Top 10 Simpsons Predictions That Went Wrong

Are the writers of the simpsons psychic? This has been an ongoing debate since they have accurately predicted big events like Trump becoming president, or the tiger attack of two german american performers In fact we have a video on our channel of all the stuff that they have predicted that have come true

So don't forget to check that video out also Although they have shocked the audiences multiple times with details from their episodes coming true, there are still times when their predictions have been wrong Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10, I'm your host lindsay Ivan how are you all doing today? Is anyone out there a simpsons fan? Comment down below if you are Now lets begin with the top 10 times the simpsons made a prediction and they were wrong

Now the Simpsons show is known for its satire and comedic jokes Bringing in celebrity guest stars and creating out the world scenarios that would never occur As a result maybe some of these predictions were just meant as jokes, but its still fun to analyze Alright starting off our countdown with number 10 the big ben clock Now the 1995 Simpsons episode titled Lisa’s Wedding was filled with predictions Some came true like virtual reality games

But others were not as accurate So in this episode Lisa visits a psychic that shows her, her future in 2010 Part of the episode takes place in England, and you can see the famous london clock, big ben However the clocks face has changed and reads the time digitally This clock appears in another episode named holidays of future passed, when it once agains reads the time digitally

It is now 2020 and the clocks face is not digital, and there is no news on it ever turning digitally So, sorry simpsons, but you were wrong on that one For number 9 we have the superbowl prediction The super bowl was not too long ago, and some simpsons fans were waiting eagerly to see if their prediction about the winners would come true Now this episode aired in 1999 and was named sunday cruddy sunday In this episode homer and his buds go to miami to watch the superbowl

Yes the superbowl took place in miami this year so they got that right And people also thought that the teams playing looked an awful lot like the 49 ers and the kansas city chiefs Again it is not said that these were the actual teams, they were just speculating based on the teams jerseys Well in this episode they said that the 49ers won the game Well as we all know that wasn't the case

The kansas city chiefs won the game 31 – 20, totally proving the simpsons wrong Making our way down the list for number 8 we have Jim Carrey Im a fan of jim carrey, he is canadian, and has played some hilarious characters over the years Nowadays he isnt getting the credit that he deserves as an actor, which is partially why this prediction didnt come true In the same episode lisa’s wedding, patrons can be seen leaving a theatre with the sign that reads, 40 classic films starring jim carrey

Now back 1995 when this episode aired, jim carrey was a popular actor, which is why they probably assumed he would manage to have 40 classic films But now people argue that he doesn't have 40 classic movies out at all, maybe some good movies, but not classics They believe that now he is just known for his cheesy goofy characters, and they can't take him seriously So people believe that this prediction is far from the truth Which is sad, because he is very talented

For number 7 we have the news channel Again, this was in the episode lisas wedding, geez the simpsons writers clearly imagined 2010, way different from how it actually was Now in this episode there is a scene where the local news host, kent brockman, is reporting on a channel known as CNNBCBS a division of ABC now this is clearly a joke directed at all the multiple news channels that we have out there Well still, they predicted that they would all merge together and form one super channel

Now that definitely hasn't happened, if anything each station is now covering the same story, just at different times Maybe they will eventually team up and work together, but for now it doesn't look like they're headed that way anytime soon Making our way down the list we have floating cars at number 6 Now throughout the simpsons series, they constantly depict the future as having floating cars, and bikes, or even that we will be replaced with robot forms of ourselves Again this has not happened… yet

But there guess for this was in 2010, and there definitely was not any huge future advancements like flying cars or other hover vehicles in 2010 Throughout the series, they have different illustrations of how the future will be with these new modes of transportation Well for now they are wrong, but how far into the future will we go before it comes true At our halfway mark we have 3-d printed food Wouldn’t be awesome to just be able to summon food whenever you want it

Like being able to satisfy your craving instantly, man that would be nice Well in the 2005 episode titled future drama, the simpsons predicted that we would be able to 3d print our food Now i know people are already trying to make this a thing But we still cant make food magically appear out of a photo, just how marg does in the episode Honestly the only 3d printed food i'll eat is when people get those cheesy pictures printed on top of a cake

But even then, it doesn't taste that good Next on our list we have The baby translators In this episode titled brother can you spare two dimes, we see Homer's brother, who was actually voiced by danny devito Anyways, in this episode homer's brother invents a device called the baby translator Apparently this device was a way to turn a baby’s babble into actual words so parents could communicate with them

Well clearly this is not a device that we have presently We do have an app that was created in 2013 that is supposed to interpret a baby's cry But it's nowhere close to this device Making our way to number 4 we have fox news Once again, the episode of lisas wedding makes another appearance, this time poking fun at fox news In this episode the older versions of marge and homer simpson are laying in bed watching the news in 2010

Marge then exclaims, you know fox turned into a sex channel so gradually i didnt even notice” Well that clearly isn't the case for fox news And it still only delivers trending news topics and definitely not content of the sexual manner Again, who knows if that's the content fox will slowly start to delve into But for now, this prediction is not true

At number 2 we have the death of a presidents wife In season 14 episode 21 of the simpsons titled Bart of War an interesting headline can be seen across the newspaper in one of the scenes The newspaper headline reads “ president shoots his wife” Now up to this point no president has shot his wife In fact, this episode came out in 2003, and the president at the time was george w bush

Now his wife laura bush is still alive and healthy, so this headline has not come true Thankfully, and lets hope that it never comes true And lastly in our number one spot we have a warning about celebrities Now in this episode of the simpsons, news reporter kent brockman states that certain celebrities are declared dangerous If you see them then you should not encounter them

Then a list of these celebrities are shown on the screen, some such as dracula are a clear joke but then there are celebrities listed such as brad pitt, tim allen, and the baldwins To this day these celebrities aren't thought of as dangerous So i don't know what simpsons was thinking with that one It was probably just intended to be a joke, or maybe they truly thought that these celebrities would end up doing something that would cause harm to others

Let me know what you think down below And thats all for our top 10 simpsons predictions that were wrong, let me know down below what you think of the simpsons, do the writers have psychic powers? Do you believe that they have predicted the future? And now lets move on to our comment shout outs for today I will be shouting out comments from my video top 10 dark details in horror movies, you never noticed Gamma_fox commented my favourite chip flavour is salt and vinegar Yes I like those too Honestly i like almost all chip flavours, but these ones burn my tongue after a while and then it starts to taste like cleaning solution

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