Top 10 Scary Tombstone Messages – Part 3

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10 – I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking the Top 10 Scary Tombstone Messages Part 3! So we made part one In October 2017, which got nearly one and a half million views Fun fact, I’ve lost over 20lbs since then and watching the first one back is like watching through a window to another life

There we go So… anyone… we are now making a part three because you seemed to enjoy them! Let me know at the end of this video if you want a part 4 Okay before we get into this video I want to ask the fun morbid question of what you would like on your gravestone? Would you have a joke, a statue or a scary message? I would have a joke but I hope to never have a gravestone! I would prefer to have my ashes scattered into the ocean WHAT a jolly chat! While you are down t here in the comments section why don’t you leave a thumbs up on this video and share it with a friend Also please do check out the links to our Most Amazing Instagrams in the description box

10 – The Planes They Died In This gives me the serious creeps In a graveyard deep in the woods surrounding the Amari Air Base, you will find a pilots graveyard where the bodies of the soviet era airmen who died are buried with the tail find of the planes they crashed in as their tombstones The effect of the fins is that the graveyard kind of looks like it is filled with ground sharks It is truly haunting and very real when you realise that actual wreckages are marking the graves of the dead… it becomes horrifyingly imaginable 9 – The Circle of Life The circle of life IS a beautiful thing

As we know from the first law of thermodynamics, energy cannot be created of destroyed, just transferred When we die, the energy we had in life in our bodies is transferred into the soil – worm food The worms are then of course eaten by birds and so on and so forth While this is a lovely notion, this gravestone makes the circle of life sounds rather literal and terrifying Having passed in 1728 at the age of 42, what does JSD get on his gravestone? Oh, here Lies Scott, Left here to rot

Very literal 8 – The Mistake Trial by mob is never ideal, especially when that trial gets you killed It seems George Johnson was murdered by locals who only realised the error of their ways when it was too late The Boothill Cemetery in Arizona is famous for being the final resting place for a number of wild west characters, including the McLaury brothers and Billy Clayton But this point is all about George

George bought a stolen horse without realising and he was sentenced to death despite him being innocent His handmade tomb message reads: here lies George Johnson, hanged by mistale 1882 He was right, we were wrong, but we strung him up and now he’s gone Descriptive

Scary or… kind of funny? You decide? We have the Beard at number 7 So, I mean, persecution is never funny…hardline ever… But like…persecuted fir wearing the beard along with this lovely stone carving? I have to say I was strangely darkly amused…or bemused I guess

Poor Joseph Palmer LOVED his beard, even though it was NOT in fashion in his life time in the early 1800s It seems his local preacher even accused him of consorting with the devil because of his facial hair! In 1830, Palmer was attacked by a mob outside Fitchburg in Massachusetts because of his beard They were armed with razors and scissors and they attempted to forcibly shave him He stabbed two of his attackers, lightly, if there is such a thing as a light stabbing He was then jailed and placed in solirary confinement for 15 months! His tombstone depicts him with his lovely beard and I am happy he stuck to he stood up for his facial hair

Long live the beard 6 – Errrr… the Pie WHAT a horrible way to go

Not only did Sir Jeffery Hudson get a piddly little grave plaque, it is also very descriptive in the creepiest of ways It seems that Sir Jeffery had dwarfism, but still made it to the age of 63, which in the 1600s was great for even those born without a defect How did Sir Jeffery go though – well his grave says it all A dwarf presented in a pie to King Charles the 1st WHAT a way to go

To be fair, the grave doesn’t make it clear is that is the way he died, or just what he was best known for Either way, it is pretty disconcerting King Charles the first, by the way, was said to be wicked and tyrannical He was actually beheaded, so he kind of got what was coming to him… his coffin is in St George’s chapel in Windsor, UK 5 – The Explosion I feel like the descriptive gravestones are the gnarliest

Have a listen to the tale of poor Ellen Shannon… Her stone says she died at 26 years old after being fatally burned on the 21st March 1870 by the explosion of a lamp filled with RE Danforth’s so called non explosive burning fluid I do enjoy that the gravestone makes it clear the brand at fault and calls out their false advertising This is like the sassy TripAdvisor our twitter comment of the olden days…although to be fair the poor woman died… which makes it really really sad If you want to see this spooky grave for yourself it is in Girard Cemetery in Pennsylvania

4 – The Weeping Woman of Michigan Like, first and foremost this statue is terrifying from the off A giant stone woman standing with her arms spread? I can certainly live without her So this is a statue of the virgin Mary who has been placed in Battle Creek’s Oakhill cemetery Legend has it that she cries real tears every Sunday night…and on Halloween…

and during the full moon Urm… The under of her eyes are found to be wet on frequent occasions, despite there being no discernible reason…other than she is one spooky spooky statue Is she haunted? Or sad? What scary message is she trying to send?! This Killer at number 3 Robert Clay Allison died age 47 in 1887…which was still pretty young back then Perhaps it was someone seeking revenge as it seems good old Rob was a bit of a social justice warrior To put it politely

To put it less politely, he was likely a murderer His grave reads: He never killed a man that did not need killing Either way, who died and made Robert chief of executions? Maybe it was someone Mr Allison killed The swine 2 – What They Know What happens after we die? Well there isn’t really anyone alive who can definitively answer that question

The only people that know are the billions of people who have died over the course of history – including the owner of this gravestone Simple yet effective, it reads – now I know something that you don’t well they very well just might Or they might not, depending on what actually happens I like the mysticism though

If you were anywhere near as disgruntled as Mary C Dolencie then you may have left a some terse words your gravestone to your neighbours too…1 The CURSE Oh dear Mary was a bit of a crazy cat lady stereotype She hated her neighbours, would shine lights in their faces and start feuds… and yes, she had a lot of pets, although she did leave all of her money to the Massachusetts society for the prevention of cruelty to animals …so… that actually was very nice of her

She also left something not so nice behind – a curse to her community On her tombstone is written – May eternal damnation be upon those in whaling port who without knowing me have maliciously vilified me May the curse of god be upon them and theirs I am sorry, what! May the curse of god be upon them?!?! ! URM It seems that her tombstone is all talk though, locals say they don’t believe they are cursed

Good news SO… that was the top 10 scary tombstone messages part 3! I have a little bonus one for you… I am almost certain it is fake but it kind of made me laugh anyway… check this out DIED…from not forwarding that text message to ten people

Ha Those the facts…or so it seemed in the era of the chain email and text Do people still do this? I’m an adult these days would you believe so I haven’t been on the receiving end of one of those – if you don’t forward this to 73 people under the light of the full moon momo will eat your mum messages… But maybe they still happen?! Do they? OKAY this is officially the end of the graves… Before we get out of here I want to read some comments from part 2 because why not make a deep dive into April 18

Here is what you had to say Adam Ludensky said: I live in Salem Massachusetts Do I believe in ghosts? I have seen them So yeah I believe in ghosts ? Dan Abnormal Said: Thumbs up for Rebecca Monster

? – I can no longer remember what that was in reference to but 306 of you left a thumbs up! One of you answered my question about the mystery body of Eugene who wasn’t buried for over 20 years …and the comment was horrifying – Frogs wrote: Eugene was put up on display in the funeral home in the hope that he'd be recognized by someone The funeral home used him as a decoration during Halloween, and teenagers would take him out for rides He was eventually put to rest because he was losing fingers and just generally starting to fall apart, and it was about time for it? Blimey

Arcticridge said: The only scary thing here is the host *face* WELL that concludes that! Leave a comment for the chance to be featured in an upcoming video… OH also shout out to Lance Huffine

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