Top 10 Worst Tattoos Ever – Part 5

How’s it going all of you most amazing top 10ers? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh Before we get into this video I want to let you guys know that we have some pretty awesome merch available in our shop

The link is right here and I’ll be sure to put a link in the description box below So tattoos can be great They are creative, some have really cool background stories and some are inspiring Well then there are other tattoos that are just awful and horrible So here is the top 10 worst tattoos ever part 5

In at number 10 we have this guy Yep, his whole tattoo is centered around his nipple Why does this guy have a nipple for an eye? This could’ve been a decent tattoo, I mean the quality is pretty good but maybe the tattoo artist messed up and realized at the end that the nipple got in the way? Yeah I doubt it too, I think this guy purposely wanted a man with a nipple eye Next up in at number 9 we have the man who loves ice No seriously take a look at all of his tattoos

Mr Cool Ice…his name should be “I have many regrets in life” All of his tattoos are terrible I mean look at the thick writing on his arms He committed so hard

What if he no longer enjoys ice when he gets older He should just go all out and get Ice tattoo on his forehead The receding hair line creeps into number 8 Ok this is just the worst idea on planet earth There’s a really harsh line that just makes this tattoo look 1000 times worse

I’m starting to think that maybe he just has a large forehead and he wanted to cover it up with a tattoo but I mean, this isn’t the way to go about it Look at his face, he’s tired of explaining the reasoning behind his tattoo so let’s move on Number 7 takes us up to heaven Ok not really, look at this thing There is just so much wrong with this tattoo

That’s not how you spell angel! I still don’t understand how there are typos with tattoos Guys, we have spell check on our phones It’s everywhere Just ask anybody in that shop to spell angel and they probably know the answer Did the tattoo artist go rouge and try to spell it on their own without checking? It’s a simple word, it’s not like she wanted a tattoo saying dad’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

And now in at number 6 we have this psycho tattoo Well I think it’s safe to say this guy will never get a job every again He has the face of instant regret Did he lose a bet? What’s going on here? Does he just want people to leave him alone? I like that he picked a creative font but the tattoo artist was probably shitting himself the entire time From psycho to idiotic in at number 5 we have this nonsense

Trust No one yeah, especially a shady tattoo artist who can’t spell I mean she has no one to blame but herself because she should’ve double checked with the tattoo artist if everything is spelled correctly Trust Noone, ugh this makes me never want to get a tattoo Alright now in at number 4 we have another stupid tattoo No literally, his tattoo says stupid

So I guess this guy and that other psycho guy are both unemployed for the rest of their lives They should be best friends I mean, they probably got their tattoo done by the same tattoo artist This is just wrong on so many levels And now in at number 3 we have a guy who is probably going to be a virgin for life

Don’t believe me, take a look at his horrible tattoo Yeah, I don’t know anyone who would be impressed by this tattoo It doesn’t really show us that you are a mature guy I think he’s going to be single forever The cats outta the bag in at number 2

Oh man, take a look at this awful tattoo I mean, he even had the tattoo artist shade in his belly button to look dirty Well, I kind of hope its shading and it’s not actually dirty cause that would be even more disgusting This cat looks pissed and I don’t blame him He probably has to wear a shirt when he swims unless he’s proud of this awful tattoo

This proud girl comes in at number 1 When I say she’s proud, I mean she’s really proud Take a look at her tattoo Her whole back is a shrine for her um… vagina This is so weird

Is this some sort of advertisement? Does this even work? Is it to scale? Ok, ok enough of all that This is probably the weirdest tattoo I’ve ever seen and I don’t think it’s going to leave my mind for a very long time I’m scarred for life Well there you guys have it…

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