damage was done They lost about 150 thousand subscribers in 2 weeks They did manage to recover but have stepped away from the camera ever since At number 2 now we have SourceFed

This used to be a huge channel founded by Philip DeFranco They had another channel called SourceFedNerd which would uploaded content all things geeky In May 2017, the new owners, Group Nine Media, rebranded SourceFedNerd as NowThisNerd with an announcement video that the old channel was over This angered many of SourceFeds fans The companies Senior Producer came forward with an apology video stating that they were going to change things back to how they were

And instead just start NowThisNerd as a whole new channel Fans were thankful but some observers say this has irreparably damaged their brand before it even got started And finally at number 1 we have Nicole Arbor This YouTuber was known for her rant and sketch videos, earning her millions of subscribers and catapulting her to the front page of YouTube on multiple occasions One video in particular though proved to be her undoing

Dear Fat People was a video addressing how she felt about overweight people and saying that outside of medical conditions, they should be ashamed She advocated fat shaming and received a LOT of backlash for it The real nail in the coffin though came in January 2016, when ex boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Matthew Santoro released a video claiming that she had emotionally and physically abused him during their relationship Nicole still uploads but the views and dislike bar seem to show that YouTube has not forgotten Alrigh guys, thats all Ive got for you

What are your thoughts on the people and topics we discussed today? The fact that they caused such drama must mean that people feel strongly about them … in the meantime, thanks as always for watching and Ill see you in the next video …

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