Top 10 Scary Things That Would Happen If The Terminator Was Real

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena James Cameron is involved with Terminator again and I couldnt be happier, were going to have explosions, robots, chicks with guns and a whole bunch of people dying in crazy ways

This movie is going to SLAAAAP, im so pumped for it If theres anything I love its senseless violence put on a massive screen for my viewing pleasure Well its nice being on this side of the action but what if the murderous metal man from the future was real! Well you dont need to wonder anymore beacause Im bringing you todays list of Top 10 Scary Things That Would Happen If The Terminator Was Real As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook

And stick around for the whole list because Im going to include some amazing moments from the terminator series And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 An Endless War against Machines If you know anything about the terminator movies you know that its all about machines fighting a war against humans to wipe us all out and take over the planet Im guess living in peace and playing video games together was never on the table So if the dark future was to come into fruition then you better have a gun in your hand and know how to use it because the Terminators are coming and they dont take prisoners

We would be up against an enemy that dosent sleep, eat or bang but can reproduce faster than college kids at Mardi Gras The robots would have an endless supply of heartless durable soldiers that are constantly learning and able to adapt to any situation And humans would have, a strong spirit Its not looking good for us guys I just hope they would still be susceptible to computer viruses because if we cant take them out like that you better believe that were all gonna end up a smoldering pile of ash

9 Skynet take over Alright for anyone who doesnt know about skynet, This is the neural network that controls the terminators Basically an all powerful AI that has the ability to hack into almost any software and take control over it It is Skynet becoming self aware that causes the fall of mankind Basically a program realises that its smarter than everyone, takes over, and then tries to kill every last thing on the planet Well every last human, I have no idea what skynets opinion on dogs are

Skynet becomes self aware it immediately hacks into everything digital, so this would mean every computer, phone, smart tv and military system hooked up to the internet would now be controlled by skynet Skynet would have all your nudes and screw up your spotify suggestions in seconds Not to mention weaponize every tesla on the road and delete all your illegally downloaded movies It would be a catastrophe 8 Nuclear In terminator 2 the T-800, played by arnold Shwarzennegger, informs everyone that the first move that skynet dose after taking over the american digital network is launch nukes over to light up russia

This is because Skynet knows that russia will launch over nukes in a counter attack, killing millions of people and seriously crippling americas infrastructure This will make it easier for skynet to move and start ripper everyones chests open with shotguns This means if the Terminator was real you could count on a nuke killing you or a bunch of the people you love, or if your luck both Lets face it, in the robot apocalypse your gonna want to be one of the people who get killed off right at the beginning You dont want to stick around until things get bad and your having to fight for life everyday on an empty stomach

7 Just General Destruction If the Terminator was real, the percentage of explosions you experience is shooting through the roof Like think about how many explosions you experience in a day, or even your life Some of you might be non, maybe a couple in a year if you work for the bomb squad, but if we had terminators walking around It would be explosion central, kaboom over here, a blast over there Almost every day youd be on your way to work and there would be a road closed down because some terminator blew it up

Then you come home from work and someone drove a truck into your apartment building and you cant get up to your place, so you call your parents to stay with them but their stay at a motel because a terminator shot an RPG into their living room You wouldnt everything in your life would be put on hold because these damn terminators are treating your town like a destruction derby Like I you finally work up the courage to ask out that girl at the coffee shop but they she cancels on you because she got incinerated by a terminator 6 Human augmentation This kind of walks the line of super cool and terrifying If you have seen the trailers for the new terminator movie you know that there is now augmented super humans in the universe

Which might be so cool, give me some cool ass cyborg part that will make a hit at parties What no one remember to bring a bottle opener? Well good thing I got one in my arm baby, give me that corona But this also means, if you get some of these amazing body mods that make you faster, strong and probably sexier Your going to be on the front lines fighting and endless slue of robotic overlords It would be cool getting abilities do to stuff like this But that means your the first to get attacked and you can also be repaired

They could scoop you off of the battlefield after nearly dying, but a couple screws in you and then send you back out to nearly die again Not a very fun life 5 Your Dry cleaning bill is going up Basically all the clothes you own are going to get ruined, everyone in the Terminator movies either gets covered with blood or dirt and they usually get a few bullet holes in their favourite jacket That means your entire collection of hypebeast clothing is gonna be destroyed, those gucci shoes, ragged Your supreme sweaters, ripped to shreds

And dont even think about wearing anything white for the rest of your life Its gonna get stained in seconds and it makes it way easier for the enemy to see you All your going to be wearing is rags that you stitched together using your own hair, and if your luck youll get to wash them once a week You better enjoy the days of looking crispy because once Skynet takes over your whole wardrobe is gonna be wartime chic 4 Time Travel This isnt the good kind of time travel, the kind were you get to go back in time and watch the Beatles play or try crystal pepsi Its the kind where machines send killers through time to change the future

If you dont know this about terminator then you have been living under a rock dude The cornerstone of the franchise is the evil robots in the future send a killer robot back in time to kill people who lead the revolution against the robots in the future So in this world time travel is used only for murder Which takes all the fun out of time travel, I always thought that time travel would be used for fun but this is business only time travel Lame dude, thats like only using your smartphone for excel spreadsheets

But this also makes time travel so terrifying because the robots have access to it, and they use it quite often, I mean were going on the sixth movie in this franchise 3 You become a terminator Oof, one of the worst fates that can happen to you In Terminator Salvation, a dude actually becomes a terminator and he is not happy about it A dude goes to sleep thinking hes a normal person, wakes up and still thinks hes a normal person, but then he finds out that hes been a terminator the whole time Its like the sixth sense but with 100 percent more robot penises

Some of you at home might think this is cool, I would love to be a terminator But if you become a terminator that means your mind you could be whipped at anytime, you can be reprogrammed to do people bidding, you would never have free will again Your whole existence would be boiled down to being a tool of destruction You might even turn on your own people, not to mention having an existential crisis of what the hell does life even mean any more 2 You would know who to trust Even though Terminators seem like lifeless turds that would suck to talk to at a party

They are actually amazing at blending in The T 1000 seen in terminator 2 judgement day is made of a liquid metal and and take the shape of any person, this living weapon is a master of disguise and uses its abilities sneak its way into everywhere You could be hanging out with your best friend telling them about how your weekend was, and then bam, they shoot you in the face because they were a terminator the whole time You got prank killed bro, and now you look like a fool and no one will respect you at your funeral On top of possibly getting killed by someone posing a friend or close relative, your anxiety would be through the roof

Imagine how much stress you would feel knowing anyone could be a terminator You would be a wreck dude, you would never be able to sleep, your meditation app would be worthless, which would just lead to less productivity at work It would just be a bunch of unwanted emotional baggage that you dont need right now And for the number one spot we have the worst possible situation that can happen, you are John Connor If you are unaware of good old Jonathan Connor, hes the guy who leads the human revolution in the future, thanks to him mankind has a fighting chance and the Terminators dont like him very much

So they send robots back in time to kill him, this means John Connor spends his whole life being hunted by mechanised assassins that are only programmed to kill him I mean it must be nice getting all that attention but eventually it would be like, give it a rest I get it, you really like me Being John Connor basically combines all the points of this list into one, you know that your destined to fight in massive war to save mankind, which is going to stress you out And your always gonna be dirty because your always at war and you cant have a cell phone because skynet is going to use it to try and kill you You might have to get some body mods to stay alive

Say goodbye to normal life and say hello to all the people you love dying around you to keep you alive so you can save the world Im sorry but I would rather be side character in this story

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