Top 10 Scary Ways Deepfakes Will Ruin The Future

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 I’m your host che Durena So what is deep fake, when I first heard it I thought it was when you break someone’s ankles so bad in ball that you yell deepfake as they roll around in pain

But it’s actually something a lot more complicated It’s a super advanced AI that can match a face onto another face so you could take my face and put it on scarlett johanssons body to make a most amazing marvel crossover nobody asked for But what does this mean for the future? Honestly I’m not sure and no one can give you the answer to this but I do have some theories and that’s why I’m bringing you today’s list of Top 10 Scary Ways Deepfakes Will Ruin The Future As always you all know to like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also stick around for the whole list because I would love it if you guys would hit up the comment section with your theories that weren’t on this list, also throw in your favourite deep fake videos

And if you’re craving more most amazing top 10 content, check out our Facebook and Instagram, it’s a great way to get way more content from us And without taking any longer let’s get into this list 10 We won’t know what’s real Think about it, you can take any one face and stick it on any other face There was already that video going around with the girl from glow with Jim Carries face on her, and a lot of people thought that was real As we move into the future the technology is only going to get better so that means if you actually did take my face and stick it on Scarlett johansens body it you would look so close to reality that everyone would be wishing I was born with boobs and a tight butt

You wouldn’t know what to trust, your buddy could send you a pic of some girl and be like, do you think she’s cute, and you’d be like yeah but why it she so familiar and he would be like because she has your dads face! Haha! I’m going to ruin your life Which brings us right into number 9 on your list humiliation If anyone ever could take your likeness and do whatever with it, they could put you in some pretty compromising positions Someone could take your face and put it on someone in my 600 pound life so it looks like your morbidly obese or they could glue it to someone you hate who’s super racist Or what if they took your head a put on a pornstars while she’s, tongue in cheek That would be super embarrassing for people, I’m mean not for me now the only thing that upsets me is when I hear Rick and Morty has been delayed but that’s because I’m dead inside and feel nothing

But when I was in high school, it someone took my face and put it over the top or Riley Reeds while she was working, it would have rocked me And kids will do stuff like that, kids an evil 8 Identity theft For most people deepfake will be a fun tool to make silly videos to get some views but like anything pure in this world, some people will try and corrupt it and use it for personal gain Just like people started using Pokémon go as a way to mug people, truly scum of the earth With the ability to take a complete layout of someone’s face you’ll be able to create their IDs, any type or facial recognition software, like the one on the IPhone X, could probably be hacked

Man if someone got into my phone it would be a bad news, that thing is full of secrets You guys know I love tea 7 Politicians We already make fun of politicians, it doesn’t matter we’re you live you make fun of the people who run your country Unless your in North Korea, you don’t ever make fun of Kim Jong Un unless you want to end up in a work camp for the rest of your life You know they have government issued haircuts there and if you get a haircut that’s not government issued they kill you

Next time you complain about anything think about that But back on point, if we can use this kind of technology on politicians we could make videos of them doing all sorts of weird things, this could incriminate them, affect their public image, even if the content made about them was fake it could still ruin campaigns This could give outside forces the power to influence elections and possibly let change the course of a countries political spectrum 6 Porn Yeah this had to be in the list The better deep fake get the easier it will be for someone to take anyone likeness and slap it on any porn star doing anything In the future if you have a picture on the internet you could get turned into a pornstar

My god they said the apocalypse would be dark but I didn’t think it would be people have sex with my likeness without me knowing kinda dark I want to say that oh this is an exaggeration but it’s totally not In fact deepfake is going to be used more for porn than any of the other things on this list, I’ll put 5 False information We’ve kind of already covered this but I wanted to do a little bit more of a deep dive as to what this would mean It would make it a lot harder to trust phone calls because deep fake can immediate audio as well So you might think your getting a phone call from your crush but its just your boys pranking you

I would make it super hard to trust the news because you could make a video of anyone doing anything and finally this technology could be used to sway your political opinion If you saw something politically charged that was fake, you might act out against it before you found out the truth 4 Freedom of expression This could be the straw that breaks the camels back For the most part you are free to express yourself artistically without any influence from the government but deepfake could maybe change that Even though deepfake is a technology that is mostly used in a very immature way, it is still artistic

Taking someone’s face and slapping it onto another persons body, whether it be for a joke or a political statement there is a creative eye that is needed to understand what would make a good deepfake, but you are taking some face to do this so is it crossing a line Is it ok to play around with someone’s face, without their consent This could be where the government decided to draw the line and start to take control of art, or it could go the other way, with people taking this way too far, and all of us would have to deal with some stranger literally defacing us 3 Learning AI At its core deepfake is just a fun program, it’s an AI And we all know that there are many risks that come along with the advancement of AI

Mainly them taking over the world and turning us all into slaves, I wonder if well get to the kind of mindless slaves they have in the matrix I mean if the robots are going to take over then I think it wouldnt be so bad if I thought I was still living the same life but Im just a living battery, I would call that breaking even Now if deepfake gets smarter and smarter, learning how to impersonate any person it wants it could really become anyone I mean not in physical form unless it teams up with some futuristic cloning robot, then were really screwed But deepfake was to go rogue it could make videos of every single person who has uploaded pictures onto the internet

And use them for whatever it wants I guess I dont know what the motivations of a free thinking AI are but unless they are getting me more popeyes chicken sandwiches then I dont think were going to be on the same page It just scary to think that something smarter than any human, thats not even human, could eventually become powerful enough create any video of any person Rolling in at number 2 we have Voice control I know I have been focusing just on the visual of deepfake and thats only because thats the most advanced part of the technology

But deep fake can also take audio chop it up and basically rearrange it to make it sound like your saying whatever The more content you have on the internet of you talking the more efficient this AI can be at replicating your voice So for someone like me who has hours upon hours of content online you could make sound like I love to kill babies and own a ford focus Now how far will this technology go, will we only be abel to impersonate people with pre programmed sentences or will this get so advanced that I could get a deepfake app on my phone so everytime I talk through it I could sound like morgan freeman Clip3 I mean it would have its benefits, I would have loved to have a deepfake of each one of my parents so I could impersonate them when the school called for the 80s time to tell them I didnt show up again

Or maybe you could use a deepfake to make yourself sound and look a little a little more sick to get a few extra sick days, better yet you could skype in as your doctor to your boss or school and really have them convinced 1 Security Ok with everything we talk about on this list what does this mean for our security Should deepfake be something that is government regulated or should the public have open access to it With it being out in the wild it could lead to people stealing money from your bank accounts, false information being thrown all over the place, the news could end up obsolete with all the misinformation everywhere I mean this could end up being a huge positive, maybe if everything starts to turn into deep fake people will want to meet in person more, spend less time on their phones and hangout face to face so they know theyre not being tricked

Or it could end up the opposite, with no one trusting anybody and hiding inside a hovel because their afraid that they dont know whats real and whats not, only venturing out of their room to buy more flaming hot cheetos Alright everyone that is our list, thank you all so much for tuning in Now that the video is all wrapped up it would be great if you guys could hit up the comment section on the video and let me know what you guys thought I love the feedback and it helps me build better content for you guys in the future Also I have a few extras that I left off of this list so If you want a part two please let me know in the comments below

And we I know I say this in every video but I would love it if you guys could like and subscribe and hit the notification bell so you get notified everytime we upload a new video Also for all of you out there that need more most amazing top 10 content you can go through our back catalogue or you can go checkout most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, there is so much more stuff over there and its a great way to get to know all the host a little bit better Until next time Ive been Che Durena and someone please make a hilarious deepfake of me and send it to me

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