Top 10 Secret Pictures Of Area 51

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Secret Pictures of Area 51 Baaaa ba baaa! They aren’t secret anymore

but how many of them are real! You decide! Before we get into the video I want to know if you have ever seen an alien, a UFO of even just a shooting star? Do you think that the truth is out there? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments section down below! Also do be sure to leave a thumbs up on this video ! 10 – Up Close In September 2017 Youtube channel UFO Seekers did just that

They sought UFOS! What did they find? Well you’ll see Tim Lee and Tracey Doyle hiked up Tikaboo Peak, a 14 mile gigh mountain 25 miles opposite the military base The duo used telescopic lenses to get the clearest photos of the secret base ever taken from outside Although you cant see little aliens running around or anything, there are plenty of vehicles to be seen, plus expansive buildings and water towers

It isn’t too scary but their video IS super interesting and I suppose quite tense as, had they been caught by authorities taking long lense images, they really could have been in trouble The video is 18 minutes long, but here is a clip of the Youtubers finding the base Editors clip The video has had over 24 million views – perhaps the Kyles are watching it to swat up! 9 – Even Closer This is one of the closest images ever released of Area 51

It was taken from a light aircraft and is in the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame Here we can see a much closer overview of the whole compound 8 – The Air Strip In 2013 some documents about Area 51 were declassified, although many criticize the response to the Freedom of Information Request to have been underwhelming and featuring heavily redacted information None the less, in 2016, the US permitted Google Earth to photograph the area, which had previously been a no fly zone Now, you too can view the facility from a birds eye view, too

From browsing google, around 12 miles north of Area 51 there seems to be an unexplained air strip coming in at about one mile long There is also a visible cluster of buildings at the end of the strip, which is somewhat baffling We have no idea what is being tested at this strip according to intel from the website Live Science – it is thought that the space could be used to test reconnaissance drones 7 – The Trailers Area 51 used to be colloquially known as Paradise Ranch in order to make it sound more appealing to families of workers I suppose it is a lot to ask a person to relocate to the middle of the desert, so why not brand the place paradise and make it sound more appealing An image has been released of the Paradise era showing a number of trailers at the facility Is this where families lived

or was it home to aliens? 6 – Alien Autopsy The Alien Autopsy was reportedly shot in Area 51 and depicts the aliens that were transported to the facility from Roswell after the 1947 crash The crash was said to have been of a flying disco UFO and was said to have contained wounded aliens

The video was released in 1995 by Ray Santilli who said the footage had been supplied to him by a former military camera technician who wanted to remain anonymous Lets have a little look at the footage, shall we URM! I mean thats a dead alien right there But is it? The footage blew up in 1995 but people were quick to call it a fraud In the end Santilli claimed only part of the footage was real – he said that only a few frames were original footage, the rest had been replicated and was a reconstruction of footage he had 5 – The Roswell Rescue Footage claiming to be from the Roswell fallout surfaced in the internet in 2015 and alleges to show agents loading alien corpses on to a stretcher before being taken away for testing Have a look

CLIP 1 Hmm I don’t know it all kind of looks a bit sketchy can we get another look CLIP 2 Hmm

I guess it was 1947 so we can’t expect too much film wise, but I am not sure this is the smoking gun we’re looking for The video has had 160 thousand views but the like to dislike ratio suggests that some people may not be too convinced as to its authenticity One of my favourite comments on the video is from Mr Saturday Night Special who wrote: This has to be real Everybody knows when you travel across the Universe you don't wear clothes Just ask Chubacca, he'll tell you

4 – Kodak Confirms allegedly In 2014 a UFO expert

sorry (AIR QUOTES) expertTom Carey was sent images from a woman who wished to remain anonymous but claimed she worked with the secret service The image was reportedly taken at Area 51 following the Roswell Crash and seems to show a bug like alien lets have a look shall we – The image seems to support what a number of people who used to work at area 51 have said about the facility, including Robert Lazar and staff members from the esteemed Lockeed Martin firm But, likecome on is this an actual image of an alien

can we trust anything in the age of photoshop It seems that Carey thought of that and sent the image to Kodak who were able to confirm that it was taken in 1947

Again, allegedly If they sent him a letter, I havent seen it! When speaking to the press, Carey said: What’s interesting is, the film is dated 1947 We took it to the official historian of Kodak up in Rochester, New York, and he did his due diligence on it, and he said yes, this filmstrip, the slides are from 1947 It’s 1947 stock And from the emulsions on the image, it’s not something that’s been Photoshopped like today

It’s original 1947 images, and it shows an alien who’s been partially dissected lying in a case’ 3 – The Alien in the Case In 2012, Chicago Videographer, Adam Dew, received a call from his former business partner, Joseph Beason, who claimed he had something to show him and boy did he

His private disposal unit sister had come across a box of photographs that seemed to have been taken by someone close to President Eisenhower, who was in a number of the images, as were Bing Crosby and Clarke Gable Two of the images she had been tasked with disposing of were absolutely outrageous – you’ll have to get a load of these for yourself A small whithered brown body of an alien in a glass case among images of the president! The images were found in the garage of a woman named Hilda Blair Ray near Sedona, Arizona The pair believed that the images were linked to area 51 and Roswell They sent the images to none other than baaa baaa baaa Tom Carey Tom believed the images to look just like what eye witnesses described in the Roswell crash Let’s have another look at the images – it looks like the alien was wrapped in some kind of cloth Unfortunately for Tom Carey, the image turned out to be a mumified corpse of an Aztec child, not a secret leak from Area 51

2 – Strange Plane Here is an image which shows a strange aircraft or something, reportedly taken at Area 51

It is known that the US Air-force is present at the facility and several spy planes have been developed there, including the U2 Spy Plane, the SR71 Blackbird and possible others, like the rumoured Aurora Project Sowhat is the plane in this image? I don’t rightly know

Could it be one of the alien aircraft that alledged whistleblower Bob lazar talked about reverse engineering? It could be 1 – Secret Plane Crash It seems that a A-12 Spy Plane – possibly the one pictured at number * – crashed in 1963 after taking off from the secret airbase The crash happened in Wendover, Utah when Area 51 pilot Ken Colmar was testing the planes subsonic engines at low altitude The pilot ejected and the plabe crashed, after which Colmar was subjected to to hypnosis and doping to make sure he relayed how the incident occurred honestly and truthfully

Here are previously classified images of the crash – as you can see vehicles raced to recover the wreckage – which was extremely sensitive to the US Air Force It seems a Government Sanitation team was deployed to remove all traces of the spy plane To me that seems very very strange, so too goes it that they kept the images of a plane crash secret for so long Do you think it really was a spy plane that crashed or, given the response, something much more secretive SO guys thanks so much for watching this video! Which of these images do you think are real and which do you think are fake? Let me know in the comments section down below! Comments from Top 10 Ways Russians Could Be Spying On Us

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