Top 10 Scary Things That Will Happen If The Amazon Rainforest Burns Down

Hey everyone Welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena I mean they tell us every day, the world is dying, climate change is going to kill us, the ice caps are melting and all the polar bears are skinny now

I mean jeez louise can you just let me ignore my problems and continue to consume mindless content like the rest of the world But no really the world is dying and you should be concerned You should be in the bean aisle in costco, stalking up on beans Its protein in a can baby, once the world goes into big time ,Im gonna die mode, and everything descendants into a Mad Max hell, beans are going to be currency Now today Im going to highlight some of the scarier things that might happen with climate change, and the current fire raging in the amazon with todays list of Top 10 scary things that will happen if the amazon rainforest burns down

10 Animals gonna die Yeah Im gonna be super blut on this one baby, if we lose the rainforest a bunch of animals are gonna die and you can say goodbye to biodiversity Theres over 10 percent of the worlds species living in the rainforest, thats a lot bro Imagine your at a party with 100 people and then 10 of those people just catch on fire because everyone else at the party was too careless The party would suck after that, its hard to keep a good time going when 10 people burn to death right in front of you And many of these animals cant just be taken out of the rainforest and then put into a zoo

First of all Zoos are cruel and all of them should be shut down but also these animals need the complex environment of the rainforest to survive Like you cant just take a person from chicago and then go make them live with a bunch of monks in some mountains They wont know the language or know any of the local sports teams It would be traumatizing 9 Medicine Because the amazon has so many different things living inside of it, it has offered us the ability to experiment with some substances that are unique to that area And some of the stuff we can pull out of this massive jungle could be used to make medicine to cure all sorts of diseases

The key to stopping hangovers could be locked away in the lush green Imagine you could party all night and then wake up the next day feeling like you got a full 8 hours even though you only slept for 20 minutes on a buddies couch before you had to go to work Whoever made that discouvery would be hero Its thought that up to one fourth of the world base source for modern medicines would be lost if we lose the amazon Like imagine your at a party with 100 people and 25 of them just catch on fire, now this party forsure sucks and someone please call 911

8 War What is it good for absolutely nothing, but if we dont stop burning down the amazon, people will probably go to war Thats going to be on the billboard top 100 by the weeks end, no doubt about it Well if we keep turning a bunch of trees into ash its going to affect the food supply, air quality and as we mentioned before, medicine for a lot of people And what happens when people run out of food, clean water, clean air and cant get any aspirin Well theyll probably get pretty cranky and very desperate

And when youve got a bunch of cranky desperate people who havent eaten in a long time, your probably going to have an all out war Doing this much damage on the environment is going to have a drastic effect on peoples lives 7 Loss of money I mean if there one way we can try and convince these massive companies to stop tearing down trees is with even more green The main reason that rainforests are being torn down is because the land is converted for commercial use These big companies come through with there big ugly trucks and rip out all the beautiful natural foliage so they can repurpose to those areas for rubber trees, palm oil trees and even cattle grasing eras

I would hate to see what there homes look like, they for sure suck at decorating, they probably took out all the natural like and replaced them with neon framed pictures of their own dicks But what theses companies dont realize is that in the long run they are making way less money Its thought that in the pharmaceutical industry alone the rainforest is worth 150 billion dollars The global rubber industry, even including everything outside of the rainforest, is only worth 26 billion dollars and palm oil is 60 billion The money gained doesnt come close to the amount of money thats being lost

Yall are just being stupid out there man, you gotta think of long term growth 6 Climate Change Yeah we already talk about this in the intro but its kind of a big deal so Im going to talk about it again If we burn down the amazon climate change is going to get worse and then the flood will kill us all, or lack of food, or cannibals Now part of me thinks the government has a carbon gun hidden away in area 51 that can suck all the carbon out of the air and save the planet in like 20 minutes, and that all this climate change stuff is to distract us from the fact that the clintons are powerful enough to kill anyone at anytime But Im not willing to bet all my chips on that yet just yet

For now Im going to hope that by not burning down the amazon will save us And it can, amazon is a carbon carbon sink, which means its sucks a bunch of carbon out of the air The thing is a giant scrub brush for the atmosphere 40 percent of the worlds carbon is absorbed by forests, thats a lot, imagine your at a party with 100 people and 40 of them are actively working to shrink their carbon footprint That would be a pretty woke party 5 The displacement of indiegnous people This is probably one of the saddest parts about this whole list, there are people who have made the amazon their home for centuries and if it burns down where are they suppose to go

That is their land and theyve made a life there that isnt so easily changed you dont go from living in a tribe in the amazon hunting with a bow and arrow, to working at walmart and putting money into a tax free savings account Theres a lot of people who rely on the rainforest to survive, around 31 million people live in or off the amazon The people who live in these areas need this land to live, they need the areas for food and some of them havent been exposed to outside communities Because most of us out there are filthy animals we carry, and have been exposed to, way more bacteria than the people who live in these tribes, so when these indiegnous people come in contact with us sometimes they can die just from the exposure to new diseases that they dont have a natural immunity too Theres not vaccines in the deep dark corners of the rainforest

4 Major Damage to the Ocean If we actually didnt stop the horrific act of burning down the rainforest like joints at a house party then the cabron levels are going to skyrocket, which we kind of already covered But this wont just effect the atmosphere, some of that carbon will get absorbed into the ocean which means the ocean will become more acidic If you dont know what that means dont feel bad, the only reason I know is because I looked it up for this video Now if the ocean becomes more acidic then most animals cant live in there and were going to a mass extinction of sea life Some stuff with be able to survive but so many fish are going to die the horrible death of swimming in an ocean which is too acidic

And if a ton of fish just die out of nowhere Well that will probably lead to famine and every good fish and chips restaurant closing That means no more sushi, no more oyster bars, no more red lobster, I mean red lobster could stay open on their cheddar bay biscuits ALONE Every time I go I eat like 15 of them even though they clog up my colon like concerted in a drain pipe 3 Errostion So if the amazon all gets destroyed theres now going to be this massive plot of land that used to be held together by vegetation

Now that all the vegetation is gone all that land is loose like your stool after taco bell, and what does loose stool do? It flows, oh baby it flows so fast And Thats what all this loose taco bell poop land is going to do This will cause mudslides and a whole bunch of other natural disasters On top of that, the rainforest is what fertilizes the soil, so all this flowing earth will be unfertilized and then smash into farmlands making that soil unusable Basically another situation that leads to a massive famine where we have to become cannibals and eat our friends

2 Evapotranspiration A big word for my little brain, what the hell is evapotranspiration you may ask! Well its when plants give off vapor from their leaves in the process of photosynthesis This goes up into the atmosphere and makes clouds and then comes back down as rain and the whole cycle continues its the Clip 3 But you may think that this is not a big deal, how much water vapor comes off of plants and gets turned into clouds? Well a lot! An acre of corn produces 4000 gallons of water vapor a day and somewhere between 10-15 percent of the water vapor in the atmosphere comes from plants AND this will stretch super far, the decrease in rainfall will stretch as far as the sierra nevada with areas between the amazon and there seeing a possible 50 percent decline in rain Areas like california have already seen the effects of deforestation of the rainforest in the form of drought which has lead to massive fires So not only will we all have to be cannibals but everything will be on fire

1 It wont come back This isnt something you can just fix by planting seeds, the whole thing would be gone for good The amazon rainforest is a delicate ecosystem that was formed 56 million years ago when the world was hot enough to create rain forests So the conditions that it takes to recreate that beautiful ecosystem are gone And we already covered how the soil would be crap, the rain would be gone and all the plants and animals that make a rainforest a rainforest, would be dead So we got one shot at saving this thing guys, lets try to no screw it up

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