Top 10 Scary Toy Story 4 Theories

I can for sure see Toy Story 4 as a horror movie, It would be so good and so scary don’t you think? Also let us know if you can think of any toy story theories so I can use it in the next video Well hows it going you guys? I am your host for this one Landon Do Not Spoil the movie and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video

I will try my best to not spoil to much in the movie with these ones but if your a huge fan of Toy Story and don’t want to be spoiled I wouldn’t recommend watching this right now Toy Story Is actually one of my favorite movies growing up and I absolutely loved Toy Story 4, it felt a lot more modern and it was really funny I feel like these movies don’t come out often enough They come out every like 10 years In 2014 Toy Story 4 was announced so it took years to produce and it actually hit records for the biggest box office weekend for an animation

I am not surprised at all Well lets get into this list, this is the top 10 scary toy story 4 theories And in the comment section tell me your theories and I will include them if we make a part 2 of this video Starting of this list, at number 10 with the new character my new favorite Pixar Character Forky Well did it seem like Forky is a bit suicidal

Every chance he gets he tries to kill himself theories surrounding Forky suggests that Forky wants to kill himself because he just doesn’t fit in, he is so different from everyone else I mean even in that small clip I just showed you guys one of the toys mentions how long his arms are and he looks very different from all the other characters I loved Forky in the film and i think adding a new main character to the franchise was a very bold move But they did a great job using this character for comic relief, but is it that funny having Forky always trying to commit suicide

I mean this theory is pretty dark A war might be coming, at this scary theory is next up at number 9 Servant Verses the Master This is a talked about theory that suggested that the Toys in the movie are starting to rebel against the humans as we saw in the 4th installed of Toy Story We saw many toys including Woody not wanting a child a master if you want to call it that

The toys are not feeling the need to serve as dummies anymore, they are evolving Evolving independently it’s just a matter of time where the Toys will start attacking the humans for freedom and maybe the roles will be reversed ya i would be freaking out as well and I would be listening to the toys because they are way more of them The Toys in number 4 at the beginning felt like they had no control whatsoever of their own destinies they had one purpose and that was to be slaves to the humans, until the end of the video the revolution started Toys didn’t feel the need for humans anymore

Toy story 5 could go pretty dark if Pixar for some reason wants to Moving into number 8 There have been many fan theories talk about the toys being immortal so if a toy become bad and starts hurting people we might not be able to destroy them Throughout all the toy stories especially Toy Story 4 we have had villain toys We had Gabby Gabby and her really scary looking security dolls

Reddit users have been talking about the immortality of these toys and what happens to the heroes after their owners passes away would they become depressed and try to take there own lives but they can’t One reddit user was saying what does this mean for mankind? If all the humans die out, the toys will be the ones running the world who would have thought Moving into number 7, Remember that Gabby Gabby character we talked about well some are calling her one of Pixars best villains She might look very innocent on the outside but I assure you something evil is within She was able to manipulate other toys into destroying other toys

One of the big plot of the film was for Gabby who was manufactured with a broken voice box to get another toys voice box and thats when Woody came in Gabby managed to kidnap Forky and Woody and was able to rip out Woodys voice box so she can have it Number 6, Bo Peep might actually be the true villain in the movie and no know knew about it Bo Peer has actually been absent in the series since the 1999 toy story 2 film so this was the time to bring her back to the big screen and there was speculation that she would return as a villain and a rival to Woody There were moments in the film it felt like she could turn evil and become the archnemesis to Woody and this plot could set up the next film as well

It would be so easy for Bo Peep to become evil because she is an unwanted broken toy with no motivation to help the world or children out She would be fuelled by anger and want revenge on the new wanted toys, or even the children for not loving her In Toy Story 4, it seemed like Bo Peep could have been responsible for some pretty awful things, some suggest that she stole the voice box from Gabby Gabby and Gabby is now terrified of Bo Peep and what she is capable of Also another theory suggests that she kidnapped all the toys that are unwanted and have them working for her Moving right along into number 5

Woody and the rest of the toys are like Vampires who drain children of their Joy So just when we all believed that these are helping the children they were manipulating us and the children So maybe that’s why Molly got Rid of Bo Peep and maybe thats why Sid was so mean to the toys because he know the truth Sid was trying to destory all of the toys starting from the first Toy Story movie

Sid was trying to get answers out of Woody because he knows he can talk and Sid knows that Woody isn’t the only evil toy Number 4 Gabby Gabby’s dummy minions are actually hitman Gabby hired these dolls as her own personal hitman and they have kidnapped and killed many people and destroyed a ton of toys along the way Also doesn’t these dolls look like they came from Goosebumps? I wonder if Goosebumps had a problem with this

Also how many fights have they been in because why are there bodies so messed up maybe they even came out of prison Moving into number 3 What ever happened to Sid Evil Sid from the other toy story movies Well he might have actually been the owner of the Antique store so he brings toys there to die because he hates them all

Going back to Toy Story 3 for a moment there was theories saying that Sid use to play with the corps of the dead toys He played with it in front of the other toys, I mean that’s pretty morbid if you think about it Number 2 There might not be another Toy Story movie A lot of people are saying there shouldn't be another one

I think this is pretty scary to me because I actually enjoy all of these toy story movies, its what I grew up with and I would be super sad knowing that Pixar ended with Toy Story 4 just like that Toy Story did hit records at the box office so I am very hopefully there will be another movie What did you guys think of the movie? Liked it, hated it? Or didn’t care about it Finally at number 1, the children in the movie were actually evil, and they are very powerful Powerful enough to bring toys to life

The only way a toy can come to life is from the imagination from the children The children believe that these toys are alive, well if they think they are alive why do they constantly try to destroy them, put them apart These kids seem to get the enjoyment of torturing these harmless toys I know we have been thinking about how many toys they were able to bring to life, but lets think about how many toys died because the children killed them I mean that’s pretty dark

This has actually been seen throughout all of the Toy Story movies Also if kids can bring to life these toys what else have they been bringing to life Children in toy story can actually become a threat to society and the toys in the movie are the ones trying to help the kids with their negative thoughts Well all of these theories might be far fetched but what if they are plausible Don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below

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