Top 10 Scary Times Airplanes Went Missing In The Bermuda Triangle

It’s no secret that the infamous Bermuda Triangle is one of the world’s greatest mysteries For those of you who want to avoid the triangle at all costs, it’s located in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida

More ships and planes have disappeared here than anywhere else in the world and that’s why the Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil’s Triangle Because of these strange disappearances, people have linked the Bermuda Triangle to paranormal activity or aliens but most investigators blame all of the disappearances on bad weather and human error So which one is truly at fault? Well let’s explore some of the most notable disappearances How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Do Not Wanna Get Lost And welcome back to another most amazing video

Before we get started I want to let you guys know that we are doing a ton of collaboration videos so you’ll wanna stay tuned for those Alright without any more delays, let’s get right to business This is the top 10 Scary Times Airplanes went missing in the bermuda triangle Douglas DC-3 scary disappearance brings us to number 10 It is said that the DC-3 is one of the most reliable aircrafts to have ever been designed and built

You will see a lot of these airplanes flying in Florida, The Carribean and Bahamas because its main job is for island hopping But on December 28, 1948, a DC-3 aircraft took off from San Juan airport and was headed to Miami It was only 50 miles from the south of Florida but the plane was never seen or heard from again It disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle with 28 passengers and 3 crew members on board This was the first time that a DC-3 aircraft disappeared but many others have disappeared since and they all went missing just 50 miles from the Florida Keys

I wouldn’t call that a coincidence I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I’ll be booking a flight that even has the smallest chance of flying over the Bermuda Triangle I mean it's 2019 people, can’t we come up with an alternate flight path? Obviously the Bermuda Triangle is one of life’s greatest mysteries and I don’t think we should be going anywhere near it Unless your life goal is to disappear without a trace then go for it Flight 441 comes flying onto this list in at number 9

This aircraft took off with 42 passengers on board as they made their way from the NAS Pax River Naval Station to Lajes (LAY JES) in the Azores Islands All contact with the plane was lost when they were about 400 miles from the coast Flight 441 never arrived at its destination and it disappeared without a trace Because of this, the disappearance of Flight 441 was one of the most investigated instances of all time They looked into the weather conditions that day and the pilot’s abilities

The weather was pretty typical that day There wasn’t any icing but there were scattered thunderstorms and minor turbulence The plane was equipped with more than enough flotation devices that should have survived but again, nothing was ever found Up next in at number 8 we have a very unusual disappearance Lets travel back to November 3, 1978 when a pilot left St

Croix and was headed towards StThomas to pick up passengers This experienced pilot went on this fight by himself and he has done it a bunch of times Apparently the visibility was good and temperatures were nice and warm Some would say that he had the perfect flying conditions

But during the flight, the control tower advised him that he was headed for a small shower so he should alter his route a bit He made the adjustments and as he was getting close to the StThomas airport, the plane was cleared for landing and the control tower saw the red and green lights blinking from the plane But soon after, another plane took off and the controller couldn’t see the lights from the original plane It had disappeared from the radar and an emergency search effort was put into place but nothing was ever found

Keep in mind that this plane was literally only one mile from landing That is absolutely horrifying The disappearance of a small plane takes us to number 7 This is probably one of the most recent cases of a plane disappearing from the Bermuda Triangle In May 2017, this flight was carrying two adults and two children and it was scheduled to fly from Puerto Rico to central Florida but it never arrived

Miami Air Traffic Control lost radar and radio contact with the airplane just three hours into the flight Rescue crews searched more than 8,200 square miles in over 30 hours but the plane just seemed to vanish out of thin air All four of them most likely lost their lives but because of this mysterious disappearance, so many people are coming up with their own theories about what really happened Some say that aliens are controlling the Bermuda Triangle and they can cause ships and planes to crash And others believe that there is a utopian society located in the Bermuda Triangle and people who find it, never want to leave

Star Tiger comes flying onto this list in at number 6 Back on January 30, 1948, a plane was scheduled to fly from England to Bermuda but it suddenly vanished without a trace They were supposed to arrive by 5:00am the following day but the pilot and 31 other people on the plane were never heard from again In the official report, investigators claim that the heater on the plane was unreliable and it might have failed en route So in order to keep the temperature inside of the cabin warm, the pilot might’ve chosen to fly at a lower altitude which would’ve burned his fuel a lot faster

And if he was flying low, that wouldn’t give him a lot of time to react if he ran into some trouble It’s been 71 years since this plane disappeared and it still remains a mystery Star Ariel comes onto our list in at number 5 This aircraft is very similar to the Star Tiger It left from Bermuda on January 17, 1949 with seven crew members and 13 passengers

It was en route to Jamaica but no one ever predicted that they would become another casualty of the Bermuda Triangle Apparently the pilot reported that they flight was going smoothly but shortly afterwards, the captain said that he was changing his frequency and he was never heard from again A search and rescue team was sent out to look for them but nothing was ever found After this aircraft disappeared, British South American Airways stopped the production on the Tudor IV planes because they clearly have a bad track record of mysteriously disappearing over the Bermuda Triangle Here’s a crazy idea, instead of stopping the manufacturing of these planes, how about you don’t fly into a place that eats planes whole? I think that would be a safer bet

Number 4, we have the mysterious disappearance of a Trislander A small 3-engine aircraft was set to depart from Santiago to New York On December 15, 2008 and it was carrying 12 passengers on board But the unthinkable happened just 35 minutes after the plane took off It disappeared from all radars and no one was able to track down its location The US Coast Guard initiated a massive search and rescue mission but the plane was never found

There wasn’t even a trace of the plane or even a small piece of wreckage It’s last known location was 4 miles west of West Caicos (KAY COS) Island But sadly, we will probably never know what happened to those 12 people on board and their disappearance will remain a mystery forever Maybe aliens had something to do with it… Moving on to number 3 C-54 Skymaster The C54 took off from Bermuda on July 3, 1947 and it was intercepted by a massive thunderstorm

A lot of investigators and researchers blame the storm for the planes disappearance, but there is a lot more to the story The real question is, why did this plane head straight for the eye of the storm, when it could have easily avoided it? The C54 was a military aircraft that was capable of carrying 85 passengers On the day of the flight, there were 5 crew members and a very skilled pilot Soon after it took off from Bermuda, the plane started to go off course but the pilot and the navigator on board weren’t aware of this As a result, it was headed straight for the storm

It headed in this direction for a long time until the ground radio operator heard a chilling SOS distress call but ignored it Some debris was found but they quickly blamed the storm for crashing the plane I don’t know, it sounds like something fishy was going on herebut I guess we will never know what truly went down that day Flight 201 makes an appearance on this list in at number 2 The aircraft left Fort Lauderdale on March 31, 1984 and it was supposed to land on Bimini Island in the Bahamas but it never made it Despite the heavily experienced crew and pilot, something terrible went wrong Half way into the flight, the plane slowed down significantly but no radio signals were sent and no distress calls were made

Suddenly, the plane crashed into the water and it completely vanished from the radar But interestingly enough, a woman on Bimini island reported seeing a plane crash into the water about a mile from the shore but no wreckage was ever found How is this even possible? There wasn’t even the smallest trace of the plane left behind That just gives me the chills And finally, topping our list at number 1, we have the disappearance of Flight 19

On December 5,1945, five US Navy Bombers took off from Fort Lauderdale for a routine training exercise but they had no idea that they wouldn’t make it back alive The first leg of the exercise went according to plan but shortly afterwards, something strange started to happen The only experienced pilot on the plane radioed to the base saying that both of his compasses are out and he’s trying to find Fort Lauderdale He was sure that he was in the Florida keys but he didn’t know how far down he was Take a look at this picture

The yellow part is the flight path that they should’ve taken, the purple path is where the pilot thought he was and the red shows you where they actually flew They are nowhere near each other They believe that the pilot became extremely disoriented and one of the trainees said that if we would just fly west, we would get home As it turns out, he was right but because the experienced pilot was stubborn, they became another victim of the infamous Bermuda Triangle Oh and the rescue plane that went to go find them also disappeared just 20 minutes after take off

Well there you guys have it…

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