Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil – Part 2

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Doggos doggos doggos i'm back with another canine video

Gotta have it, gotta love it I feel like everyone should have a pet of some kind may be it a cat a dog a snake yknow so whenever you meet someone new you can just present to your pet and they give you the signal if theyre a good egg or a bad egg Can you imagine? Id love to go on a second date with you but my dog thinks youre a psychopath so thats gonna be a no from me I wouldnt even be mad if i that was me on the other end But either way enough of me, these are the Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil – Part 2

Starting us off with number 10 is Oujia Gone Wrong This one is a hell of a lot so pay attention people This ones from Brandy Kelly who said she has a pitbull mix called Honey and on top of that she lives in a super haunted town in Arizona called Bisbee (biz-bee) Brandys boyfriend was found dead back in 2015 so the dog is all she has but Honey also has a heart murmur and anxiety One night in drunk desperation Brandy tried to contact her boyfriends spirit with a ouija board but ended up contacting a completely different spirit

When asked if it was friendly it pointed to no and thats when Brandy stopped playing And after that point Honeys anxiety went through the roof, they moved house 3 times and no matter what at around 3am every night Honey starts shaking and panting uncontrollably while obsessively staring in one direction Her anxiety makes her murmur worse so the whole situation is horrible Brandy believed that when she was trying to contact her boyfriend she released another evil spirit that attached itself to her ever since Since clearly the house isnt the problem, shes moved thrice and shes still cursed and the dog is still having anxiety attacks over things Brandy cant even see

She even moved into her mums house for a bit where there are no hauntings of any kind but Honey and her mums dog started doing the exact same thing at 3am every night She was convinced this spirit was trying to get her at witching hour at every night and her dog was trying to ward it off as best she could whilst also being anxious as hell What a cute dog like thank you for trying what a lil baby Coming in at number 9 we have The Kidnapping So this ones from redditor BlueMacaw who said one night she was hanging out at her aunts house and her aunt had an 18 month old daughter at the time

1 and a half, just say shes 15, 18 months means nothing to me I dont go around saying im 264 months old do i No one has time for dat quick maths Either way the daughter was playing outside with her 2 older sisters and the aunt was inside washing the dishes

All of a sudden their dog Nana started barking furiously at the window and then bolted towards the dog flap and ran outside The aunt rushed after her to find that a man had pulled over near her daughter and had opened his passenger door and was helping the little girl get into his car This hero ass dog runs to the kid, grabs her by the diaper, rips her out from the guys hand and drags her away from the car We honestly need a slow clap for this amazing dog that saved this girl from a very horrible fate At number 8 we have The Shadow Man

this ones from Tara Ryan who said when she was a teen she was just feeding her german shephard on her porch And to help you visualise the porch was adjacent to the kitchen and the door had a window in the upper part of it Either way as she was feeding him, he started getting really agitated and whining while looking at the window Tara was like what is this and stood up to look through the window into the house and she saw a tall black figure quickly rush around the corner of the kitchen and go into her living room She was so confused on what she just saw she opened the door and the dog ran like the wind after that figure

And keep in mind the dog had been strictly trained to not enter that part of the house but he didnt give a damn at that point evidently She waited at the front door till he came back and he was just acting like nothing even happened 40 years later Taras son asked her if she had ever encountered the shadow man Not knowing what that was, her son showed her a picture and she went pale as she realised thats exactly what she saw in her house all those years ago The dog was so hellbent on catching the thing which speaks volumes

When your dog disobeys his training to go after some shadow man, you let him Chances are hes evil Filling our number 7 slot is The Support Nurse This ones from an anonymous reddit user who said their grandma had to get a support nurse to take care of her The grandma had a cute dog called Lady who usually loved everyone but from the first day this nurse came into the house Lady hated her guts

She would bark at the nurse non stop to the point she had to be forcibly taken out of the room where the nurse was so she wouldnt get violent No one understood Ladys reaction to the nurse since she was nothing but nice Either way the users mum decided to visit the grandma unannounced and she found the nurse screaming at the grandma for wetting herself and Lady was standing in between the nurse and the grandma to protect her The nurse was then fired and reported thank god But wow kudos to Lady for trying to warn the people who visited that like hey shes being mistreated, this lady is freakin evil

Sort it out before I rip out her jugular Thanks I mean i wouldve been fine with her ripping out the nurses jugular but thats me personally Now at number 6 is The Search This story is from Abby Dawson who said shes been living at her mums place for about 2 months now

Before she moved in, her mum told her how the lights and fans would randomly turn off in certain rooms and she had no idea why Abby moved into one of those rooms with her boxer hound mix and started experiencing the same thing Her dog loves people and other animals but one night he started randomly aggressively growling And it wasnt one of those playful ones like when a dogs playing with a toy it was a proper you dont belong here growl Either way he was growling at the window but then started growing at something near the closet despite its door being closed

Then the dog literally lunges at something teeth bared, growling even louder Abby turned the light on but nothing was there, and she kept it on all night but that didnt help The dog kept searching the room all night for whatever he had lunged at and didnt sleep all night Abby was sure that whatever spirit or entity was causing the lights and fans to malfunction was the same thing her dog was trying to attack that night and id have to agree with you Abby Coming in at number 5 is The Cloud

Now this ones from Rachel Foster who said she had just moved into a new place 3 weeks prior and despite moving in recently the house itself was nearly ancient And in her bedroom there was a specific spot near her bed that would creak really loudly if you stepped on it So one night when she was asleep she heard the floorboards creaking which woke her the hell up Lives alone, who the eff is stepping on her floorboards? When Rachel opened her eyes she saw this huge black amorphous cloud floating on the left of her bed going towards the ceiling Thankfully when the creaking began her two dachshunds (dacks-unds) leaped out from under the bed covers and starting barking at the cloud like their lives depended on it

And i mean they could have They just started at the cloud shadow and barked incessantly and 30 seconds later it disappeared through the ceiling And as soon as it did the dogs stopped barking and got back into bed Mission complete really And i love how these tiny sausage dogs were gonna fight off this thing

Like thats the confidence i aspire to have going through my life At number 4 is The Hero this one warmed my heart but simultaneously made me hate creepy guys more than usual so lets have it This story comes from Christine Traynor who said one day last year she felt too lazy to walk her german shepherd properly so she took him to a dead end lane opposite her house to just run around The lane had a lot of grass and when he was in there you couldnt see him at all

They were there for about 5 minutes before a car with 2 guys drove past the lane slowly and then reversed and came down the lane They stopped the car in a way that blocked Christine from getting out and the look on their faces was thirst Christines heart dropped because she was like theyre either gonna beat me or rape me or both But outta nowhere her dog flew out of the grass and jumped across the bonnet of the car It landed on one of the front windows and then tried to rear up at the open window and started growling at the guy in front

Freaked out by this massive german shepherd the guys backed up asap rocky and left the driveway Christine was so grateful to her dog she actually started crying which i'm not even surprised about She said shes owned german shepherds for years and dogs usually sense somethings wrong straight away and act accordingly and i mean judging by this story you have a superman dog on your hands That is a GOOD boy i hope he got a lot of treats after that Filling our number 3 slot is The Crazy Attack Dog

This is actually another story about the dog Lady who dealt with that evil support nurse at number 7 But this one took place when Lady was a puppy So the reddit users mum was walking Lady one day when a random stranger pulled over next to her and asked her for directions The guy just kept talking and talking and it wasnt even about directions at this point, they were more personal invasive questions and the more he talked the more visibly anxious Lady became The man then tried to force the users mum into his car and Lady freaked out and went to his side of the car and started scratching his car so aggressively that the paint starting coming off with her nails

And remember that shes a puppy their nails are pretty harmless so you can imagine how hard she mustve been trying for her to chip the paint Either way the man gave up and shouted at Lady calling her a crazy attack dog and then drove off But the key point here is that Lady was anxious from the moment he pulled over not just when he started getting creepy I swear this dog literally deserves a medal Been protecting her homies as a lil pupper and as an old one

Now at number 2 is The Herd this one blew me away honestly this series is really making me love dogs even more its a problem Either way redditor Dananddog clearly a dog person said that he was walking his two German shepherds Magee and Magraw out in a forest when the dogs started acting really weird Magraw usually frolicked along in front of him but that day he was attached to the users side and started growling towards the trees 2 seconds later Magee comes running out of the bushes and the two dogs take a protective stance around the user so ones behind him and ones in front of him

And since the user was knowledgeable about forest ongoings he had a feeling he was being herded by something The next day reports came in saying that a group of mountain lions had been in the area he was in the day before I think this needs a round of applause honestly, these 2 dogs were about to face off with a group of mountain lions Who wouldve even won in that scenario? German shepherds are big and theyre strong but i mean mountain lions I have to go with the lions im afraid but they did manage to protect the user and get the lions to leave him alone so i mean thats a win for the dogs

And finally at number 1 is The Meat Hook This one is so horror movie level creepy except theres a dog involved Like usually dogs are in like cute romcoms and stuff like horror just isnt their genre Either way reddit user peachyred said that she works at a hotel and one night she was doing the overnight shift The hotel was located in a place in town where it was on the border of the nice part and shady part of town

Either way sometimes shady characters would come in, linger and then get kicked out That night the security staff was understaffed and the one on duty had just gone to the bathroom It was 2am and the user was walking back to the lobby after taking towels to one of the rooms Before she got there though she encountered this dirty looking man carrying a meat hook with some sort of red liquid on it It didnt look like fresh blood it was definitely dried but he was smiling and just coming right for her

She had no idea what to do so and she was just about to shout for her pitbull who was behind the desk but the dog was 3 steps ahead of her It had already run out fast and furious and was stalking this guy and baring its teeth The guy took another step towards her not knowing the dog was behind him and the dog lunged and bit the guys leg until he kicked the dog and ran out of the lobby The user genuinely thought this guy was going to kill her with this meat hook but worry not my friend, pitbull to the rescue And thats it for todays video guys! I feel like these cases were somehow a lot more dramatic than the stories in part 1 but im not mad at it

Im actually pumped right now by all these hero dogs its making me wanna get one but my little princess of a cat is already a handful Love you doe Either way lemme know what you guys thought below i really wanna know and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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