Top 10 Scary Things That REALLY Happened On The Moon

Just celebrated 50 years of the Moon Landing Hello and welcome back to the Most amazing channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Moon Lover Felgate and today we are talking Top 10 Scary Things That REALLY happened on the Moon

Sure… my middle name isnt really moon lover, but it should be because I LOVE the moon The moon is my favourite celestial body, which maybe sounds basic as there are some key players out there, but to me it is attainable It lights up my nights sky The visibility and proximity of the moon encouraged humans to actually get off planet earth Before we get into the video… I want to ask if you knew that Google moon is a thing? I literally just discovered it today! You can use google to explore the moon! I love that! Have you explored the moon? Have you spotted anything weird on Google Moon? What do you think REALLY happens up there? LET ME KNOW! Like share sub……

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10 – Moon Bats Are there moon bats?! In 1835 a series of six articles ran in a New York Publication called The Sun Attributed to Astronomer John Herschel, it was said that there were animals living on the moon and they had been discovered via a high powered telescope Of the animals living on the moon, there were said to be bison, goats, unicorns, tailess beavers… I am sorry but beavers are nothing without their whompy behinds… And … none other than bat like winged humanoids who built temples

Sadly, so the article claimed, while these moon creatures had deffffinitely been seen and noted, the high powered telescope they were spotted with was destroyed as the sun had set fire to the big lense and burned down the entire observatorythat definitely existed in the first placeoh no absolutely definitely well real and not in anyway made up to sell news papers Moon bats Here for it 9 – Alien Orchestra On the last mission to the moon before the moon landing, something very weird happened

Apollo ten was sent to space in May 1969 – just a month before the moon landing The mission was a rehearsal orbit head of the landings and it seemed to go smoothly, except for one eerie occurrence It seems that the astronauts onboard Apollo 10 heard some WEIRD sounds as they travelled around the dark side of the moon… Possibly from an alien orchestra The sounds were kept secret for nearly 50 years but were released by NASA in 2016 – have a listen to what the astronauts on the space ship said…

CLIP It was described a wooing soundalien music

It happened at the farthest point of the moon from earth, a part of the moon where the ship has lost contact with Nasa on earth WEIRD 8 – Russia Got There First Yuri Gagrin from the Soviet Union was the first man in space in 1968 Some people believe that the soviets also made it to the moon first but the mission went wrong and the astronauts died so they couldnt chalk up their victory In fact there is an enduring theory that two societ astronauts were lost in space and their existence entirely expunged by Societ Secret Intelligence

Conspiracy theorists claim recordings of the cosmonauts final breaths were caught by listening posts around the world – including by the US Perhaps there are skeletons on the moon… If the bodies didn’t float away 7 – Nothing, it happened in a studio Some people think that absolutely nothing happened on the moon on July 20th 1969 Many people believe that it was filmed in a studio

Some think the studio footage was used only to reinforce the moon landings, as it was a risk as to whether or not cameras would work in the lunar vaccumothers straight up do not believe we went to the moon at all and filmed the whole thing just as a two fingers up to the Soviet Union who were desperate to win the space race Some say that famous film maker Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landing, after doing such an amazing and authentic looking job on 2001 A Space Odyssey, which came out in 1968 6 – Fake Moon Rocks It is thought that the moon rocks brought back from the lunar surface are actually fakes from Antarctica

It is said that Marshall Space flight center directir Wernher Von Bruan went to Antarctica in 1967 in order to gather lunar meteors The conspiracy gets wilder – it seems Von Bruan was forced to to go to Antarctica and collect the fakes because if not the US government would expose his secret past as a leading n 5 – The Flags Turned White This is true! The flags on the moons have turned white! Six US flags have been planted on the moon to date by the six missions that have landed on the lunar surface… but conditions are wild and not all of them are upright, and none of them have retained their colour To be a flag on the moon is to experience pure UV radiation from unfiltered sunlight…over forty years of exposure have ruined them…

it is suspected that the first ever flag planted on the moon in 1969 has turned to ash 4 – The Curse of The Moon Not only do people on earth get superstitious about a full moonit seems that there is a theory out there that the lunar surface itself is cursed, with all those who have stepped on it exposed to bad luck and misfortune

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men on the moon…that we know of anywayand they both struggled to deal with life back on earth

Buzz battled depression and an alcohol addiction His father died, he got divorced three times, got into a legal battle with his children and was arrested for disorderly conduct He left Nasa and got a job selling used cars In 2002, when he was 72, he punched a woman in the face – she was antagonizing him for sure, but unfortunately for him it was caught on camera Neil Armstrong quit Nasa a year after the landing, becoming withdrawn and dishearted as he didnt want to be famous

His daughter died and his marriage fell apart His mother and father died and a year later he had a heart attack He also somehow managed to lose a finger in a truck accident Michael Collins, the third astronaut who never walked on the moon, did the best out of the three – he stayed married, he worked several high powered high paid jobs after and claimed to have had a happy life after returning to earth 3 – The Pyramids Numerous sources have claimed to have picked up images of pyramids on the moon

Weird So called UFO hunter Mark Sawalha claimed that a Nasa image of the Eudoxus crater has a pyramid in it It seems that the Apollo 17 mission of ** may also have inadvertently captured images of a pyramid? What could the pyramid be? Well perhaps number 2 could answer your questions! The Alien Base In the 1820s, the Bavarian astronomer Franz von Paula Gruithuisen claimed to haveseen entire cities on the moon with his telescope – Astronomer Sir William Herschel also believed that there were alien civilizations up there Others think that yes, there is Okay, so where is the evidence…… wellllllll underground tunnels see, to be apparent in images captured by India’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter These tunnels on the dark side were likely the product of tubes of lava flow that created a massive system of caves…

But some people believe that these caves are inhabited by living beings More recently there was an article in the Daily Express – I mean take that with a pinch of salt – that claimed an alien lunar base was visible on Google Moon! Finally coming in to number one we have What Neil Saw As we know Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, delivering the notable phrase : that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind… but what if Neil Armstrong did more than just walk on the moon…what if he saw things… It seems there is indeed a theory that part of reason he struggled to deal with life back on earth was because he was being heavily oppressed by Nasa and the US government because of what he REALLY saw

It seems that the moon landing was initially censored for two whole minutes, and in that time conspiracists say both Armstrong and Aldrin saw UFOS In fact an alledged transcript between Apollo 11 and Nasa has been released during which Armstrong was reported saying: “Those are giant things No, no, no, this is not an optical illusion No one is going to believe this…We saw some visitors They were here for a while, observing the instrumentsthere were other spaceships

They’re lined up in the other side of the crater There they are And there watching us WELL that was the Top 10 Scary Things that REALLY happened on the moon allegedly according to SOME people

I am not sure about a lot of these… But we do love a good theory here at Most Amazing Top10! Comments from Top 10 Scary Things Found in old hotel rooms Brittney smith says she has stayed at a haunted hotelshe wrote: The atikokan hotel in atikokan Ontario canada its 115 years old and haunted and beautiful Rcott Riehle made a good point, they said: I always assumed the scariest things found in a hotel room, can only be seen with a black lighturgh, yeah! Zoe mills was all about my crushed velvet leggings, she said: Holy ravioli I need to find my own pair of velvet leggings because I AM 👏HERE👏FOR👏IT 💕

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