Top 10 Scary Times Kids Were Found Living In The Wild

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Ive always been so fascinated with stories about kids found living in the wild, like it always baffled me on how they survived as long as they did

I know in most cases theyre being raised by animals and that was how they did it but for stories where that isnt the case im like?? Im barely surviving on my own and im not even in the wild Im pampered by civilization I just outed myself as a pussy to be honest So with that revelation, these are the Top 10 Scary Times Kids Were Found Living In The Wild Starting us off with number 10 is John Ssebunya aka the monkey boy

John ran away from home at the tender age of 3 years old back in 1988 After witnessing his father murdering his mother he was terrified he was next so he thought his best bet was to run into the ugandan jungle and so he did His fathers body was found hanged later on after he had committed suicide while John was still in the jungle now being cared for by a bunch of vervet monkeys John can even recall the monkeys coming up to him initially offering him roots and nuts, some sweet potatoes They were quite wary of him at first but when they realised he was a harmless baby they took him under their wing and taught him how to travel and climb trees and search for food

Now Uganda was in the midst of a very bloody civil war at the time so people were barely going into the jungle A year later a woman called Millie was looking for some firewood when she ventured too far into the jungle and came upon a pack of monkeys and John Mille brought him back to her village and fed him hot food which made him horribly sick He had tapeworms and wasnt in good conditions and doctors agreed he wouldve died soon if he hadnt been found He was sent to an orphanage where they spent 10 years trying to assimilate him back into society

He wasnt housetrained, his nails wer elong and curled, his knees were white from travelling on them but now he can walk on 2 feet, play football, take pictures and so forth But the one thing he still cant do is answer emotional questions Coming in at number 9 is The Wild Girl of Champagne(shawn-paanee) In 1731, Marie-Angélique Memmie Le Blanc walked into a village wearing animal skin and a wooden club She was anywhere from 10 to 19 years old at the time but she was abnormally strong

When she ran back into the trees and locals lured her back out she spoke only through animalistic squeaks and ate only raw meat that she skinned herself Shed usually kill something on the spot and eat it and showed a lot of rapid sideways eye movement which is what people do after theyve lived in a state of permanent alertness According to a few sources, she was brought to France from Canada and reached Marseille smack dab in the middle of the bubonic plague epidemic That shouldve killed Marie but it didnt because she ran away walking thousands and thousands of kilometers into the forest Shes the only feral child in history to have survived 10 years in the wild without any irreversible deterioration of mind or body

Surprisingly she wasnt raised by wolves or any kind of animal she survived completely on her own She would use her club and other things to fight off wolves around her When she was brought into society she actually ended up learning how to read and write and speak french She went on to become a nun and died moderately wealthy So honestly that was the best glow up if i ever saw one

At number 8 we have Dina Sanichar The year was 1872, the location was the jungle of Uttar Pradesh A group of hunters were going through the jungle when they stopped for a pack of running wolves, but the last wolf was strange Strange because it was a small child running on all fours As their curiosity peaked by this, they set a fire at the cave the pack was at and smoked them out killing all but the child

Which firstly is heartbreaking you cant just kill the pack cus you want the kid like they helped raise him they protected him and helped him survive Either way after they captured him they took him to a mission run orphanage where he was baptised and given the name Sanichar Father Erhardt the missionary who ran the place said the boy was crazy a lot of the time but would show signs of being able to judge things He only ate meat and would always sharpen his teeth on bones He wasnt mute but he still couldnt talk instead making animal noises to communicate

He didnt really bond or care about anyone except another feral child that was brought in they became very attached and Sanichar was really protective of him Teaching him things like drinking out of a cup and not what I think its the fact both spent their formative years in the animal kingdom or with animals in the wild so it was easier for them to relate to animals Aka each other

He spent the rest of his short life at the orphanage and despite being there for 20 years he didnt become any more human He could walk on two feet but preferred being on 4, dressing himself was the hardest task and he would still smell all his food before eating it and continued only eating raw meat The only human like thing he adopted was chain smoking Filling our number 7 slot is John of Liege (lee-eja) The first ever case of a feral child recorded in english

During the 17th century villagers in Belgium saw some thing moving around with their pigs and cows at night They wanted to capture it but it kept evading all their traps until one fine day When they realised the creature was a human Apparently John was quite young when soldiers came into his village and everyone fled into the woods But John ran deeper into the woods than everyone else and despite hearing voices calling his name he dismissed them as the soldiers’ voices and stayed hidden

And for some odd reason John just stayed in the forest for years and simply lived off fruits and roots The winter he was found he was hiding among farm animals to share their warmth cus that winter was canada level bad When he was found he lost the ability to communicate and didnt know how old he was but his sense of smell had heightened Like a dog he could smell roots and fruits that were quite far away One woman felt quite bad for him and decided to semi adopt him and John got so attached to her he would follow her scent when she went to work and try and find her

But over time he did acclimatize to society and learned how to speak again and lost his crazy sense of smell Now at number 6 is the Leopard Boy Back in 1912 in a remote indian village, a 2 year old boy was taken away by a leopardess And i dont know if taken away means she kidnapped him or he was just out alone and she adopted him Either way the boy spent 3 years living in the jungle with this leopardess as his mum until she was shot by a hunter

The hunter found her 3 cubs defenseless, one of them being this now 5 year old boy After a lot of searching he was returned to his family but the years in the wild had obviously changed him He would only either squat or run on all fours but even that he did it faster than a man running on 2 feet His toes were bent upright like right angles almost, his knees were covered in hard callouses and his toes, fingers and palms were covered in this strange tough horny skin He fought with anyone that approached him and would only growl

He did learn how to speak later on in life and walk on 2 feet but unfortunately became blind from cataracts soon after And that was the end of leopard boy Coming in at number 5 is Peter the Wild Boy short and to the point i like it Originally from Hanover Peter was found in the woods near Hamelin (hamlin) back in 1725

We literally know nothing about Peter, no idea who his parents are or where he came from, no idea how long he was living in the woods for, all we know is that he survived by eating flora, he walked on all fours and it was impossible to teach him how to speak Now he was found in the forest by a group of hunters led by George I whos daughter in law the princess of wales wanted him to be transported back to Britain So off Peter went to Britain where the princess tried her best to get him doctors and teachers to educate him But alas that failed After that the princess got over her new play thing and he was put under the care of one of the queen's bedchamber women and then to someone else after she died and so forth

In the summer of 1751 Peter actually escaped from the farm he was living on and it was only months later he was found A parish caught fire and there was one inmate that gained a lot of attention for letting out animal sounds and seeming orangutan ish and obviously twas Peter They returned him to the farm where they then made a leather collar for him like a dog in case he ran away again but he didnt and ended up dying at the age of 70 At number 4 is The Boy Who Kept Running Victor of Aveyron was a feral child who was found at what people speculate was 12 years old

Somewhere around the going through puberty age According to Jean Marc Gaspard Itard at birth Victor was a normal child but after being continuously neglected by his alcoholic parents he ran away into the woods in Aveyron He was spotted there in 1794 and 3 years later a few hunters spotted him but were unable to catch him since he climbed a tree They did eventually get him and brought him to a nearby town where a widow offered to take care of him but he said eff that and escaped again He was spotted on and off after that but then in January of 1800 he came out of the woods on his own accord

He couldnt speak at all, he was covered in scratches and bruises and only liked a certain type of food Jean Marc was a medical student that basically adopted Victor and published reports and studies on him He wanted to educate him and assimilate him into society and he spent his whole life trying to do just that Victor refused to be bathed or touched and would burst into violent outbreaks often but he had acute hearing he wouldnt bat an eyelid if he heard a gunshot but a walnut cracking? His ears would perk up like a cat

Jean Marc helped him out of all that but he never got past a rudimentary level of learning He did have some emotional understanding, when the housekeeper was crying over the loss of her husband Victor stopped everything he was doing and displayed consoling behaviour towards her He died at the age of 40 Filling our number 3 slot is Oxana Malaya Born in November of 1983 in Ukraine, Oxanas parents were huge alcoholics and negligent as hell

They simply could not and did not care for her so much so that one night when she was 3 years old they left her out in the cold and had no idea they did She crawled around on the streets and saved her own life by finding a dog kennel nearby and crawling inside and falling asleep she was found living in the kennel in 1991 after being with the feral dogs for 6 years She ran on all fours, bared her teeth and barked when she felt threatened, panted with her tongue out when she was happy and took care of her hygiene like a dog would The only sort of communication that she could muster was yes and no

social services brought her to a foster home for the mentally disabled and she went through years of therapy and education and it worked By adulthood she had learned to speak fluently and well, she lessened her dog behaviour and now works at a farm and even has a boyfriend Now at number 2 is Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja At 7 years old, Marcos was sold to a goat herder by his father for money and so the herder brought him to the cave he lived in When the goat herder died Marcos lived alone in the cave and would trap rabbits for food just as the goat herder had taught him

One rainy night he found shelter in a cave where he slept with a bunch of wolf pups and soon befriended the adult wolf who often gave him food He continued living wild till 1965 when the Civil Guard found him after 11 full years of living in complete isolation They forcibly moved him by gagging him and he was obviously howling like a wolf When he met his father again the only thing he said to Marcos was that he was angry that he had lost his jacket I hate him so much i would kill the dad

He was then taken in by nuns and priests who taught him how to eat and talk and dress again which i dont know how he did after spending that long in the wild but wow kudos to them Marcos was snaked a lot and scammed by people since he had little to no financial and cultural sense These days hes sponsored by a Dutch family and often talks at city councils and organisations about his experiences And finally at number 1 is Shamdeo Back in 1972 in a forest in India, a 4 year old boy was found playing with a group of wolf cubs and was basically just acting like them

A little wolf cub in his own right He had extremely long hooked claw like fingernails, sharpened teeth, calloused hands and knees and bizarrely enough he craved blood He loved chicken hunting for some reason and had closer friendships to jackals and dogs than he did to any human throughout the course of his life When he was found he was taken to the village of Narayanpur where he never learned to speak but he did learn sign language It took the villagers 5ever but they managed to wean him off raw meat and blood and only actual human meals

Which if you think about it is just cooked meat If we’re being honest lol By 1978 he was moved to Mother Teresas Home for the Destitute and Dying in Lucknow There he went from being Shamdeo to becoming Pascal Like hello you cant keep renaming the poor boy, he already has enough things on his plate

And thats it for todays video guys! There are just so many cases of kids living in the wild its actually insane And how they learn the behavioural aspects from animals is so interesting like my mind is blown but i also took psych so i know how it comes about still Lemme knwo what you thought below and as always im your host Ayman hasan and ill catch you in the next one Byeee

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