Top 10 Scary Wiki Pages You Won’t Believe

Anyone who has been on wikipedia and then started to click on the related links will know that you can find some pretty terrifying and disturbing pages Well luck for you guys, I’m about to break down the scariest of the scariest wikipedia pages

How’s it going Youtube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Before we get started, I want to know, what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Let me know your answers in the comment section below Alright let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 scary wiki pages you won’t believe The list of unusual deaths starts this list off in at number 10 This page is morbid to say the least and it’s actually pretty scary to read through because you quickly realize that these things could actually happen to you

The people on this list died in extremely unusual ways Some are a little odd and others are just downright bizarre Take Bobby Leach for example, he died after he had a botched amputation of his infected leg which he had broken after he slipped on an orange peel But things get even more strange with Draco He is the first one on the list and he died after he was smothered to death by gifts

How the heck does something like this happen? Apparently he was on stage when fans at a theatre showered him with coats and hats after his performance Ok but how did he suffocate under all of those jackets? Did no one care whether he was able to breathe or not? Is this why we aren’t allowed to throw things on stage anymore? https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/List_of_unusual_deaths The silent twins come crashing onto this list in at number 9 June and Jennifer Gibbons were identical twins who grew up in Wales in the United Kingdom

They are known as the silent twins because they would only talk to each other The girls were eventually institutionalized because of their violent behaviour And after spending a decade in a maximum security psychiatric institution, the sisters told others that Jennifer had agreed to die so that June could live a normal life Then, out of nowhere, and for no reason, Jennifer died Ugh, did anyone else get goosebumps? But like I said, the girls had a history of extreme violence

They left school, began drinking heavily and did drugs They even attempted to kill one another on multiple occasions June tried to drown Jennifer in a river and Jennifer tried to strangle June with a radio cord Because of their secret language, the girls wrote in their diaries that they felt possessed, tortured and isolated because they didn’t communicate with anyone else I’m confused, why didn’t they just talk to other people or why weren’t they separated if they were so dangerous? https://en

wikipediaorg/wiki/June_and_Jennifer_Gibbons Whole-body transplant breaks into number 8 Did you know that you could take the brain of one person and put it on the body of another and they would be able to keep their memories and personality but they would have a completely new body Well I’m here to tell you that this is theoretically possible and I’m shook Although this procedure has never been done on a human, a neurosurgeon was able to graft the head of a monkey onto the headless body of another monkey and an EEG confirmed that the brain was functioning normally

But the body eventually rejected the brain and the monkey died 9 days later But just imagine what we will be capable of doing in the future Would you guys sign up for a whole body transplant? It’s super weird to think about it, so let’s move on https://enwikipedia

org/wiki/Brain_transplant Slenderman creeps onto this list in at number 7 And no I’m not talking about the terrible movie that was released in 2018, I’m talking about a much more scary and sinister story that actually happened For those of you living under a rock, Slenderman is a fictional character that was originally a creepypasta on Reddit He is a paranormal being who lurks in the forests and he is known to kill and torture children Now let’s get back to reality

In 2014, two 12 year old girls stabbed their classmate 19 times in order to impress Slenderman The poor girl managed to crawl to a road where she was found and taken to a hospital Six days later she made her recovery and for those two girls that stabbed her, well they were convicted and sentenced to a mental health facility where they will spend decades of their life there Hopefully they will stop believing that Slenderman is real https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Slender_Man_stabbing Up next on this list we are talking about Carl Tanzler in at number 6 He was a radiology technician who developed an unhealthy obsession with a tuberculosis patient

Despite his best efforts to keep her alive, she died of TB in 1931 but the obsession didn’t stop there Tanzler paid for her funeral and he had a mausoleum built in her honour which he visited every night But on one night, he crept through the cemetery, dug up her grave, and removed her body He brought her corpse back to his house He attached her bones together with wire and coat hangers

He replaced her eyes with glass ones and as her skin decomposed, he would replace it with silk cloth that was soaked in wax and plaster He kept her corpse at his house for seven years until he was finally caught But guess what, the charges were eventually dropped and he was released because the statute of limitations for the crime had expired https://enwikipedia

org/wiki/Carl_Tanzler Attachment therapy brings us to number 5 Also known as compression therapy or rebirthing, it is a controversial mental health therapy that is designed to treat attachment disorders Someone with this disorder has an unhealthy, emotional attachment to parents or other caregivers So in an attempt to correct this behaviour, someone came out with this cruel and unusual therapy In 2000, a ten year old was treated with this method and she was wrapped in a ton of flannel blankets that were supposed to represent a womb

She was sat on and told to free herself She constantly screamed, vomited and died under the sheets But what makes this even more insane is that she isn’t even the first one to die from this therapy method There are five other children who have died from attachment therapy and thankfully, this practice is now banned https://en

wikipediaorg/wiki/Attachment_therapy And now in at number 4 we have an Euthanasia Coaster Yep, it's exactly what is sounds like In 2010, a doctor designed a scale model of a steel roller coaster that would kill anyone who rode it Ok seriously, you’re a doctor

didn’t you take a hippocratic oath? Aren’t you supposed to do the opposite of murder people I’m so curious, how much free time does this doctor have Couldn’t he try to come up with a cure for cancer instead of designing a rollercoaster that will kill people

He said that the end goal of his roller coaster would be to take lives with elegance and euphoria He even suggested it could be used as a form of execution Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that if I was on death row, I would definitely want to be killed while riding a roller coaster instead of getting electrocuted or a lethal injection But this is definitely something that the world could’ve done without https://en

wikipediaorg/wiki/Euthanasia_Coaster A list of people who mysteriously disappeared comes in at number 3 It’s pretty unsettling to know that there are literally hundreds of people from before the 1800s to now who’ve gone missing and have never been found! Isn’t that insane to think about? Many people on this list are eventually declared dead just because they have been missing for so long The families can’t even move on or get any peace because they have absolutely no idea what happened to their loved one It is estimated that approximately 90,000 people in the US are missing at any given time with 60% being adults and 40% being children

This list is honestly way too long and I got the chills when I went onto this wikipedia page Most of the people on this list are thought to be kidnapped or murdered And the scary part is that most of them disappeared without a trace https://enwikipedia

org/wiki/List_of_people_who_disappeared_mysteriously:_post-1970 The boy in the box climbs this list in at number 2 The boy in the box was a name given to an unknown child who was found dead and abandoned in a cardboard box in Philadelphia back in 1957 His body was wrapped in a blanket, his hair had been cut, he was extremely malnourished and he had a ton of scars on his body that looked like surgical scars His identity was never discovered and no one knows who killed him or why Even till this day, the case remains open and despite all of the theories, the police have no leads and probably never will

So basically we have this sadistic murderer on the loose and they will probably never be caught for this sick crime https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Boy_in_the_Box_(Philadelphia) Moving on to number 1 with Armin Meiwes This wiki page will give you the chills, and if it doesn’t then I’m convinced that you have serial killer tendencies

Back in 2001, Armin Meiwes put an ad on the internet looking for a well built 18-30 year old to be slaughtered and then consumed Guys, I couldn’t even make this stuff up even if I wanted to Well guess what, he got himself a willing volunteer who answered his ad Is this real life right now? So on March 9, 2001, they met each other face to face and the man agreed to be eaten We live in a sick world

this is just wrong on so many levels He filmed himself frying the man’s dismembered body parts as he attempted to eat it on camera Let me just stop right there, where are the police? How are we letting things like this happen in 2001? Well over the next ten months he continued to film himself eating the man's body and he was eventually convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in prison

He should be locked away for the rest of his life He only got 8 years for acting like hannibal lecter, this makes no sense to me Well there you guys have it…

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