Top 10 Secret Pictures of Area 51 – Part 2

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and as you guys loved the Top 10 Secret Pictures of Area 51 part 1 I thought I would bring you a second helping

In 2013 a whole bunch of Area 51 documents and images were declassified so we can now get a better than ever look at what goes on behind lock and key in one of the most secretive places on earth That being said, not everything as been declassified and we certainly have never got an official look at the infamous aliens This list is a mixture of official and unofficial images of the classified government facility… and you can decide what is true and what is not 10 – Blast Off Chair This is an officially declassified black and white image of a secret air force project taking place in the desert land surrounding Area 51 In this image we can see the United States airforce running a very exciting test indeed

We see a car and an aerodynamic looking vehicle anda whopping great chair that seems to have blasted off Up up and away The plane like vehicle says test 24 on it and has a camera monitoring the test… but we don’t know what exactly is happening here Context, I imagine, is key! If you think that mountain range looks similar…here it is again at number 9 9 – Silver Disc over the Mountains Further back but clearly in the same sort of area topography speaking, I came across an image of a man taking a picture of a strange silver disk in the sky The image is purportedly from Area 51 and it certainly looks like it could be

I am aware this image could very very easily be photoshopped, but perhaps the story I have to tell you will inspire you to give it the benefit of the doubt There is a road near Area 51 that has been renamed the Extraterrestrial Highway – a 100 miles stretch of State Route 375 near Rachel, Nevada, that was given its whimsical rebranding in 1996 Along this highway, countless people have reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky, especially during the 1980s and 1990s Even today, night drivers are baffled by the so called moving stars Could it be a UFO similar to that allegedly in this picture? But what might this be at number 8 – we have the Metal Wall This image was posted in National Geographic and is a declassified image from Area 51

The footnote on the image reads: Full scale model assembly 11-59 … Which leads me to believe that this image was taken in November 1959, but I don’t know that for a fact…although the image is in black and white, which does make me think its an oldie While it may be an oldie, it certainly looks futuristic! This may well be the early stage development of a spy plane 7 – Beam We on an ultra lighttttt beam…

We on a ultra light beaaam Honestly sometimes I do stop to wonder if Kanye is an alien? He is pretty successful whilst also being a bit strange and otherworldly I don’t wanna be the one to start an unsubstantiated rumour though! Ha! Anyway before we stray too far into salacious speculation … have a look at this ultra light beam legit beam image legit taken at Area 51 This black and whiter was published as part of a series of declassified images of Area 51 published in National Geographic Again, context is king… but again we don’t have any

It is hard to tell if this image was taken out doors but is blurred and distorted from the light ,,,,, or if that is a curtain back there … making this a studio… in which case…what Hollywood grade stuff is being filmed at Area 51! Some people think the Moon Landing was staged there…if this is a studio with a massive model UFO… then…maybe… I need more information 6 The Floaters In April 2016 large, bizarre and very much unidentified flying objects were spotted over area 51 Allegedly anyway There are so many fakers and conspiracists out there it is hard to know what to believe

The three oblong objects were said to have been caught on film from a distance hovering over a hangar The footage was uploaded to youtube but has mysteriously been deleted… a still shot from the video remains, though Why was the Youtube video deleted? Did we see too much? 5 -Tardis The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey and he is constantly travelling time and space and encountering other aliens…so it stands to reason the extra terrestrial may end up at area 51 at some point It seems like his Tardis may have even been spotted there in recent years

Some are hailing this image taken of Area 51 – legit Area 51 too – this is a Google Earth image – some say this looks like an alien tower but others, like me are calling straight up triangle Tardis You can fine the image yourself if you type THIS in in Google Earth On estimation, the structure is around 70 feet high and 30 feet wide Doctor, are you there? Some of the Storm Area 51 Memes have been claiming ownership of the Tardis if its found, and it is rumoured that the centre is testing time travel… So… maybe the Doctor has been captured! Or at least his spaceship 4 – Pyramid There are pretty nuts theories out there circulating that say that aliens built the Pyramids… why? Well because it would be a feat of strength for humans today, let alone humans of thousands of years ago… Alleged former Area 51 worker Bob Lazar claims that the building contains evidence that aliens have influenced human culture for over 10,000 years so maybe it is true

Triangles and pyramid shapes are also linked to New World Orders and the Illuminati…who have also been linked to extra terrestrials …so … maybe there is something to it Either way… feast your eyes on this… a google earth image of what looks like pyramids inside area 51 Curiouser and curiouser! For those of you who want to look at this yourself… put these coordinates into Google Earth Editors please insert Some people think this is proof that Area 51 is harvesting alien technology, other people think the structure has a much more normal explanation

What do you think? Some classic Area 51 collusion stuff here at number 3 The Morgue Ah yes A true classic This is one of those…PROOF OF ALIENS FOR REALZ images circulated in the 90s … it is a lot like the Alien autopsy video This image was said to have been taken by a whistle blowing worker of Area 51 and leaked to the press… the only thing is that alien bodies like this are so easy to fake… the alien in the alien autopsy video was a model so these very well could be too The image could have been staged and taken anywhere and honestly it probably was

That being said… Maybe it is…and maybe we’re trained not to believe it by the powers that be that just don’t want us to 2 – The Silver Pod Youtube channel Explore With Us ventured to the land surrounding Area 51 in June 2017 The Channel shared exclusive footage with their 700 thousand strong following which claimed to show abandoned secret tunnels around Area 51 – which looked like this

WEIRD That looks like an old sneaky cheeky secret rail tunnel What was it used for Later on in their adventure, the Youtubers also spotted this very odd sight hidden in the trees

Take a look Interesting Can we get a closer look at that? It looks like a silver ball on a triangular plinth And in the hills surrounding a top secret facility? What does this really mean ? Is it some kind of Alien communication device or watching device? Wanna see a scary sight from Area 51? Check this out at number 1…

And perhaps let it be a warning! The Bikers Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just like…rolled up at Area 51? Perhaps a little precursor to the whole Storm Area 51 and see them Aliens thing… like I would not recommend it for this very reason…meet the bikers who were about to be met with bullets Dramatic footage was uploaded to youtube of a biker group who rode up to Area 51 As you can see from these images, they were met with quote unquote camo dudes They come from nowhere in a white jeep and quickly jump out and point firearms at the intruders

The guards tell the guys to get the F out of there The video from Mac D Adventures has had over 7 million views! Have a look at one of the more dramatic moments This isn’t he only instance of this kind of response caught on camera either – Youtube Channel Thirs Phase of Moon uploaded this video featuring this hairy moment That is the response to just a few people swinging by Area 51… What if 3 million people did turn up to quote un quote storm it

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