Top 10 Scary Titanic Premonitions

The Titanic was deemed an unsinkable ship and left for its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912 It left from Southampton and picked up more passengers at ports in France and Ireland before heading across the Atlantic ocean

The crew of the titanic alone was 900 people, and with the addition of passengers the total load was over 2200 people The life boats only accommodated for 1200 people The Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank on April 15, 1912 Before the collision, some people sa or sensed it coming A premonition perhaps

Hey most amazing fam, it’s your host Abbey here Today’s video is Top 10 Scary Titanic Premonitions While we have seen the Titanic fictionalized in the likes of the movie by the same name, real people unfortunately met their end Not just Jack who could have fit on that door So let’s hop into the real stories of Titanic premonitions

Let’s start off with Number Ten, First in Fiction An english newspaper editor named William T Stead was travelling on the Titanic to New York He was going to address a conference at Carnegie Hall, at the request of President William Howard Taft But him boarding the ship was surprising in itself In 1886 he had written a short fictional piece called “How the Atlantic Mail Steamer Went Down”

Like the Titanic, it was about a transatlantic liner that had sunk when carrying many passengers, and lacked lifeboats In the fictional piece, many people drowned He believed it could one day become a reality, and he met his own fate that way as well Next at number 9 we have Beware of water A first class passenger named Edith Corse Evans was returning to New York City aboard the Titanic The cousins she travelled with were a group of sisters and the four women befriended Colonel Archibald Gracie

On the evening that the Titanic struck the iceberg, men on the vessel tried to reassure the ladies that the ship was unsinkable But Edith remembered something a fortune teller told her Edith told the Colonel that her warning from the fortune teller was to beware of water Edith was convinced that the prophecy held some truth Even with that warning, accounts of the disaster say she gave up her seat in a lifeboat for one of the sisters she was traveling with, as her friend had children waiting for her at home

Number X George and Edith Vanderbilt The Vanderbilt couple was set to sail on the RMS Titanic Their footman, Edwin Charles Wheeler even loaded their belongings into the ship two days before it was due to set sail as they were due to travel first class The couple travelled quite a bit to decorate their home with things from around the world But a family member disproved their plan to travel aboard the Titanic They said, so many things can go wrong on a maiden voyage

So, the Vanderbilts rebooked onto Olympic, but their footman Edwin decided to travel on the Titanic, and sadly lost his life when the ship sank Number x Gut feeling Chief Officer Henry Wilde joined the trip across the sea on the Titanic as a last-minute addition to the crew But he was less than thrilled about his assignment He mailed his sister a letter during the ships final stopover in ireland were he said, “I still don’t like this ship…I have a queer feeling about it” And he sadly became a victim of the Titanic sinking

But his addition to the crew might have been a domino effect in the disaster Since he was hired, other officers were demoted and one was let go The one let go was David blair, who took the key to a cupboard with him Probably accidentally, but it was an important key It unlocked the cupboard for the binoculars that were intended for use at the Titanic's lookout

So the crew, as they didn’t break the lock, scanned the open seas without any help Number x Loving life This premonition falls hand in hand with common sense A survivor of the sinking of the Titanic, Renee Harris, claimed that a handsome stranger warned her about the voyage He asked her if she loved life, and she said yes In response he said, Then you will get off this ship at Cherbourg, if we get that far

That’s what I’m going to do He did get off the ship supposedly, but Harris and her husband did not Unfortunately, her husband passed away after she didn’t heed the warning The reason I said it went along with common sense is because the passengers had seen the Titanic nearly collide withThe City of New York Steamer vessel By only 72 inches

It I had seen that, I would’ve hopped off too Number x The Harts The family was one that was on the voyage as second class passengers that planned to start a new life in Winnipeg The child, Eva Hart, remembered her mother Esther, had a bad feeling about the ship Her mother said that deeming the ship unsinkable was flying in the face of God Esther Hart would sleep during the day and stay awake at night incase she heard a bump, and she did

Her vigilance saved her daughter's life and her own The father in the family, gave up his spot for other women and children to flee and gave his coat to his wife for warmth Number x A voice in his head When Alex Mackenzie was walking along the gangway to board the Titanic a voice in his head shared a warning It said he would lose his life if he stayed on the liner He looked around and didn’t see anyone that could be the voice, so he shook it off

But the warning didn’t stop, and he heard the voice a second, and then a third time Each time it was stronger than the time before At that point he decided to turn back and return to his home in Glasgow Scotland Since it was a luxurious maiden voyage with second or third class ticket that he received from his grandparents as a gift, his family wasn’t too happy to see him return But their mood swiftly changed when they heard the news of the disaster

Number X foreboding John Coffey hopped aboard the ship at Southampton since he signed on to serve as a stoker or boiler room foreman for 5 pounds a month He was scheduled for the trip across the Atlantic, but he hopped off during the stop at Queenstown, Ireland His hometown Weeks after the ship met its end, he said it was because he felt a “strange foreboding about the voyage” After that he signed on to work on another ship

For this one, I would not be surprised if this person made their story up to cover up the fact they were hitching a ride home on the ship by working and ditching their contract early Number X Another Edith Edith Rosenbaum AKA Edith Russel was a first class passenger travelling on the RMS titanic She did at one point say the boat was the most wonderful boat you could think of, but she also said she had a feeling she could not get over A feeling of depression and premonition of trouble Edith did survive the disaster along with her musical toy pig

Reportedly the music that came from the toy provided comfort to the fellow passengers as they waited for help on the lifeboat for four hours She continued to travel extensively throughout her life and survived tornadoes, car accidents, and another shipwreck At number X futility Morgan Robertson wrote a book called Futility or the Wreck of the Titan in 1898 Although it was written 14 years before the disaster, and that it was 100 percent fiction, it had many parallels to the real life event It was about the Titan, the largest luxury liner in the world

And yes, the name is already similar But here’s the kicker Robertson wrote that the liner sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg After the event, Robertson denied he had any psychic abilities and that he was working off knowledge alone He knew of shipbuilding trends and the dangers that modern ships then faced

But the similarities are uncanny Both were seen as for the most part unsinkable, were about 270 meters long, could go as fast as 20 knots, and had a barely legal number of lifeboats Both even sank 400 nautical miles away from Newfoundland, Canada, on an April evening I wish the crew of the titanic had read that book And that is the Top 10 Scary Titanic Premonitions! I myself have only been on small boats on short trips, since I would rather stay as safe as can be

I consider flying alright because its short term Boat trips are longer and I see that as more time for possible failure Like, cmon, after a list like this I’m not exactly excited at the idea of hoping on a big boat and setting sail But let me know if you have been on a big boat like this, what is was like, and if anything spooky happened I would love to hear about it

And while you are sharing that will me down below be sure to like comment and subscribe and hit that notification bell to be notified whenever we post I’ve been your host Abbey Kelly and until next time, have a good one!

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