Top 10 Scary Warnings From The Future

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet – I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about top 10 Scary Warnings From The Future… DO you guys think time travel is going to be possible? If you could travel, where would you go? 10 – Assassination warning from 4932 Ah, ApexTV really are the gift that keeps on giving

They make paranormal videos and are basically a conspiracy theorists wet dream In December 2017, they published a audio clip purportedly sent in to them by a time traveller from the year 4932 How did the time traveller reach them in the first place? By email, apparently Because 30 years ago we were sending post but in 2 thousand 900 years, we’re still sending emails Telecommunication

Mate Anyway, the anonymous time traveller has a warning about a future president, which he says will be enough to get him killed for relaying He says that the year 4932 us a time and a world that many people listening to would not relate to as ideal and that time journey has destroyed future ambition, with humanity no longer seeming to pursue progression He also claimed years were falling off the future calendar, saying “When attempting to journey to a future year that we have previously journeyed upon, our error notes return the period classification as unavailable” This suggests the future is changeable, and with that logic he assumes the past is too

His message warns of the assassination of president Jaynou Oliver Beck in July 2084 Janynou, by the way, is supposed to be born in September this year The traveller says he must never be elected because he must never be assassinated President Beck apparently was a philosopher before taking office and proved the existence of a god The traveller said If we preserve his philosophy we will preserve the future of humanity

He ended his message by saying a number sequence: 16 8 4 4 8 4 4 4 8 8 4 8 – which has stumped Apex Tv viewers The video has had over 26 million likes 9 – The Great Awakening in the Age of Aquarius On November 26th 1977, a scary alien voice interrupted a British TV Broadcast at ten past five in the afternoon on ITV Hijacking the Hannington transmitter, a scary speaker interrupted transmissions for six whole minutes, claiming to be a alien called Vrillon from the Intergalactic Association

With a distorted voice, Vrillon said that all weapons of mass evil must be removed, warning humanity that we have but a short time to learn to live together in peace The voice implored us to remain peaceful so we could be part if the great awakening in the Age of Aquarius The hijack was voice only, and later ITV called the hijack a breakthrough in sound The identity of the Hijacker has never been found but afterwards tongues were wagging A lot of alien conspiracy theorists hailed the interruption as a message from aliens of the future, who have mastered the ability to send messages through space time

8 – The Drunk Traveller You know what, I might try this one In October 2017, Police officers in Casper, Wyoming apprehended a drunk who claimed to be a time traveller The self confessed time traveller had a message of warning, too…which wasn’t beer and liquor never sicker…which is a shame His warning actually said aliens will arrive in the year 2018 and cause havoc

The drunk man said he was from the year 2048 and he was able to time travel because aliens filled his body with alcohol Alright then, laddie 7 – Have we been sent a message from the future from nearby star – HD164595? OKAY when are we going to stop naming our stars insane letter combinations This star is a G type 9435 light-years away from earth

In 2015 we seemingly received a message from something in the vicinity of this star The signal was only heard once by the RATAN 600 radio in Zelenchukskaya, Russia and it was not reported to the rest of the world until 2016 The announcement came as part of the Breakthrough listen project which is scanning the nearest 100 galaxies for transmissions The star has been of interest to humans because it is in a habitable zone A lot of theorists are suggesting that the message could be from a future form of humanity, or even aliens

6 – Noah Noah made headlines in 2017 when he appeared in several news publications and in an interview with Paranormal Elite, claiming to be from the year 2021 but he has been to 2120 It seems Noah isn’t his real name, just a name used to protect his identity The man said he was 50 but he had taken secret drugs to make him younger so he appears as a 25 year old In a video for Paranomal elite he said his sole objective was to prove time travel exists He said it was invented in 2003 but was only used by top secret organisations

Time travel was released publicly in 2028 He said he works for the government in 2021 and he has been fired, meaning he cant get back to his time He says that flying cars exist in 2021 and people love VR He says in in 2021 the US president is still Donald Trump and that sky is red with global warming in Vegas in 2120 He also claims that North Korea is huge threat to the world in 2030

5 – John Titor had some worrying words for America… John Titor claimed to be an American Military time traveller from 2036 and he wrote on a number of blogs and bulletin boards between 2000 and 2001, starting with the Time Travel Institute Forums Johns words were so impactive and garnered so much attention that countless works of literature and music have been inspired by them His story is lonnnng – so to give you the cliffnotes, he said that the USA breaks up into 5 smaller constituents as a result of civil war He also says humans create miniature black holes, and that world war three would erupt soon Although his messages very much panicked people 18 years ago, a lot of the things John said would happen by now haven’t happened

He explained at the time of his warnings that the future was changeable and a lot of people think that by spreading his warnings, he created a new timeline of events Some people were so wrapped up in his narrative, they created the John Titor foundation A lot of people think our next warning from the future also came from John Titor using a different name At number 4 we have the Y2K Bug Scare A lot of people pin down the y2k scare down to a number of faxes received in 1998 by Coast to Coast AM Basically, a lot of people were concerned that come the year 2000 – computers would break down

An anonymous time traveller faxed in to the show saying Y2K is a disaster and the government had to take control using matial law The traveller wrote in by fax …which…lol…and said time travel was invented in 2034 The traveller warned that people suffer in the future because they forget their basic survival skills As we know, the Y2K bug didn’t happen, but some people were SUPER scared 3 – 2016 Computer Virus In December 2016, swathes of people around the world reported a scary computer malfunction that they assumed was a virus

Peoples internet browsing or nextflix viewing was interrupted by text from a man who said he was from the future The text was patchy and mismatched, but eventua;;y, through crowd sourcing, it was pieced together The full text claimed to be from a man who said he was a chrono-quantum technician whose work had been banned – I quote – to prevent me from doing exactly what I am doing now, at long last — sending a warning to our ancestors He said that humans are taking a path into darkness and it began in the late 20th century when humans started accepting crimes and inhuman practices He claimed all of the last 4 United States Presidents were corrupt and blindsided the people into accepting cruelty

Because humans were so stupid as to not realise what the politicians were up to, the hacker from the future claimed we, your descendants, have lived in squalor, rancor, violence and despair all our lives, for generations 2 – The Unrecognisable Humans of 2987 Apex TV interviewed this guy in Armenia He said he was employed in 1987 by the Soviet Union who wanted to send him and a group of fellow time travellers back in time to the 1600s The machine they invented was called the History Corrector and it was designed to send people back to correct mistakes in Russian history, only they found they couldn’t, they could only send people to the future and so the man was sent forwards in time 1000 years to 2987 using a special watch He said that in little under a thousand years people are unrecognisable and almost mechanical – they are covered in devices and strange clothes

He said that people don’t move, they levitate and aparate He said people were busy and emotionless He said only 4 countries existed – the Asian Federation, Soviet Union, America and RA, whatever that may be Good news though – people travel to Mars and its really lovely in a thousand years Bad news for those of you living in the city of angels

1 – LA Underwater in the year 5000 I feel like Busted called it when they said they had been to the year 3000, not much has changed by we live underwater Seriously though, one time travelled called Edward offered a scary vision of the future Speaking to Apex TV, who else, Edward said that he worked on a top secret experiment in 2004 which allowed him to time travel to the future He said he arrived at a wooden city floating on water, where he met a man who informed him of the post apocalyptic floods He ventured into the ocean and saw the old city sitting at the bottom of the ocean bed

He said the flooding was a direct result of global warming and that many had suffered from the loss of coastal cities world wide So that was the Top 10 Scary Warnings From The Future … You’ll note that none of these time travellers Maybe sexism in the work place is an issue that is sadly never resolved by humanity, or maybe us ladies have left these men to their BS and joined a progressive colony on mars?

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