Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Animals are crazy intuitive, they may do stupid ass stuff sometimes like when my cat slaps anything in her path

Literally once i was cutting salmon to bake it and she just came and slapped it Like why? I dont get it But slapping salmon aside animals can sense things that we simply cannot Their senses are heightened, their vision is probably better and i'm sure they have a ghost 6th sense Dogs have been known to bark at thin air when really it probably wasnt nothing it was probably a bloody ghost that Spot was tryna save your ass from

Yes you are a good boy Spot Anyway these are the Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil Starting us off with number 10 is The Dog Suicide Bridge Overtoun Bridge is located near Dumbarton Scotland and it has quite a dark history attached to it Located near the bridge is the manor where Lady Overtoun lived

After her husband died she never truly got over her grief and many believe she walks along the bridge located on their property Many believed the couple used to experiment with alchemy and that visitors always felt a weird sensation when they crossed the bridge like they entered some dark overwhelmingly depressing forcefield After his death that bridge was never the same, people claim they feel jabs in their back as they cross it and the sudden compelling urge to jump to their deaths In 1994 a man threw his 2 year old son off the bridge because he believed he was the devil and then jumped off himself but survived And if we feel it then dogs definitely feel it even more

Around 50-100 dogs have jumped off this bridge to their deaths, some get injured on landing but most die straight away Thats too many dogs all jumping to their deaths for it to be a coincidence Humans may have more of a sense to resist these suicidal thoughts prompted by Lady Overtoun but dogs wont hence they jump off Coming in at number 9 is The Man I never said evil would be restricted to just ghosts and the paranormal guys

Dont stereotype this video like that Dogs not gonna lie are very easy to please legit They like almost everyone that are nice to them but they do tend to have good intuition about people and this story proves that more than anything The owner of this sweet dog is anonymous but she goes on to say this happened when her dog was about 2 years old Personality wise the dog was happy to see all guests whether she had met them before or not

Shed be excited and cuddly, her tail wag-o-meter would be breaking and thats how it was with everyone Well not everyone One day the persons brother and his colleague visited the house and their dog cracked Her fur stood on end she would not stop barking and she looked like she was about to knaw this guys face off Mind you this dog had never shown any sign of aggression before now and she would not calm down till the guy finally left

The owner and her brother apologised to the coworker they werent used to the dog acting this way Little do they know a few months later that same coworker was arrested for several counts of rape and sexual assault At number 8 we have The Panter This story was shared by an anonymous person titled Citizen They said that she lives in a well documented haunted house and all the dogs shes had over the last 6 decades have sensed things in the house

Their current dog loses it everyday at 8pm Its like her scheduled freak out She stares into their dining room at first and shakes uncontrollably, starts panting like crazy, she tries to climb onto the owners neck and chest or hides behind a chair for protection Poor pup my heart The owner was well aware of what the dog may be reacting to having lived in that house so long they probably saw their own fair share of ghostly sightings

The owner decided to do some more sensitivity recordings which uses a device that may pick up on sounds and waves that we cant hear When she did it she hear loud booms in quick succession amongst a crowd of different voices Every so often a mans voice would yell super loud but the actual house would be quiet They would just be hearing it on the device and the dog would always start panicking when she would hear the man shouting The owner was convinced this meant there was some evil spirits haunting her house and giving their dog hell

Filling our number 7 slot is Lucy Quora user Stephanie Black shared this story of her terrier mix Lucy Now Lucy would follow Stephanie all around the house as most dogs usually do, and she liked sleeping right in the middle of Stephanie's bed for like 20 hours a day I swear pets have no worries in the world Either way on this day Steph was in the bathroom and she could see into the hallway and saw Lucy come down the hallway towards the bedroom but just as she reached the border she stopped in her tracks

Her smile vanished and despite Steph calling out Lucys name her eyes never flinched She kept looking in front of her and then started whining like someone was hurting her and then lay down on her stomach She then stood up and put her paws up on the threshold between the hallway and the bedroom like her paws were on someone Steph called for her again, still nothing, now she was worried so she went right next to the area Lucy was staring at but Lucy eyes would not move from this spot She whined even more like she wanted to move but couldnt

Again steph called her and again she couldnt move Now steph was like screw this, she looked at the area her dog was looking at and told them look idk who you are but this is my dog not yours so you better let her go and never do that again and just as she said that Lucy jumped back onto her feet and frolicked over to Stephanie like nothing happened Now at number 6 is Amos Ejucaided Redneck shared this story with us His dog Amos was a really good natured dog and was always welcome in any liquor store the user went into

The user goes to this one store a lot where most of the customers are college students who get a bit scared when they see Amos on the other side of the store One day a customer walked in that the user had never seen before and Amos went on full attack mode like his life depended on it He lunged for the person and the user stepped in in time and grabbed his collar and shouted at him to stop Amos stopped his attack but the whole time the guy was in the store Amos would not stop growling at him And that was legitimately the first and last time thus far Amos had ever acted like that

When the customer finally left, the user assumed Amos would be kicked out of the store but the bartender told the user how Amos is a great judge of character because the guy he was barking at used to get violent with the bartender and other customers and would often steal from different shops The customer never came back to the liquor store after that and so i think Amos did a job well done sussing out that bad egg Coming in at number 5 is Zoey Youtuber Zack Clark uploaded a 4 minute video onto his channel of his dog Zoey barking at something he couldnt see The dog was visibly upset and fixated on something in the house she clearly didnt want being there

She sniffs around for a bit and just stares at a spot above the dining table and starts barking and growling at it She even gets scared of whatever it is and starts barking away Loyal as dogs are Zoey then just paces in front of Zack almost standing in between him and this spirit or ghost and protecting him Dogs really are a mans best friend Even after the growling stops you can see Zoey continuously sniffing around for the ghosts scent cus obviously it doesnt have one but to dogs everything and everyone has a scent so shes probably like mind blown

At number 4 is The Dog Circle This sounds like a dog cult story but i assure you it isnt Whitney Ware shared this story with us and claimed she had a coworker that was convinced a poltergeist was following her She shared all her evidence and experiences with Whitney but Whitney still had her doubts The coworkers was also a dog groomer who had multiple dogs of her own and one day Whitney went to the kennels and saw all of the coworkers dogs standing in a circle barking at something or some entity in the middle

They all were moving in unison like they were following something will continuously yapping away They seemed to be interacting with it and trying to get it as far away from the coworker as possible Honestly i dont know the last time a group of dogs just got into a circle and barked into it unless they were trained to do that Im pretty sure these dogs werent trained to do that because it sounds like the dumbest trick in the world to teach and so on that note, Whitney if you dont believe your friend at least believe her dogs Filling our number 3 slot is The Ouija Board

This story comes from a man who was recalling this story from his youth Him and his best friend like messing around with ouija boards quite often and one day they went to his friends house and connected with a spirit called John it was all well and good and they decided to take the party back to his house and call John again The storyteller had a little shih tzu at home who was quite old so it basically just slept and ate the day away When they got to the last letter of John the dog started barking like mad jumping up and down continuously while staring into blank space

It was like it was hypnotised by something and was in a trance They couldnt get the dog to stop jumping up and down and it wouldnt calm down When she finally stopped jumping it was attack mode She kept lunging forward and attacking something the boys couldnt see Whatever it was seemed to be the thing that had had control over her moments before and she wasnt happy about it

The boys quickly told John to go away and the poor dog calmed down again After that they actually burned the Ouiji board and never played with it again Honestly if this ghost John doesnt like dogs he was probably evil Nah im kidding you dont have to be evil to not like dogs but it adds to our story doesnt it Now at number 2 is Charlie and Stanley

Nina Lon has 2 pugs who are her and her sons ultimate protectors One night they were fixated on something in her bedroom doorway and when Nina looked there she saw a shoulder and black trouser leg pass the door The dogs started barking like crazy but wouldnt get off the bed As if they wanted to attack or do something but they were just too scared Nina tried to ignore it hoping it was a trick of the light but she knew it wasnt and the fact her dogs were freaking out confirmed that for her

A few nights later she was in bed at 3am when her dogs started looking at something at the foot of her bed she thought it was just a bug or shadow or something but all of a sudden her bed started shaking uncontrollably Her dogs started running around the bed barking howling crying, at first Nina thought it was an earthquake or something but then was like i live in the UK this cant be an earthquake The dogs were continuously barking at the bottom right corner of the bed and then they just froze 3 loud knocks on her bed post followed and then the dogs ran onto Nina standing on her chest barking above her protecting her with everything they had

Without time to get herself together whatever it was that had a hold on her bed and her dogs ceased and the dogs went back to being normal But what a ride omg i honestly wonder what the dogs sensed Probably satan back on his bullshit And finally at number 1 is The Border Collie This story was shared by Juliette who said her border collie is the most lovable dog in the world and im sorry Juliette but im pretty sure everyone in the world with a dog would have to disagree with you on that one and say that no no their dog is the most lovable in the world

Either way like the other dogs on the list shes very social and friendly to the point its a little embarrassing shell slobber on anyone One day Juliette took hfer for a walk and the dog was just running in the woods behind the house She started randomly barking for no reason and when Juliette followed her gaze across a creek next to the woods she saw her neighbours estranged husband standing there The dog was having a growling fit Juliette had never seen his teeth bared as much as they were Now this man wasnt allowed near his wifes house he had recently been arrested at the Canadian border for trying to kidnap his 2 sons

He used to beat his wife and his dog and the one other time her dog met him she growled like crazy then too Obviously her border collie smelled and sensed this man long before Juliette would have and was already on the hunt for blood Honestly this list is really making me appreciate dogs And thats it for todays video! I am a major pet lover you guys, i am definitely a cat lady look at my instagram i literally post stories of my cat all the time she is a princess But i love dogs too theyre adorable and im glad our furry friends have our back against things we cant even protect them from

Lemme know if youve ever had an experience like this with your pet in the comments below it doesnt have to be just dogs either! But as always guys im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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