Top 10 Scary Titanic Secrets

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video This subject needs no introduction whatsoever, i'm pretty sure everyone knows or has at least heard of the titanic and the tragic event surrounding it

We’ve seen the movie where Leonardo Di Caprio was robbed of his Oscar, we’ve heard about the whole it wasnt the Titanic that set sail that day it was the RMS Olympic theory, you may have seen the cartoon version, you may have heard My Heart Will Go On, and now im gonna bless your youtube feed with the Top 10 Scary Titanic Secrets Starting us off with number 10 is The Stupid Mistake Most ships have lookouts, people that specifically just have to look into the distance to make sure the ship isnt gonna hit anything, theres no obstacle in the far distance, its basically a damage prevention job But on the Titanic, the lookouts were hugely disadvantaged to the point that had this mistake not occurred, the ship would not have sunk at all Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee were the assigned lookouts for the titanic but they operated the whole journey without any binoculars

The ships second officer was fired and replaced at the last minute and he forgot to give the key to the locker that had the binoculars in it to Fleet and Lee Hence they had to rely on just their eyesight the whole time and obviously int very reliable, our eyes can only see so far and especially at night or in foggy conditions? Thats as good as being blind Crew saw the iceberg 37 seconds before they hit it, with binoculars you bet your ass they wouldve seen that shit a lot sooner and been able to change course easily The key was finally found in 2010 and auctioned off for a whopping 130,000 dollars Coming in at number 9 are The Bad Omens

Now i dont wanna say the Titanic was doomed before it even set sail but there were red flags, there were some foreshadowing bad omens thats all imma say During the construction of the ship, 8 workers died 3 of which still remain unknown We dont know their names since many of the workers werent registered they were just there to make some extra money and the heads in charge were fine with that Not only that, but 246 injuries were reported during her construction so all that already happened before the ship was done Now the day it set sail, April 10th 1912, as she was leaving the Southampton dock she nearly crashed into The New York that was moored nearby

As the Titanic was leaving, the ropes holding The New York snapped and so it was drifting into the Titanics path so crewmen on the steamliner quickly used waster from propeller to push the other ship away So there have been deaths, theyve been injuries, and it nearly crashed minutes into leaving the dock I dont wanna say doom was expected but Ill just leave it at that

At number 8 we have The Safety Drills Now this was actually part of one of the survivors testimonies but while aboard the ship they shared that every sunday without fail they would have a lifeboat drill Like without fail, rain or shine the drill would happen April 14th was the last sunday before the crash and although technically its written down as sinking on the 14th, it actually sank at 2am on the 15th If we’re being specific and nit picking

Either way that day, the very day of the tragedy to come, the lifeboat drill never happened No one knows why, maybe the captain thought the passengers had gotten the gist by now i dont really know, but for some reason the dirll never happened And it sure as shit should have since it woudve helped people get onto the lifeboats quicker and faster and safer rather than the stampede that it was But also thats just really suspicious Filling our number 7 slot is Fake News

When the titanic sank the news travelled pretty quickly since her voyage was so hyped up everywhere Everyone knew of the titanic, they knew what was going on and so when she sank journalists were eager to get on the story but it was the wrong story A various plethora of newspapers reported that the Titanic had indeed hit an iceberg but not that it had sank Most of them reported all the passengers getting into lifeboats and the steamer being towed to Halifax The New York Times was actually the only newspaper who reported the ship to have sunk and was hated on by other newspapers for the inaccuracy

Even the Wall Street Journal reported that the damage was bad but the important point is that she did not sink Her watertight bulkheads were really watertight It was only a full 2 days later that newspapers learned the truth and then they were all looking pretty freakin dumb for chiding the new york times Once the ships signals ceased after its distress calls people started to realise that it did in fact sink So whether its 2019 or 1912, 1000 years seems to make no difference since theres clearly fake news circulating all the time

Now at number 6 are The Engineers Thanks to the dedicated Scottish and British engineers aboard the ship, alot of people were saved The men stayed behind and worked effortlessly until the ship went under The lights on the ship didnt even go out until it was fully underwater, the men spent the whole time keeping the pumps running and the electricity going which helped the crew get the passengers on the lifeboats They also kept the radio running which sent out distress signals up until a few minutes before the ship was submerged

One of the last signals heard by the Carpathia was engine room full up to boilers Full of water Out of the 25 engineers, not a single one survived Coming in at number 5 is The Bathroom Situation Aboard the Titanic there were 3 classes, first class that had various places to eat, their own gym, turkish baths, a reading and writing room and many more amenities

Then came second and third class and third class passengers were referred to as steerage passengers since they usually lodged below deck where the steering apparatus was located 4 people shared a room and they were provided food in a dining room which was pretty good considering most other ships would tell third class to bring their own food Each room had one basin between 4 people and there were only 2 bathtubs For the whole class 2 bathtubs

There were around 700 to 1000 third class passengers all sharing 2 bathtubs Like can you even Is that not against human rights? And I doubt anyone wouldve been cleaning the third class bathtubs so can you imagine a) how dirty they wouldve been, and b) how long the wait wouldve been for your turn to use it Like can we just think about that for a minute When i lived in dorms there was one bathtub between one floor on my house which was like 20 people but there were showers and no one used the tubs anyway other than to throw up in

but even 20 people i was like yeah never using that But 700-1000 people Naaaah b At number 4 is Now You See it, Now You Dont Despite the Titanic being the biggest ship in the world it somehow still took 73 years to find its wreckage which i dont understand

Either way sitting at 3800 meters below the surface for more than a thousand years now, according to scientists the whole wreckage could completely disappear by 2030 Since the wreckage is so deep, the ship stayed well preserved till 1985 but deteriorated a lot after that While the deterioration has slowed considerably, a new proteobacteria was found on the rusted parts of the ship and tests confirmed that the bacteria could eat away the ship and erode it completely by 2030 Can you imagine? Like 50 years from now theres gonna be no titanic, its gonna be one of those small tidbit history facts that people of the future may or may not know Not like how it was for us, this huge event that we all knew

Thats making me sad almost Filling our number 3 slot is Rhoda Mary Abott Rhoda was a third class passenger that was on the titanic were her 2 sons and she was the only female passenger that sank with the ship and actually survived While it was going down, Rhoda was on the stern of the ship and was soon swept away from it She surfaced and was able to swim to the collapsible A lifeboat and later rescued by the Carpathia while her sons died at sea

Now at number 2 is Futility 14 years before the Titanic set sail, the author Morgan Robertson wrote a novella called Futility about a ship sinking That ship was called the Titan and the whole story had eerily similar details to the titanic In the story the Titan is the largest ship of its time and so was the Titanic in reality, they were both roughly the same size the titanic being 25 meters longer, both were described as unsinkable and both hit an iceberg mid april Both ships even carried the bare legal minimum number of lifeboats aboard despite having a shit ton of passengers so there was just a lot of similarities that made you think what

I mean even the names of both ships are 2 letters off for gods sake Morgan was accused of being psychic but he replied saying i know what im writing about thats all He was an experienced seaman, he knew his subject matter and thats all it was And although i believe Morgan its still just so creepy And finally at number 1 are The Navratil brothers

Also known as the Titanic orphans, this one is equally sad and equally scandalous Michel Jr and Edmond Navratil were going through sort of a rough time for any 3 and 2 year old Their parents had gotten separated in 1912 and their mum Marcelle had full custody of them but would let their dad Michel see have them on weekends When she went to pick the boys up after Easter weekend she found the house empty and the boys nowhere to be found Michel had kidnapped the boys, and boarded the Titanic in hopes of immigrating to the US and starting a new chapter with his kids and genuinely hoping his ex wife would follow

The 3 came on as second class passengers with fake names, Dad as Louis M Hoffman and the boys as Lola and Momon When the ship was going down, Michel put his kids in collapsible boat D and sadly did not survive the sinking Since the boys were young and spoke no english they couldnt identify themselves and were dubbed the Titanic orphans until their mother was finally located and she took them back into her care They were the only children that survived the titanic that were rescued without a parent or guardian present And thats it for todays video guys! Hopefully you guys didnt know most of these secrets before this video because if you did then clearly they werent secrets at all but well known facts

Lemme know what you thought in the comments below, honestly i think i may rewatch the movie tonight for some nostalgic shits and giggles As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you next time Byee

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