Top 10 Things That Look Like They Came From A Parallel Universe – Part 2

What's up you guys, hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video After having done more than one parallel universes related series on the channel now i feel like i know my subject matter pretty damn well

Some things just seem like a mandela effect, a simulation glitch if you will My dear Abbey hit you with part 1 and so here i am bringing you part 2 These are the Top 10 Things That Look Like They Came From A Parallel Universe – Part 2 Starting us off with number 10 are the Galaxy Flowers Uploaded by a now deleted reddit user, these two flowers look like they have galaxies stored in their petals

And i know the picture wasnt moving but i feel like in real life id expect the galaxies to be swirling around on the petals yknow Ive actually seen this in real life quite a few times its just a speckled flower which grew that way but suspend your disbelief nad imagine it was a galaxy filled flower Thats a parallel universe id definitely wanna be in are you kidding me Things would be so interesting to look at i could finally stop looking at my phone Coming in at number 9 is Coca Cola

We are so used to seeing Coca Cola as red You cant miss it the branding is almost angrily punching you in the face However this Turkish reddit user came upon a light blue coke can The Tiffany Blue of coke cans if you will And the world became shooketh

Our coke cans are red, or black depending on how much sugar is in there So imagine the audacity of this light blue can? Like did the simulation glitch and this somehow popped into our universe instead of its actual intended one? I feel like this one is more calming to look at though its just a calm blue I feel like people in that universe are a lot more at zen than we are here At number 8 we have Stop and Smile And believe me when i tell you that this sign and the blue coke can are from the exact same universe

So instead a regular red stop sign this stop sign is dark blue and on it it says Stop and Smile Like again no alarming red, just a calm blue and a nice reminder to stop and seize the day I feel like there are a lot of lessons we need to learn from this other universe that is apparently doing it alot better than we are One of those lessons is calmness, the other is stop using the colour red so much Like the blue isnt even making me sad its like ah blue

Filling our number 7 slot are The Floor Traffic Lights So instead of traffic lights being in the three circle formation that we’ve been used to since birth, the traffic lights found in this area are randomly on the floor before the arrows to cross the road These lights are like 3 horizontal lights, the left pic being green as in good to go and the right pic being all red Apparently this was designed for a universe where humans are literally unable to look away from their phones and therefore are always looking down So to battle that and any road crossing related accidents, this further advanced parallel universe was like yknow what dont even look up honestly its fine, we’ll just put the lights on the ground

Screw the cars theyll just guess Now at number 6 is the Blurry Tree Honestly this is just a cute tree straight up vibing on some residential street but the leaves are so opaque and vibrant and the shape of them actually makes it look like a blurry glitch Like i would definitely double blink if i saw this cus id be like wait wait i know i dont have 2020 vision but i definitely dont see in pixelations cmon now I could definitely see this tree being in like a crash bandicoot game or one of the first few tomb raiders but its lowkey kinda cute thats its somehow in our universe

The parallel universe its actually from is probably quite cute and you most likely have at least 3 lives instead of 1 Coming in at number 5 is The Pink Grasshopper This one was shared redditor BreakfastBeerz and it appears to be a fully pink grasshopper Now i dont know if this is one of those fake pink rubber grasshoppers or it has some kind of genetic mutation but wow Can you imagine if insects like ants, cockroaches and grasshoppers were all different neon colours

Theyd be like 50 times less scary and disgusting so props to the universe it comes from Yall are thriving a lot more us rn At number 4 is Us but Not This one was shared by reddit user SirLabRatz and its 8 cereal boxes that look exactly the same as popular cereal brands except theyre called different things Fruit Loops is now Fruit Rounds, Lucky Charmz is now Marshmallows & Stars, Cheerios are now Honey Nut Crispy Oats, Rice Krispies are Cocoa Rice and so forth

From the picture you can just tell that these just taste slightly off, like youre so hoping for the taste you know and love but when it mixes with the milk you know somethings just not right And i feel like that reflects the parallel universe it came from like that world is probably not that different from ours but everythings just slightly off, slightly askew, something is just off center Filling our number 3 slot is the Lack of M This is just so whack its not even funny Its not even logical

So this one was shared by joeltb on reddit and its a picture of the Mcdonalds Restaurant sign except its not the two arched M its just one overarching arch So its not even an M anymore its like a bloody N or upside U its not NcMonalds or NcNonalds or Ucdonalds is it? Its Mcdonalds, M, 2 arches One arch is almost sacrilegious honestly Whatever paralell universe this fell out of, please take this place because here in our shitshow of a world we accept only Ms

Now at number 2 is The Colourful Cob This one is actually lowkey cute if only the colours seemed more appetizing This cob was shared by reddit user Here4damemes great name btw arent we all? Idk how exactly the corn got to be multicoloured, maybe its photoshop because its food colouring maybe its maybelline I can just totally imagine the universe this came from like something resembling munchkinland or wherever the character strawberry shortcake was from I kinda wanna see what other food they have in this universe now cus this one is mighty interesting

And finally at number 1 is The Blue M Now this is a Mcdonalds located in Sedona Arizona and was uploaded by instagram user crockett1260 And the M is literally a calm light blue, not the yellow we know and love but blue I can bet my literal life that this is from the same universe as the coke can and the stop and smile sign like this universes colour scheme is 50 shades of blue This just doesnt sit right with me because yellow is the colour we associated with happiness, its not a calm meal, its a happy meal

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