Top 10 Scary Trucker Horror Stories

Hey everyone, welcome back to most amazing top 10, I’m your host Che Durena I’m super excited for this list because I feel like nobody sees as much creepy stuff as truckers

Well, them and the FBI looking through all our internet history So today we’ve compiled of a list of the Top 10 scary trucker stories Make sure you like, comment, subscribe and hit the little notification bell and let's get into it Big Red Eyes This one was written by Redditor Landstar2206 He was driving his truck through Texas with his friend in the passenger seat and they pulled off of Interstate 37 at a little cozy truck stop in the middle of the night

That’s a joke there's no such thing as a cozy truck stop They were both beat so they decided to just crash in the cab of the truck instead of trying to find a hotel In the middle of the night, they are both catapulted awake by a giant bang They look out the windshield to see a huge lizard creature with glowing red eye and massive fangs And it just stared at them and then flew, yes he wrote flew, this demon creature can fly

It flew over the cab into the night I’m not sure about this one, pics or it didn't happen The Crazy If you're a trucker you got to get good at taking naps You’re on the road nonstop and sometimes you gotta catch a quick wink to so you don’t fall asleep behind the wheel and spill skittles all over the highway This trucker was doing just that, He had pulled off into a dark empty lot and started to catch some zzzs

Then he got woken up by a barking dog, it was kind of annoying but he just tried to ignore it His attempts at blocking out the barking k9 failed because the sound was getting louder, it seemed like the dog was getting closer Eventually, it was so close and so loud he decided to sit up and look and write outside his window he didn’t see a dog but a man He describes the man as large with crazy eyes and a frothy mouth This was obviously very shocking to the trucker so he slowly turned on his truck and then pulled out of the empty lot

While he pulled away the man chased his car like he was deep down inside his soul, a dog Obviously, humans aren’t as fast as trucks so he got away but this was super freaky GTA If for whatever reason my life takes a very strange turn and I need to start being a truck driver one thing I’m going to do is probably lock my doors That seems like an obvious one This trucker must have gone a few too many hours without a break because he drove into a truck stop, there was no one there but it was super tired so he just went into the back of his cab straight to sleep

He then woke up in his truck, the only problem is he was 15 miles from the truck stop and had 3 highway patrol vehicles behind him The cops told him that they saw a man in a black jumpsuit run out of his truck when they pulled the truck over So that means while this guy was sleeping someone came in a stole his truck with him in it The fact that this guy didn’t wake up tells me that this was a good sleep Like one of those ones you wake up from and your like I needed that What’s in the box? This one comes from someone who goes by the alias Colour me Scarlet

She wrote that her grandfather was a truck driver in the 60s and one day he was cruising through some rural parts and was coming up on a cardboard box in the middle of the road He thought it was a little strange that it was placed so nicely in the middle of the road but he’s driving a big truck a little box isn’t going to do anything A few seconds before he hit the box something came over him and we swerved out of the way He slowed down looked in his rearview mirror and saw two little kittens pop out of the box and run back up the hill Someone put them in there, what’s wrong with people

I understand it was a rural area in the 60s but there was a lot of good books in the 60s Invisible vandal This story comes the way of thought catalog A Trucker pulls into a truck stop and there's a few other trucks there, pretty standard stuff Then he hears someone banging on the side of his truck and not like knocking but banging so hard it's shaking the truck He looks out the window, the banging stops and he sees no one It then starts again on the other this time even harder and louder

It’s so hard it's rattling the windows and shaking the cab He then looks out the windshield and sees it happening to the other trucks parked in the truck stop, with still no sign of anyone doing As if an alien device is shaking their trucks And then out of nowhere, it all stops Watch out It’s hard being alert on the road especially when you've been up for 24 hours

At that point just but the monster energy in an IV for me This trucker was pulled some super overtime on a trip from Boise, Idaho to Texas He got on the freeway and then sees someone sit up in the middle of the road It was too late to react and the person was decapitated immediately A later autopsy found that person who was hit had been high drugs and probably wondered onto the freeway and fell asleep

So I’m not sure what to call on this one Would he have been able to avoid them if he hadn’t been working a triple graveyard shift? Who’s There A trucker in Melbourne Australia had to pull over to catch some sleep Being pretty exhausted he didn’t check where he had stopped and just pulled window curtains, locked the doors turned off the truck and headed back into the cab to get some shut-eye It was a hot night, around 30 degrees celsius so he was finding it hard to fall asleep Tossing and turning and just staring up at the ceiling of his truck

Then he hears the passenger door open, but the doors were locked He froze waiting for someone to walk right in, but nobody came He grabbed a flashlight but surprisingly no weapon and started checking around his truck He found no one Maybe the door wasn’t closed properly and just swung open

So he jumped back in the truck and passed out In the morning, he looked out the window and saw that he had parked next to cemetery So was it a faulty door or the undead coming to tuck him in UFO This one we found off of the occult museum and it was submitted by Remrie He was in the cab of the truck with his dad, he was in the passenger seat and his dad was at the wheel

His dad then gives him a little nudge and tells him to look out the window He sees a floating structure, it has several rows of lights on it and is flying about 300 feet above the ground It’s shaped like a rectangle and it is continuously passing them It had giant windows on it that seemed to be blasting light into the entire area It would pass over them again and again and then it just flew off into the darkness

He then writes that he and his dad locked eyes and said That Was Interesting You see a UFO and you're like Ignore the aliens I just want another season of survivor Where’s the crying coming from When you hear some weird grinding noise coming from your truck at 2 am and you’re in the middle of nowhere you should stop to check it outright A lot of you probably think I gonna say no but you totally should, please take care of your motor vehicles

But if you do this might happen to you A Trucker was no his way from San Francisco to Wyoming when he started to hear a strange noise coming from his truck He pulls into a truck stop to inspect and all of a sudden he hears what sounds like a crying child, it sounds like it's coming from the truck stop bathrooms so he goes to investigate He opens the door and no ones there but he can still hear the crying He opens all of the stalls, nothing

Then looks up and sees a little window, he opens the window looks out and still nothing and the crying stops Then the window slammed shut all on its own and the crying started up again So he bolted out of there His truck was still making a weird grinding noise so he took it to a mechanic who found a large metal bar embedded under his truck and he said it belonged to a child's bicycle Was that the kids ghost being like dude you destroyed my bike The Shortcut Don’t take scary shortcuts, every horror movie someone dies by taking the short way in the middle of the night, alone

If you're taking spooky shortcuts and you die it’s kind your fault Well, this trucker decided against his best judgment when he took a short cut that he had and I quote heard stories through the scanner about, mostly ghostly ones He had been on the road for about two weeks and wanted to get home faster to see his wife and kids so he took this spooky shortcut It was 3:40 in the morning and he had been working down this haunted side street for almost an hour when some static started bubbling up on his radio Then he saw a man hanging from a tree, the body was swaying as if someone has just hung it

He grabbed his gun, called 911 and went to investigate Ummm, why? You don’t even know the guy, you're going to investigate a murder on crypt keeper lane to be a good samaritan But when he goes to check the body it’s gone He then gets back in his truck looks in the rearview and the body was BACK This time he took off and luckily lived to tell the tale

That is our list, if youre a trucker or know someone who is and have a scary story to share with us please leave it in the comments Like always make sure you like, comment, subscribe and hit that little notification bell Until next time I’ve been Che Durena and I hope you enjoyed this list because after self-driving cars they’ll be a thing of the past

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