Top 10 Scary Wasp Nests That Need To Be Destroyed

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Guys i hate insects with a passion i cant even describe

The only ones im good with are ladybirds, butterflies and dragonflies and only because theyre all either cute or beautiful I thank my lucky stars ive never been stung by a bee or worse by a wasp or hornet As soon as i even see one i'm gone You cant find me cus ive already ran 4km in the other direction Now just to clarify in this video ill be talking about wasps and hornets and before anyone is like wait a hornet isnt a wasp

Yes it actually is, hornets are social wasps and are one of the most common types of wasps aside from yellowjackets So with my quick animal planet dialogue over, these are the top 10 Scary Wasp Nests That Need To Be Destroyed Starting us off with number 10 is The Granddaddy I literally dont even know where to begin with this one In Patterson Louisiana, professional bug exterminator Jude Verret was called to remove a hornets nest the size of a refrigerator found in someones shed

Mate some refrigerators are bigger than me like that is not helpful at all Wasps basically build their nests out of chewed up vegetable fibre that they glue together enough times till it sort of starts looking like flattened carton The video Jude posted of it to facebook got millions of views and i kid you not i still feel like theyre somehow on me He is getting ambushed by them while hes poking holes in the nest Like they are on full attack mode and as soon as he takes a chunk of the nest out its like the whole worlds nest population comes flying out

I kid you not even when he starts spraying whatever he was spraying none of them were dying Are these yellowjacket wasps immune to bug spray? Have they evolved to resist it? I dont even want to know Miraculously Jude didnt get stung during the process even though 5 or 6 stings wouldve put him in the hospital When he was done he lay next to the flattened nest and it was more than double his height Coming in at number 9 is The Drunken Mistake

Honestly youd think someone getting drunk wouldnt result in anything to do with wasps but here at top 10 anything is freakin possible Back in 2016 21 year old Army Specialist Austin McGeough (mcguff) had had his wisdom teeth pulled out but decided to go drinking at a house party the same day The alcohol mixed with the painkillers was a recipe for disaster and Austin got pretty wasted Somehow he managed to leave the house and wander around and when trying to find his way back, he thought he found his own house and tried to get in when really he had found a nursery One window was broken and covered in cardboard so Austin thought he could just move the cardboard and climb in

first off im sure his own house didnt have a broken window so that really shouldve been his first sign Either way the cardboard wasnt cardboard it was a wasps nest He was stung countless times and called 911 to ask them to send help To try and be efficient he started walking towards the highway so he could meet the ambulance faster but he took a step too far on the road and got hit by not 1 car but 3 He d on the spot At number 8 are $20 dollars

Back in 2015 in Tasmania a mum was complaining about the amount of European wasps on her property and so her 12 year old son Jordan decided to tackle the task His mum promised him a reward of 20 dollars if he could get rid of the problem which is hilarious because this is a very dangerous task and youre rewarding him with a measly 20 dollars Mans could d out there Either way the nest they found had been growing for 2 years and had hundreds of thousands of wasps inside A typical 1 year old nest is about the size of a football but this nest was a full cubic metre

And the discovery was a huge surprise since European wasps usually dont survive through the winter but since the previous winter had been super mild, they forged on It took a full 2 days to unearth the full nest and it took 4 men to carry the beast After reviewing a of literature on the subject, this nest was named the largest underground nest ever found weighing a whopping 90 something kilograms which is almost double my weight so you can imagine Filling our number 7 slot is The Veranda Guys this one was found in Alabama so recently literally on the 21st of June and i shit you not these yellowjackets made a veranda out of their nest

It was a massive nest attached to this houses veranda basically becoming an overhanging extension of it These types of nests are called Perennial Yellowjacket nests and really theyre just supernests Most normal nests have 4 to 5000 works at their peak but this one had 15,000 These supernests have started becoming a lot more common and its all due to say it with me kids climate change As the planet is heating up these wasps have better chances of survival and so they survive through the winter when they usually wouldnt

The Queens themselves are the only ones that have an antifreeze compound in their blood so they survive every year and make a new colony every spring but now they dont have to Hence this supernest veranda and hence me never leaving the house again Now at number 6 is the Barrel Back in August of 2017 78 year old Desiree Pell was a cute little great grandma who decided to do some gardening in her backyard Although she wasnt an avid gardener she had done it enough times to suspect there was a wasps nest somewhere in her yard

While trying to find the nest she looked inside a barrel and got stung on the finger Just 1 sting it wasnt the whole fam it was just the 1 sting Her daughter in law went to get a bandaid but when she got back Desiree was unconscious Panicking she called the ambulance and started giving her CPR but it was far too late The plot twist was that because Desiree had never been stung before, she had no idea she was allergic to bee and wasp stings

Had she had an Epipen she wouldve survived but she sadly didnt And thats all she wrote I hope someone found then nest after that and destroyed it because they damn well should have Coming in at number 5 is The Log back in November of 2015 Warren Brown went on a peaceful camping trip with his friends in Washington State

Later in the day he thought itd be nice to get a fire going so he started chopping some firewood not knowing one of the logs was a humongous hornets nest Got em As soon she he did the first slice he was a goner Wasps will stop at nothing to protect their nests and unlike bees they can sting you multiple times and not d But you definitely might

The hornets started swarming him, stinging him well over a dozen times By the time any medical assistance arrived poor Warren had already d And he had been stung as a kid and recovered completely fine but he didnt realise he had developed an allergy to wasp stings as he got older Adult onset allergies are real guys we become allergic to new things all the time as we age so allergy tests are important But i'm not a doctor

But you should trust me At number 4 is The Migration Back in 2013 a couple living in the Canary Islands started getting worried over a vacant home near their house so they decided to call the police When the police went inside the house they realised it wasnt vacant at all They were greeted with millions of wasps and an alien looking structure that was later identified as a 22 foot wasp nest

Ill give you guys a second to let that sink in after examining the nest experts confirmed the most common type of wasps found in gardens wouldnt have been able to build a nest like that or of that size so the culprits were actually an invasive species of wasp that had somehow migrated all the way from Africa 22 feet long did they open it up? What if they were hiding a d body in there? I honestly feel like that thing could swallow you hole not even kidding Id just get a flamethrower and just go at it really If you cant beat em, burn em

Filling our number 3 slot are Autumn Leaves The only reason i even like autumn is because of the leaves changing colours, honestly after everything d so do i on the inside And then just hibernate and wait till winter is over Actually no the title of this reminds me of a sad Chris Brown song of the same name i used to listen to in Autumn when i was sad But thats not relevant at all so back in 2017 Eric Dahl was blowing leaves in his garden in Foxborough Massachusetts when he stepped on a massive underground yellow jackets nest

And obviously they went sicko mode and attacked the hell out of him I feel like theyre so aggressive even if he breathed near them they probably square up Either way he actually wasnt allergic to stings but the sheer shock of the number of stings he got as soon as he stepped on it was too much of a shock to his system and he actually had a heart attack It was caused by his surprise and the venom in his veins, weirdly enough news stations blamed the death on honeybees which is fake news since they literally almost never sting people unless provoked Now at number 2 is The Car

This one was found in Alabama this year as well and honestly im really starting to worry for their residents These supernests are gonna take over soon and since i wear shorts and crop tops 90% of the time when they start migrating over here im gonna d This particular case was found in an old retired car located in a scrap heap The owner of the heap was worried after seeing a few wasps flying around his yard and decided to call exterminators to find a nest if any and deal with the problem Exterminators started looking inside car after car which struck the owner as odd since he assumed the nest would be underground or in a tree somewhere

And that is true for normal nests but supernests the perennial ones can be found anywhere Inside one of the cars the team found a massive wasp nest covering the entirety of the inside It was even growing up and covering the windows it was that bad The window of the car didnt work so it was just left open so it was very easy access for the wasps to go in and out while still being fairly secluded Instead of exterminating them i wouldve just dropped the car in those like compressors yknow that machine that you put a car or anything in and it just compresses it so its easier to store or get rid of? Squish the car, squish and kill all the wasps inside and bobs your uncle

And finally at number 1 is The Lethal Attack This one stabbed me in the heart and so now im gonna do the same to you guys Hey if im going down, im taking all of yall with me So back in 2017 an 87 year old Japanese woman called Chieko Kikuchi was in her wheelchair on her way to visit her home and take a little break from the retirement center There was a known hornets nest nearby but the little satans tended to keep to themselves so likewise the humans did the same

On this particular day however idk what happened Out of nowhere a massive swarm of these Asian giant hornets came down on and when i say these hornets are giant i mean theyre own to leave gaping holes in peoples bodies giant The woman started screaming for help but onlookers knew it was too dangerous to go save her without being harmed themselves Even the nursing home employee that was with her was helpless so all she could do was call the fire department And even when they came they couldnt do anything

She was attacked by the swarm for almost an hour and stung a total of 150 times By the time they were cleared away and she was rushed to the hospital the damage was done She d the next day And thats all for today guys! I didnt know much about wasps before this video honestly i just knew they stung and that you should stay away from them So im happy i got to do this one cus now im not gonna go around touching things that look like cardboard but may be a giant wasp nest

Since i dont have any id love to know any of you guys’ experiences with wasps in the comments below Lets all just struggle together shall we anyway im your host ayman hasan and ill see you next time Byee!

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