Top 10 Supernatural Objects That Are Cursed

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Supernatural Objects That Are Cursed… Which really is kind of a double pronged attack is it not? Firstly…they’re supernatural…

secondly they are CURSED! What a way to level up! 10 – Dybbuk Box A normal object turned supernatural, turned cursed What a journey The Dybbuk box is said to be a haunted wine cabinet filled with a restless spirit Interestingly the wine cabinet had a Jewish Prayer carved into the back of it, which is perhaps what attracted the ghoul The spirit in question is allegedly a holocaust survivor, Havakeh, who escaped to Spain

The box was famously sold on ebay in 2003 and has spent the past 16 years bouncing between owners who do not want it It seems a each owner has fallen on horrifying misfortune and suffered recurring nightmares One owner suffered a stroke after receiving it as a gift Apparently, the box has now been hidden by Jewish Rabbis The box has a connection with the 2012 film The Possession, which seems to have been based on the wine box events

9 – The Voodoo Dolls Voodoo Dolls in general are supernatural items – they are little effigies created in magic practices and for the person on the receiving end, they are certainly bad juju Pins are placed in the dolls in order to harm the subject Its not great Not great at all! SO…with that in mind…… a supernatural object used to invoke a curse…

do you want to see some Voodoo dolls from one of the most cursed places in the world – The Ed and Lorraine Warren Occult museum The noose on the neck of one of the dolls probably indicates that someone died…and gouged out eyes… well, that isn’t so great either! It seems a doll collector came across these dolls and brought them home, only to find her sons health deteriorating It seems some of the witches voodoo doll magic had retained and picked the boy as its new vessel The collector contacted the warrens who removed the dolls, after which the boy recovered The story continues, it seems that a visitor to the museum broke the rules and touched one of the dolls and was later involved in a horrifying accident

8 – Basano Vase At first the Basano Vase is a sight to behold It is a carved silver vase from the 15th Century – an antique… But as it is on this list you may have indeed realized that it is a supernatural antique with a curse The story goes that the vase was made for an Italian wedding as a gift to the bride, who was to be wed in a traditional ceremony in Napoli On her wedding night, she was stabbed and she was found bleeding and clutching the vase

The legend has it that she promised to return and seek vegence on the person who stopped her marrying her love After her death, the vase was passed down through the family, but anyone who came into contact with the vase mysteriously fell upon serious misfortune Following that, the vase was wrapped up and packed away, but unfortunately it was unearthed again hundreds of years later in the late 80s, when it started making headlines for continuing its spate of deadly bad luck Newspaper reports indicate the vase was later buried in an undisclosed location, hoping it will stay out of the way of human contact 7 – Evil Eye Ah, the curse of the evil eye…

although in an interesting twist, as these objects protect against curses… SO The Evil eye is a curse cast by a malevolent glare, given to a person when they aren’t looking If an evil eye is cast on you, you are susceptible to injury or misfortune – it could even set animals upon you! To protect yourself from the evil eye, usually people carry a talisman with an eye on it – Which in themselves look prettttttty terrifying but actually, but they’re there to stare down any evil The evil eye has been incorporated into a lot of protective objects – most popularly jewellery, but also wall hangungs and wind chimes I feel like I want an evil eye bracelet so it can stare down a few evil eyes that have been looking my way recently

6 – Cursed Tarot Deck Tarot cards are used in divination – forecasting rather than predicting Usually a person formulates a question and seeks an answer from the cards, a deck of 78 individual cards with different meanings The most famous cards are Death, The Tower and The Devil, all thought to be bad omens, but of course that depends on your interpretation Some people, however, are convinced that their tarot decks can become cursed and all that is forecasted will happen …badly! There is also a superstition that burning tarot cards will bring a curse upon you It seems the only way to be rid of a cursed deck of tarots is to drown them…

soak them all face down in water… but… I’m not so sure about that! 5 – Maori Masks Maori is the name of the indigenous people of New Zealand and Polynesia Masks are made to honour their ancestors and are often beautifully carved and slightly intimidating The masks are thought to contain the souls of warriors who died in battle…so pretty supernatural and ghostly if you ask me While men are fine to be going around touching a maori mask, females have a more uncertain time Legend has it you shouldn’t seek one out if you are pregnant or menstruating as you can become cursed

In October 2010 a museum in Newzealand made headlines when it told a pregnant woman to stay away from a sacred artifact 4- Uluru Is a rock formation an object?! Either way, Uluru…or Ayres Rock is both sacred and cursed The large sandstone monolith in the Northern Territory of Central Australia is sacred to Aboriginal tribes, the first people of the land They believe it is inhabited by the ancestral spirits of the land The rock started forming 550 million years ago and it is believed that if a visitor takes a rock from the spot, they will suffer serious misfortune, sometimes even grave misfortune

There have been reports of people returning stones they have taken from Ayres Rock to try and end their suffering 3 – Terracotta Army I believe that the Terracotta army have an air of the supernatural about them They were, after all a work of funeral art that were buried with the purpose of protecting an emperor in the afterlife The thousands of terracotta figures were buried with the First Emperor of China in 210 BCE, but rediscovered by local farmers In 1974 in Yang Village’s rural land For them, though, the discovery was a curse

The government didn’t pay them well for their findings and they took their land and homes off them in order to build a tourist centre One of the farmers who discovered the soldiers killed himself an d the others met bad luck, with many dying penniless 2 – The Demon Book The Book of Soyga is an early 16th Century Treatise on Demonology Written in Latin There are only two copies of the book in the world, and one was possessed by Elizabethan Scholar, John Dee, who spent his life trying to interpret the text, which was filled with spells and rituals He had a pretty good grasp of what was happening, save for the final 36 pages, which he simply couldn’t decipher

He and his trusted friend, Edward Kelly summoned the spirit Uriel to tell them the meaning of the last pages The legend says that Uriel possessed Kelly and spoke through him He claimed that the book came into existence when Adam entered Paradise and that it could only be properly interpreted by Archangel Michael himself He also said that who ever deciphers the meaning of the 36 pages will be destined to die two and a half years later 1 – The Delhi Purple Sapphire Also known as the gem of sorrow, the Dehli Purple Sapphire was housed in a sacred temple in India – The Temple of Indra in Kanpur

Indra, by the way, is the Hindu God of War and Thunderstorms Amid the British led turmoil in India, it wasn’t uncommon for soldiers to loot sacred temples, stealing their jewels and taking them back to Britain This is what happened with the purple sapphire in question – Colonel W Ferris took it back to England only to be met with terrible terrible luck Financial misfortunes befell him, his family got very sick, things began to fall apart He gave the stone away and the person who received it committed suicide

The next owner of the Sapphire was Edward Heron Allen who also met bad luck He bound the stone with silver and attached two scarab beetles and it seemed like the bad luck was contain…however his dreams were frequently haunted by a Hindu Yogi until he gave the stone away The stone was returned to him so he threw it in regents canal No prizes for guessing it came back… Oh… go on then…you can have a prizes

The story continues over another hundred years More recently it found its way to a museum and one night the museum curator was travelling with the stone only to be injured in a terrible storm with his wife

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