Top 10 SCP’s That Could SAVE The World

SCP Foundation what have you got for us today! At first I was like…arghh…another SCP video… I cant handle all the world ending drama but then I realized the title of today’s video is Top 10 SCP that could SAVE the world which is a relief so… hello there I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I hope you like my list Before we get deep into this video why don’t you let me know what you think the cutest SCP is? Let a gal know in the comments section down below!! I think the cutest issss number ** on this list! While you are down there in the comments why don’t you absolute beauts leave me a thumbs up and go tell a friend about me and the channel! Also down there in the description are our source links and social media links so go crazy… but not literally as that would be bad, 10 – SCP 2558 – J KITTENS!!!! YEY! I knew it would come down to kittens to save the world! SCP 2558 J is a specimen of SCP that looks like a group…yes group of kittens! Weeee! They are very friendly and affectionate and are observed to make foundation members feel better! When the SCPs are threatened they inflate into a ball of fluff the size of a football and begin mewing, which tugs on the parental instincts of all those nearby! All SCP 2558 Js are hypoallergenic too! How can this save the world? CUTE KITTIES! Why not give these as pets to …well like everyone Get one of this to Kim Jong Un, I’m sure he’d pipe down… Putin want a little kitty…of course he does! World peace through balls of fluff

The only issue is that they CAN be turned used as grenades… but like… that’s a separate issue Meeeewww 9 – 999 Frown less, smile more! SCP 999 just wants you to be happy, and I honestly think that happiness can change the world! SCP 999 is a jelly mass of orange slime… Jelly actually really freaks me out…although this SCP sounds like a good jelly The SCP is roughly my size and weight but can shape shift

It is described as playful and dog like and can cause immediate mild euphoria to those who are exposed to it! 999 loves to hug and nuzzle …and… I’m not sure how I personal feel about this… But tickle too! I am ticklish so I don’t know if I am keen, but other than that this SCP sounds cute This is the section of the SCP foundation notes is what I am most interested in – let me read – While the creature will interact with anyone, it seems to have a special interest in those who are unhappy or hurt in any way Persons suffering from crippling depression or PTSD, for example, have reported having a far more positive outlook on life after multiple interactions with SCP-999 The notes also refer to 999 having a positive impact on SCP 682, one of the most omnicide of them all! SCP 999 for PRES! 8 – SCP – 458 OKAY I think we can all get on board with this one! SCP 458 is an unwavering and constantly replenishing supply of your favourite pizza! Although it has to be little Caesars, or so it seems

So the SCP presents as a pizza box and whenever a person opens it, it has the uncanny ability to present as a very edible and delicious pizza of that persons choosing The notes read that it can generate any type of pizza a person desires For me it would be a Little Caesars version of a Papa Johns veggie pizza with garlic butter…or a legit Italian pizza with tomato sauce, fresh basil and Mozzerella… yum…what would it be for you? Let me know in the comments section down below So how can this save the world? Well …

Like… free pizza…… if free pizza doesn’t save humanity I don’t know what will 7 – Similar at number we have SCP 294 – the Vending Machine SCP 294 appears to be a coffee machine but it can produce any liquid the user requests…which of course kind of makes it dangerous… Yes, you could ask the machine for a cup of coffee, a cup of wine, beer, a cocktail, a juice of any variety, pure water, but it can also pour a fresh cup of blood, pure acid, poison… Whatever is requested in a liquid state

While this is kind of scary – this could be used to save the world if and endless supply of fresh water was requested – there are a lot of thirsty people without access to safe drinking water Also medicines can be requested – it seems like one can ask the vending machine for liquid cures and it will oblige Next up at number 6 I guess this is somewhat similar to the Vending Machine, but is a lot less novel and therefore more likely to be used for purpose… we SCP 006 – Liquid Health SCP-006 is a very small spring located 60 km west of Astrakhan – The liquid emitted from the spring has been chemically identified as simple mineral water in 1902, but has the unusual property of quote un quote health… The foundation notes seem to suggest that the SCP has the ability to regenerate DNA, repair damaged tissue, and a stimulated immune system If water from this spring was bottled, it could help fight illness across the world, saving us from plague and pestilence

The only issue would be those in charge of mass bottling the tonic – if It fell into greedy hands, it could be used to make a lot of money and only help those who can afford it, which is already a key theme in what is wrong with the world we live in today 5 – SCP 1508 While I am pretty wary of SCP 1508, I am cautiously optimistic it could be beneficial to society 1508 is a wee little robot that wants to assist humans – it helps tidy and perform tasks as well as engaging in menial activities My only concern is that the SCP seems to have been manufactured by the mysterious and untrustworthy Dr Wondertainment The SCO was found with documentation that reads: Does doing chores turn into a total drag? Is Mom yelling at you to pick your room up so much that you called her a hag? Well, my friends, now comes a new friend from DOCTOR WONDERTAINMENT©, creator of General Beep and ROBO-DUDE! His name is Mikey, the Chore Buddy©! He can do anythingMom and Dad want, so you can get back to having fun with your friends! – hmmm… still though – task robots could be used to perform jobs like tidying the streets, recycling and keeping world clean…which would be useful, right?? My concern was slightly piqued by the small print… Batteries not included

If your Mikey, the Chore Buddy© begins to act out, refuse to work, writing funny things, or just plain gets a bad attitude, send him back to us for a refurbishment! Just pay shipping and handling 4 SCP 500 SCP 500 is a small plastic bottle containing 47 red pills that can seemingly cure… well anything within two hours The pill has been used to cure seemingly incurable issue and ailments that have arisen with exposure to other SCP The issue here is that there are only 47 of these magic pills in the stockpile, so nowhere near enough to save humanity If we all needed one, but the reason they could in theory be so helpful is if Scientists could study them and replicate their chemical make up So far attempts have been unsuccessful but that doesn’t mean the potential isn’t there

3 – SCP 2203 – The LOVE TEST All we need is love! Baaaabaaabbbaaabaa… Sorry I had to So SCP 2203 is a amusement box like you would find on a seaside pier… It is made of chestnut wood, brass, glass and seems kind of ye olde

Engraved on a brass plate at the front is the following: Find the One for you! Test your love, and find that one special someone you are destined to spend the rest of your life with! Your sweetheart is waiting! With this machine it IS possible to find THE ONE it seems The love box dispenses a displaying the name and address of a person, along with a few words of advice about approaching said person Those who have sought them out have reported immediate bonds and in many cases have gone on to live long and happy lives with them Maybe if everyone could find their someone, living on planet earth would be a lot easier! 2 – SCP 2000 SCP 2000 is literally a world saver, although the foundation do not want anyone to know about it The SCP is disguised as a Park Ranger station in Yellowstone

The SCP is literally kept there in case if a K Class scenario – a world ender and is intended to be a reboot of society The SCP regenerates physical humans and repopulates the world… It seems that the SCP has been activated at least twice in the past without our knowing which is…you know…concerning I guess the SCP doesn’t so much save the world…but replaces humanity… so that we don’t completely die out 1 – SCP 009 – J Let me ready you a little SCP nursery rhyme…

SCP-009-J is missing Where has it gone? Is it under the table? Was it sat upon? Is it there on the ceiling? Is it under the rug? Was it gobbled right up by a quantum pillbug? Did it run through the tunnel? Did it fall down the stairs? Was it sent back in time to a carnival fair? Did it get on a train to a far-away place? Is it locked in a falsified beacon from space? Did it fall in the oobleck and [DATA EXPUNGED]? If it clogged up the sink, will it have to be plunged? Just where has SCP-009-J gotten to? Oh wait, that's right! SCP-009-J is you!

baaa baaa baaaah! I knew we were SCPs all along… And we have gotten out of HAND

If anyone can save the world though, it is you and me! If the 75 billion humans on earth are all SCPs… I can’t think of anyone better to make or break the planet than SCP 008-J – you Collectively humans can decide to end war, hunger and all the other bad stuff… so … better …you know… get our act together WELL that was that really wasn’t it! What do you think about world saving SCP Which of these would you give the nobel peace prize? I am going with the kittens! Comments from: Top 10 Scary Mysterious Skulls found through history St – Dan said: Hey hey hey Rebecca what an odly fascinating video

Great as per X James Fry said: I love all things crystal skull they are so interesting, also the pixies where is my mind a truly epic bit of music Ananya Singh Said: Early today!! Also nice dress reb And the pyramid of Giza is impossible to exist without some extraterrestrial help

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