Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Search On Google – Part 11

Hello and welcome back to Most Amazing Official I am your most amazing host, Rebecca Felgate and today we’re back in the dark web as we talk about the Top 10 things you shouldn’t search on Google, part 11

If you like our videos, please do hit that thumbs up button – if this video hits 10 thousand likes, I will make you a brand new part to continue down this deep dark tirade I have no idea how I inadvertently ended up as your pilot into the deep dense horror that is the dark web…but somehow it happened, so let’s just do this 10 – Benjamin Bennett Oh, Benjamin You don’t want to know about Benjamin I don’t want to know about Benjamin…but sadly now I do

Youtube is a great place, but it is also a not so great place when you start delving really deep into it Unfortunately I came across a youtuber called Benjamin Bennett who uploads 4 hour long videos of himself sitting and smiling…and like, dude…it is pretty intense and uncomfortably intimate What sane person can sit and smile for FOUR HOURS at a time After a while of staring into his cold dead eyes, you get pretty convinced that he can see you too… plus…his smiling face becomes emblazoned in your brain

Just…stay away from Benjamin Okay, another Youtube channel you shouldn’t google, we have 9 – Webdriver Toroso So…like…what the actual lizard is happening here All of the videos on this channel are 10 seconds long, and filled with blue and red shapes, and strange beebing sounds It is so very weird, and almost definitely some kind of secret menacing code about the end of days

I beg you, don’t get drawn into the rabbit hole! 8 – Fat World Like…this is just awful Fat World is a alternate reality that started on Deviant Art and now has its own Wikia It basically is a project where a bunch of strange people photpshop celebrities to be fat and pretend they live in an alternate world called fat world, where fat is beautiful They take the back stories a bit far…like… in this alternate universe, Taylor Swift is over 700 lbs and married to Taylor Lautner

Concerning, almost all of the people photoshopped by fat world are females Similar, we have masking up next…at number 7 So, Masking is a fetish where some people have photoshopped celebrities to look like they are wearing the masking, you know…like Jim Carey’s the Mask…and, like…it’s weird… And…

kind of wrong… 6 – Taher Shah – ANGEL OKAY…so… like this is totally up to you………

This is undoubtedly the worst piece of music I have ever heardand the most hilarious at the very same time There is part of me that wishes I had never googled this man and listened to his terrible, terrible song… But the other part of me is kind of thrilled that I did…because really, no matter how bad I think things are……… they really aren’t as bad as this track This guy actually believes he IS mankind’s angel…

so…there is that With most of the things on these lists, I highly recommend you don’t google them… But like…with this one…I don’t know… the evil side of me wants you to do it! Next at number 5, we have Condom Pancake It really is best that you never delve into the horror that is cooking with condoms…sometimes they’re full…

sometimes they’re not… sometimes they’re cooked in a light batter, sometimes they’re not Honestly…it’s best that you never know 4 – Perineorraphy – My friend made some kind of typing error in a text recently and it autocorrected to Perineorraphy… she then googled the word, found out what it meant, then told me Never to google it… which I ignored… so…trust me when I say, don’t google this procedure…yes, procedure, because you actually would really rather not know 3 – One Man One Jar Now, you may have had the misfortune of viewing two girls one cup, but you can save yourself the misfortune of watching one man one jar… Because…

Well… You can imagine where the jar goes, but after that you cannot imagine what happens next … nor should you have to…so maybe lets stay away from that one

2 – Pain Olympics I cannot believe that this has not made one of these Do Not Google lists before! I have been aware about this horrifying selection of body modification videos for some time, but totally forgot about them… which is surprising as I thought it was emblazoned in my brain forever… Bascially…unless you want to see people slicing their own genitalia off…maybe give this google search a miss 1 – Death of His-ashi Ouchi Sometimes things on this list are kind of throwaway and wont psychologically affect me at all… I just kind of think they’re gross… but others… other things are horrifying…and this is one of the latter

Hisashi Ouchi possibly had one of the worst deaths of all time Hisashi was a victim of a horrifying uranium accident at the Tokaimura nuclear plant in Japan He was exposed to scary amounts of radiation but was kept alive by medics for various scientific observation…he took 83 days to die and suffered a slow, painful and horrific to look at death There are lots of pictures, but I beg you not to look at them…you’ll be changed

So…wow…this list was a bit of a bummer… May I recommend you watch a hearty dose of Burkishdelight’s dumbest tweets next to lighten the mood…

Then when you are ready, you can come back for more dark google! Thanks guys for watching, please do go ahead and leave a thumbs up, share this video with a friend and stay subscribed for more Most Amazing Videos!

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