Top 10 Worst Tattoos Ever – Part 2

How’s it going all of you most amazing people? I’m Landon Dowlatsingh and today we are going to be looking at some pretty horrible tattoos But before we do, I want to know, what is something that you regret the most? Stay tuned to the end of this video to hear about my answer

Alright so, it’s no secret that tattoos are pretty permanent So a tattoo shouldn’t be something that you get on a whim You should think about what you want to get and where you want to get it I’m pretty sure that these ten people put zero thought into their tattoos So here are the top 10 worst tattoos ever part 2

Starting us off in at number 10 with a Nip slip Well, I found Waldo He was hiding behind this man’s nipple Out of all the places to hide, Waldo picks this man’s chest I don’t know any person who would find this attractive unless they were Wenda, Waldo’s girlfriend

This is an awful tattoo, I don’t like the fact that Waldo is popping out behind the nipple He’s kind of creeping me out so let’s move on No Regrets comes in at number 9 Ok so when people get a tattoo, they normally spend a considerable amount of time debating on what their tattoo will look like But I think this person spent 0

01 milliseconds thinking about this awful tattoo and they went to the sketchiest place in their neighborhood This is pretty ironic because regrets is spelt wrong It’ supposed to be REGRETS not REGERTS I bet this person is heavily regretting their large tattoo on their forearm Up next in at number 8 we have Two faced

This person puts in a lot of effort to maintain this tattoo He has to go to his barber quite often to trip his headstache and beard He also needs to keep his head cleanly shaven If he has kids I bet they are totally freaked out because he gives the saying “I have eyes in the back of my head” a whole new meaning I wouldn’t want to mess with him

Song lyrics come in at number 7 I have one piece of advice, if you are going to get song lyrics permanently tattooed on your body, please do a quick google search and make sure they are correct Oh and you might also want to make sure you spell the artists name right Well, this tattoo has gotten it all wrong First of all, the lyric is way off

It’s supposed to say “It’s my life” not “It’s is my life” The grammar is all wrong And his name is Jon Bon Jovi not Jon Bovi, ugh this hurts my soul so I need to move on A Simple tattoo makes its way into number 6 Aww she got her own name tattooed behind her ear with a heart

Isn’t that cute…wait it doesn’t say Ana, it looks like it says anal Somebody needs to tell her that her tattoo needs to be removed asap I bet the tattoo artist wrote out her name, felt bad and added the heart in for free Good thing it’s behind her ear but she is going to need to wear her hair down for the rest of her life Unless, she actually intended it to say anal… Number 5 Totally tubular dude

Actually, no this tattoo is not tubular at all I get it, you like Michelangelo but did you need to have a 3d tattoo of him smack dab in the middle of your face? I mean, you look young, you are going to need to get a job and I don’t think employers will be too happy about seeing your poor life choice permanently tattooed on your face You need to revaluate your priorities and hopefully that includes finding a tattoo removal place as soon as possible A Misunderstanding makes it into the number 4 spot This tattoo says, Regret in Chinese

Is this real-life right now? What was the tattoo artist thinking? He must’ve been having an off day because I’m pretty sure nobody would actually request to get this tattoo Like come on, it was obvious that he wanted Regret to be spelled out in Chinese characters Poor guy His tattoo isn’t wrong though, it is full of regret At least it’s spelt right

This Pretty bad tattoo regrettably comes in at number 3 Can you guys make out what this is supposed to mean? Well it says “To infinity and less” yep… they got the last symbol wrong It was supposed to face the other way so that it reads “to infinity and beyond” Oh man…did this person even listen to their math teacher in school? This is pretty cringy so let’s move on The racist unfortunately comes in at number 2

Ok so there are many things wrong with this picture Why are you proud to be a racist? This has to be one of the worst tattoos I have ever seen People are so ignorant these days Good luck getting anywhere in life I bet he get’s so many dirty looks and stares every day

Ugh it’s like he’s staring into my soul so let’s move on Finally in at number 1 Stay in school kids I say this because look at this tattoo, can you guys spot what is wrong with it Yeah knowledge is spelt horrifically wrong I wonder if he came in and had it written on a piece of paper or if the tattoo artist got it wrong

Either way, there needs to be a double check policy in place It doesn’t take long to look up the spelling of things And now he has to live with this the rest of his life Well there you guys have it…

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