Top 10 Scary Visitors That Came From The Future

Hello everyone hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Honestly i think we all have high hopes for the future, when i was young i thought 2019 would be like living in the world of The Jetsons with flying cars and floating buildings but we’re not even close

Now when i think about the future i go okay well it can either one day become like the Jetsons or it everything can go up in flames and it could be disastrous And this list is a happy mix of both so lets get into it This is the Top 10 Scary Visitors That Came From The Future Starting us off with number 10 is The Underwater City Last year, a man choosing to identify as ‘Edward’ came out and said he was part of a top secret experiment that took place in 2004 in LA which allowed him to somehow be able to travel through time

He said during the experiment he travelled 3000 years into the future and found himself in an unrecognisable city or so he thought He said he was stood on a huge wooden platform but it wasnt just him, everything was made of wood, the buildings the houses everything When he looked around more clearly he realised he was still in LA but underwater Edward claims that humans become forced to live underwater after all the ice caps melted due to global warming Well nearly 70% of the Earths water is locked in ice caps and glaciers so if all that melted, its plausible

But whats not plausible humans as a species evolving to survive underwater in the short span of 3000 years Either way he also had photographic evidence of this underwater LA in the video which i mean is it photoshop is it not i dont know Coming in at number 9 is The Radio Announcer So this is a bit of inception because this took place in 1945 which is now the past but the man speaking was from the future but the future hes talking about is technically our present But anyway back in 1945 a British radio host garnered a lot of attention when he made predictions for the next 100 years

So he predicted life till 2045 and since we’re in 2019 right now we know now that a lot of his predictions came true So much so that many believe his predictions were only this accurate because he was either from the future or someone he knew was Here are his predictions: man will set food on celestial bodies like the moon and mars half correct, big companies will no longer have a monopoly on news and entertainment and people will be able to access that anywhere – 100% correct, TV sets will get smaller and smaller to the point they can fit on our wristwatches – i mean we can watch shows on our phones but not our watches yet so half accurate, he also said cameras will be at every street corner for safety but itll soon diminish our freedom which id say is 100% accurate He also made some other predictions that havent come true yet but i mean we still have 26 years to make them happen At number 8 we have Harmonious Living

Back in 2017 an anonymous Greek man claimed he was sent to the year 3207 as part of a top secret Greek military experiment He asked more about the experiment but his question was denied and he was told no one was allowed to ask questions He accepted their proposal because he was promised a better job afterwards yet when he realised the gadget they were going to use had only been used in theory he tried to back out And they wouldnt let him They said he had 11 minutes to be in 3207 or hed get arrested

When he woke up in the future he said the buildings he saw were gigantic, he described it as 5 or 6 empire state buildings on top of each other Cars were flying, grass wasnt green it was a deep purple colour, but the strangest thing was the people He saw humans walking with aliens walking with massive animals, humans that had unnatural looking skin, robots, everyone was living harmoniously He even saw a family of aliens pay with a huge dog in their garden and i know its hard to believe as does this man He was like i could barely believe it so i dont expect you guys to either

He said there were massive generators surrounded by neon blue light and he figured they were energy producing because all the flying cars were surrounded by the light too See this is the kind of future i can get behind Filling our number 7 slot are Better Decisions So ApexTV uploaded a video back in 2017 featuring a man claiming to have come from the year 2250 The man said he was born in 2215 and in 2250 he traveled back to the year 2017 to help us make better decisions for a better future

See i told you this list was a mixed bag He says by 2050 therell be a massive global food shortage because of overpopulation which i believe, by 2098 he says rising sea levels will displace millions of people because of the overpopulation and less land available to live on he recommends self sustaining underwater cities as as solution which actually is in line with what Edward saw earlier He says by 2168 microbial life will be confirmed to exist on Saturn's moon Titan and that no we are definitely not alone in this universe He says the reason we never make much contact is because these alien civilisations usually wipe themselves out before becoming too advanced One good thing is that by 2250 he says the life expectancy is 120 years old, and then goes on to say we can do better than that

I like an optimistic time traveller Now at number 6 is the Park Man And I titled it park man because this is literally a guy in a park telling his story and i have no other information about his identity He goes on to share that back in 2004 he was sent to the year 2100 At that point he said time travel into the future was developed but they had not yet figured out how to time travel into the past

Like many people on this list the first thing he warned us about was the imminent doom that will be caused by global warming if we dont switch to clean sustainable energy as quickly as possible He then went on to say by 2100 we have multiple bases on Mars which is promising to hear He warns us against overpopulation just like the previous man did but to combat this many people are being sent to live on different planets He named Mars as one of them but didnt name the others as a precautionary measure as to not drastically affect the future He said him as well as many other time travellers are in danger everytime they speak out because people in the future have ways to eliminate all of them

They have ways of wiping them out completely as if they never existed at all He goes on to add that technology becomes so advanced to the point its scary, and the second imminent threat to us after global warming is AI AI in 2100 is smarter than any of us ever dream of being And its so funny because even saying all this leaders of the world are still barely doing anything to battle climate change Coming in at number 5 is The Alien

A man or being named James Oliver insists that he is an alien stuck on earth and that he has no idea how long he'll be here for He claims hes an alien time traveller from a different planet who is sent on a mission in the year 6491 but due to the super blue blood moon interrupting a transmission on his ship, he became stranded on earth When asked where he came from, he doesnt name the planet but says its further away from the sun than the Earth so their years are longer than ours The only thing he gave us was saying that the Yellowstone supervolcano is going to erupt very very soon and devastate the whole of America He says the amount of ash it will throw into the atmosphere will turn the world around

Our transportation mechanisms wont be able to handle that much ash so both our planes and cars would cease to work I have no idea what would happen if transportation became that hindered But also that was his only take on the future, and honestly even i couldve told you about the dangers of Yellowstone Anyone who knows anything about physical geography could tell you that so, i dont know if i believe you Mr Oliver At number 4 is Noah

I feel like Noah is probably the most well known time traveller of this time, i feel like ive heard about him countless times I saw the first video he was in on ApexTV where he was visibly very disturbed whilst telling us what was about to happen to us in the next few decades And last year he came out with more information Noah claims his present time is the year 2030 but he came back in time to warn us about the future He goes on to say hes actually 50 years old but took an age rejuvenating drug to turn into a 25 year old

He goes on to say he risks his life every time he tells us about the future, but still continues to do so These are some of his predictions: Trump will be reelected, robots will run our houses, humans fly to mars in 2028 the same year time travel becomes public, he said in 2030 the granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr will become president even though shell only be 21 at the time The law is that the president must be 35 or older but a new law gets passed hence shes able to become president Many were skeptical of Noahs claims so he took a lie detector test and was asked questions about all his predictions as well as things like are you an actual time traveller from the year 2030 And every single thing came up as TRUE

Either way none of these years are that far away so we’ll soon find out if he was telling the truth or not Filling our number 3 slot is Bella Youtube channel ApexTV uploaded a video of a girl dubbed Bella who claimed she met a Belarusian physicist who cracked the secret to time travel She said in the time machine she felt a sharp voltage in her body, everything went black, and when she regained her vision she saw anarchy He sent her to the year 3800 and what she saw were corpses upon corpses, ruined buildings and robots causing the destruction

She even holds up a picture in the video that she captured while in the future According to her the blurry picture shows ‘a flying destroyed robot shooting lasers’ in front of some futuristic looking structures Bella even claimed she ran into one of these robots She said “He had facial expressions, gestures I want you to imagine a metal man, incredibly strong without the feeling of pity

” Say no more Bella, say no more Literally because i already know who would win between me and that metal man and i can assure you it would not be me Now at number 2 is 2118 In february of last year a man named Alexander Smith came onto the Kyle and Jackie O show saying he was sent on a mission to the year 2118 when it was 1981 Alex claims he was part of a secret CIA mission, which was so confidential l he couldnt even tell his wife where he was going or the fact he was going at all

He just had to go MIA He said he woke up in a hospital bed because he was found on the side of the road passed out Everyone was asking him why he was dressed so weirdly because in that time everyone only wears white The coolest thing to him was the fact that all roads were just massive sidewalks because all cars were flying in the air, he added that we can plug music directly into our brains with wires and its a type of music we cant even imagine In terms of humans he said he saw a woman walking with a man with no legs so its safe to say cyborg human relationships will become quite common

He also said aliens visit us here and there but dont tell us, and said we already made contact with them ages ago On the bad side he goes on to say the greatest threat to humanity is global warming Do you hear that Trump? And finally at number 1 Perfection A man claiming hes from the year 3000 tells us about a life that frankly seems too good to be true He say by the year 2500 most human mind wouldve been reverse engineered and uploaded to a new digital reality and so we all exist in a simulated environment

And these environments start off fake looking but eventually get so realistic theyre better than real life So its kind of like the first few simulations are like the graphics of a PS1 game but by the end its basically as HD as a ps4 He adds that in these environments theres no pain, theres no disease, theres nothing in there that you dont want in there By 2600 nearly every shred of information is online and giant computers take up most of the space on earth Real physical people still exist but at a certain point they upload their consciousness but they can still move around in real life through robots

And those robots also made superhuman abilities possible and available to anyone And thats it for todays video guys! I think the message we can take from these stories are 1) we need to tackle global warming NOW, b) if youre gonna time travel odds are the voltage and current youll experience will hurt like a mofo, and c) cars will definitely fly Lemme know your thoughts guys and as always im Ayman Hasan and ill catch you in the next one Byee

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