Top 10 Signs You Might Be Possessed By A Demon

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena I was never raised with religion so the idea of demonic possession hasnt been something Ive really thought about before

If anything I think not going to church decreases my chance of being possessed Why would a demon want to possess me, Im to easy to possess it wouldnt even be fun, and I'm probably going to hell anyway, no need to corrupt my soul any further But if your worried that some demonic force is trying to turn your body into a low income apartment then I have todays list of Top 10 Signs you might be possessed by a demon If you guys havent already I would love it if you could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell And if anyone at home would like some more most amazing top 10 content please go to our facebook and instagram

There is so much more content over there for you guys to check out Also stick around for the whole list because youre going to want to know what all these signs are just incase your possessed by a demon And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Voices Telling to you abandon God Right off the bat Im going to say if your hearing voices in your head then you should probably go see a psychiatrist about it before you walk into your local church and claim to have the devil in you but thats just my opinion But leaving all science at the door, one of the signs that you might be under demonic possession is hear whispering in your mind that tell you to leave your faith

Demons arent really big fans of going to church and are well aware that a priest could cleans your body snatcher So the last place a demon will want to go is inside gods house or on a lunch date with a Father MacCoy In some recorded cases of demonic possession the victims have said to have heard voices saying, God is dead, or telling them to relinquish their faith and pray to satan Is there anyway you can get a demon that just whispers motivational speeches into your ear I need a demon who tells me I strong enough to resist the carbs and have a salad for dinner

9 Craving seclusion I mean if this is true then a lot of us are possessed by a demon I guess a demon conveniently possess my body everytime a new Playstation Exclusive comes out and I lock myself away in a hovel And then it conveniently leaves once I get my moneys worth I mean well know that demons are understanding if nothing else Well after watching some preacher videos Ive learned that if there is a demon living in your body you will want to separate from the people who love you

The pesky demon cant risk your loved ones trying to help you or point out that your starting to grow claws Based on these two fist points we can leave that a demons main game plan is divide and conquer The demon wants to get you alone and have some private time It sounds liked all these demons read the game But also there is nothing wrong with wanting to take a good book, movie or tv show and just tuck yourself away into a corner and not leave

Or maybe you have a brutal hangover sunday and the only time you leave your room is to pee and answer the door for the delivery guy Thats not a demon thats just self care 8 Puke Yeah I dont know what it is about demons but they love puke, every time you watch a movie with demons taking over peoples bodies their just puking all over the place teenagers at their first highschool party Now just because you start puking doesnt mean that you have a demon in you I you could mean you should have avoided the seafood at the 8 dollar buffet or you could just be learning what motion sickness is

I think what your looking for is that high velocity projectile puke That kind of puke that almost seems like it has heat seeking capabilities and hits the walls so hard it chips the paint If you start puking like that AND you havent recently eaten truck stop sushi, then you might have a demon in you 7 Blackouts Your going to be sharing your body with another entity, there are going to be moments where it wants to take hold of the wheel As you drift further and futher into the demons hold you will lose control of yourself

If you go to sleep and then wake up in the middle of the street walking barefoot, or forgot entire chunks of your day and always find strange scratches all over your body, well you might have a drinking problem and you should probably get some help But you also might be the puppet of a dark being crippling your soul Thats a great excuse for the next time I blackout at a party, I dont even drink, it was the demon that took a crap in your pillowcase I would never dream of doing anything like that 6 animals are scared of you

For whatever reason animals are amazing at sniffing out the devil Birds, dogs, cats, they all go haywire when every dark force comes around So if the neighbourhood dog who used to always let you pet him suddenly start trying to bite your fingers off then maybe you should take a shower in holy water This is the only one on the list where Im always going to be on the side of the dog, like sorry dude, If a dog bites you thats your fault, you shouldnt be bringing that demonic energy around here Another sign related to this point is if you feel the sudden urge to injure any of these animals then you should seek help, A craving for torutre and pain are also signs that monster is living inside and it will usually manifest in injury small animals before it grows into the devil using you like a marionette, 5 hallucinating Once the devil gets into your mind hell start sending you dark disturbing images to try and break you down

Someone whos spirit is strong and pure is a lot harder to manipulate then someone is who is scared and crippled Seeing demonic faces or satanic markings are common hallucinations that victims of possession have said theyve seen Some people claim to have dark and twisted nightmares Filled with imagery of death and mutilated bodies, usually the bodies of their loved ones This is a way the devil will not only try to destroy your mental state but also try to separate you from other people

If everyone thinks your crazy you might end up isolated from your family or locked away in an institution somewhere This remoteness is exactly what the prince of darkness need to get into your soul 4 Increase in Violent tendencies This is only an increase in violent tendencies, if youve been attacking people your whole life you dont have a demon in your bell your just a mean guy But if youve been living everyday like mother Theresa and all of the sudden you start choking slapping toddler through kitchen tables then maybe you should try taking some CBD drops, those are supposed to help really well with stress But if that doesnt work you should probably get a priest to do a little dance and song that leaves you feeling blessed Or you could just join an MMA gym and start working your way through the ranks, just because your life have been co opted by lucifer it dosent mean you arent a optimist at heart

Take your bad situation and turn it into a massive bonus, take the power of the dark lord flowing through your veins and use it to spinning back kick the champ for a first round KO 3 Holy items give you pain This is probably the easiest test, if you pick up a cross or walk into a church and your skin starts to burn, then I would said thats a absolute answer to your question Either that or you have the world allergy to silver chains This is because holy items are blessed by God and its the power of god that will repel the demonic forces out of your body No pain no gain, you want to get this demon out of you and back into the underworld then your going to have to want it, you need to push through the pain and get to the holy promise land on the other side

2 Contortion You know how your sitting at home right now with your shoulders in their sockets and your head not doing a 360, well thats good, thats how your body is supposed to be However if there were to be a victim of dark spirit, it might take your arms and legs and think, lets see what this body can do It seems like in every movie with an exorcism theres a part where someones body starts twisting and turning until they look like meat pretzel from a nightmare land And finally the number one sign that you might be possessed by a demon is crab walking up walls Clip3 Clip4 Yeah if you all the sudden have the ability to climb sheer surfaces like gravity doenst exist and you do so while looking like melted GI Joe then youve got a demon in you baby

And your probably asking, Che how do I know if my crab walking up the walls is the dark lords evil bidding or if its a case delayed onset superhero powers Well lets go through a small checklist While crab walking up the wall do feel excitement, maybe a little confusion but overall a great feeling joy? Well then thats you finding out you have super powers Now if while crab walking up the wall you feel the need to pee in your hand and throw it in someones eyes to blind them, well then you have to devil in your heart and you should go talk to family priest to see what he can do for you Alright everyone that is our list, I want to thank you all so much for taking the time today to watch this video

I hope you all loved it and now if you start coming down with a case of the beelzebubs youll know now to stop it before it starts As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell And the comments are key guys, the more info you guys leave me there the better I know how to improve the videos Also if anyone at home is craving more most amazing top 10 content make sure you go check us out on your social pages There is so much for stuff over there for you guys to check out

Until next time Ive been Che Durena and I gotta go get my blood work done to see if Im demon free

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