Top 10 Scary Underwater Discoveries

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena, What is going on in the ocean Its deep, dark and wet and theres a whole bunch of weird crap in there that freaks people out

You got sharks, you got colossal squids, you got pollution There might be some smoking hot mermaids down there ready to risk it all just to know what its like to be with a land boy but you would probably drown before you got to second base With all the mysteries that are going on in the deep blue sea, it's no wonder that Im brining you todays list of top 10 Scary Underwater Discoveries Make sure you stick around for the whole list because I have some stuff on here that is going to make you never want to go swimming again As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And without taking any longer lets get into it 10 Octopus Nursery 8 legged alien looking things with suction cups all over their arms and beeks for mouths Octopuses are some creepy looking things and to top it all off they can camouflage like a navy seal and they are super smart If these are the kinds of things that make your skin crawl then just running into one of these guys would probably freak you out

Well on an underwater expedition at the Davidson Seamount, there was a rather shocking discovery They had a remote probe rolling around the ocean floor at 10,000 feet and they came across what seemed to be an octopus next of not just one, not just two but over 1000 octopuses all grouped up in a nursery They were all laying their eyes there using the heat from a volcanic vent to keep them warm I would hate to be the guy who accidentally steps in that crack and then gets devoured by thousands of sticky arms But if your 10,000 feet under water you probably are already screwed

9 Siberian lake monster Of course if were doing a list of scary things that live underwater we have to throw a giant mysterious sea monster on here What separates the syberian lake monster from the other more popular guys is there have actually been under water scans that have picked up this guy Its deep in Lake Labencure and it some radar has shown what look like a 33 foot long creature Now this is probably just a skeleton but even if this thing is dead it means that there was a giant man eater in a lake I thought we were suppose to be safe in freshwater

Theyve nick nicknamed this thing the devil so you know hes a good time and loves company So next time you go up to the cottage and you think the water is safe, remember there might be a giant lurking right underneath you waiting do turn you into a side dish 8 Blue Hole How there are several blue holes in the world, theres one in belize, one in the red sea and giant one in my heart that was left there from when they ended reboot on that giant cliffhanger How are you going to end a show that so many people fell in love with on a cliffhanger I will never trust again Well this one is that in between the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribean has scientist a little confused

Its a crack in the bottom of the ocean floor that is several thousand miles long Whats strange about it is there no explanation for why this happened It might have been tectonic plates moving around but when that happens the earth will usually start to repair itself My theory is this is were godzilla goes to sleep at night I mean it really seems like the only logical answer

Its either that or its the gateway to hell Like come on guys this is real science work Im doing right now 7 The Yonaguni Complex This thing was discovered by scuba divers in the 1980s, I think thats the scariest part of this one Could you imagine going scuba diving in the 1980s? The technology back then must have been a tube going up to some guy who would blast fresh air down to you using a bicycle pump I dont think they even had decompression sickness figured out back then

The chances of you coming up with the benz was probably super high Well if it wasnt for a few divers in japan who were willing to sacrifice it all to look at some cool stuff than we wouldnt know anything about the Yonaguni Complex Its still a mystery as to what this thing is It looks like some temples that might have existed 1000s of years ago but when the ice age decided to end and flood everything, this whole civilization go plunged underwater Or the temple could have been built on a cliff and then after a massive earthquake, it got knocked into the water

But like everything there are some haters on this one that says the whole thing is just some natural rock formations Some people just want to ruin everything 6 Ancora Sista Twista One of the reasons why the underwater would is such a mystery is because we find things like this in there Sure there are beautiful things down there like bright fish and chubby marine mammals but theres also unknown, unidentified organisms Ancora Sista Twista which should be the name of an 80s hair metal band, is actually the name of a Protus

What is a protus you may ask, its an organism that doesnt belong to any animal group, fungus or plant group What does that mean? I really have to idea guys, I think it means it could be an alien Some alien came down to earth to go for a swim and then scrapped its knee on some coral and now we have alien creatures running around the ocean Probably waiting for you to pee in the water so it can swim up your pee whole and then work its way up into your brain I mean thats the only logical answer

5 Bimini Road How were the pyramids made? Was it aliens coming down to share there technology and secrets with us or was it just thousands apon thousands of slaves that sacrificed their lives and spines to build them Well we dont know and we may never know but Bimini road is another one of these mysteries Its off the coast of the Bahamas and it looks like it could have been a pathway made with perfectly place giant slabs of rocks Similar to the pyramids theses rocks seem to large to have been moved by man and too perfectly placed to have been also, moved by man So were does everyones mind go when something like this happens, well magic or aliens

The logical answer is that its just a natural phenomena of the water hitting the rock to make these formations But some people think that this was made using advanced tech from aliens and could have been a road to atlantis Honestly I like the Atlantis theory better, its more fun 4 Colossal Squid Yeah this thing is a big no thanks for me So everyone always talks about, how their might be sea monsters out there but this thing we know exsist

Theres never been one caught alive but several have been washed onto shores dead, and they are maaaaasive The largest one ever discovered was 45 feet long and it was dead, so you know there has to be an even bigger one out there that killed that guy They dont even have succers on their tentcles, they have hooks Let me say that again, this squid has 10 giant arms covered in hooks, this thing is straight out of a horror movie Scientists arent even sure what something this big eats, they think it probably feeds on whales or your deepest darkest fears

This thing probably works part time as the gatekeeper for hell It makes you think all the old greek stories about the kraken might have been real 3 Under water circles Giant formations of circles that formed underwater in an unknown way These mysteries were discovered off the coast of North Carolina, Florida and Belize Now what are they? Like many things on this list, myself and the entire scientific community have no idea

Here are some theories They were formed naturally by either two things, water currants or some sort animal in a matting or nesting ritual Another idea is that they were made by ancient civilizations before the ice age All of these areas would have been above ground so It might have been art left over by some old timey tribes And the third theory is that because they kinda look like bullseye it might be some sort of nuclear missile target, if hit by a big enough explosion theyll cause some sort of major natural disaster like an earthquake or tsunami or if were lucky

Both 2 Megalodon If you have a fear of sharks your going to love this one Megalodon was a prehistoric shark that was even bigger than the giant hook tentacled beast that was earlier on the list If youve already forgotten the Colossal squid clocked in at around 45 feet long were Megalodon was closer to 60 feet long It was a 60 ft shark that could probably rip a blue whale in half with one bite

Well maybe not but it was still a gargantuan creature with teeth the size of Brock lesnar's hands This thing wouldnt even chew you, you would just get swallowed hole and then it would fart out your skeleton out into the cold dark ocean 1 Giant Eyeball A mysterious Giant eyeball washed up onto the shore of a florida beach in october of 2012 I dont know any other kind of giant eyeball other than a mysterious one Theres no super common and regular giant eyeballs just lying around

But this is also florida, this is the state where people smoke crack at weddings and kiss alligators on the lips, so maybe there its a little more common Well this eyeball was found by Gino Covachi and he didnt know what the hell to make of it so he took it home and stuck it in his freezer He then called the cops and the cops told him we dont do giant eyeballs from the beach, talk to the wild live people And the wild life people were like what the hell is that, and Gino was like i dont know, i thought you guys would know And some people were like maybe its from a sea monster and other people were like no marlin

And I think in the end no one really knew But just so you know theres giant eyeballs out there

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