Top 10 Scary Things Secretly Living In Your BODY

Hello everyone whats happening whats gucci! Hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10Starting us off with number 10

The makeup of our bodies are the same, yknow thats textbook bio, we are all around 60% water, 8% blood etc, thats the human body Thats all for todays bio lesson kids till next time No but for real, our bodies are the things that carry us through this life yet they are so fragile Vulnerable to internal dangers and external dangers we really are just walking eggs Ready to crack at any point

But anyway i took that too far lets forget that and get into the video which has nothing to do with eggs This is the top 10 Scary Things Secretly Living In Your BODY Starting us off with number 10 is The Eel back in 2013 a man in China admitted himself to a hospital after a terrible accident I mean no it wasnt exactly an accident but the situation had gotten out of his control lets just say

Apparently, after watching an explicit adult movie he decided to copy it and insert a 20 inch Asian swamp eel into his anus He had to have surgery all night in order to remove it and by the time they did, the eel had already chewed through his colon, perforating his large intestine and getting stuck inside his body cavity And apparently this has happened before Like people do this In 2012 in New Zealand a man had to get an eel removed from his butthole as well and in 2010 a Chinese man even died because his friends put an eel into his anus as a joke

Am i the only one that doesnt find that funny? Like that joke was taken too far Coming in at number 9 is The Pregnant Man Sanju Bhagat was an Indian farmer who was teased his whole life for having a big belly And i dont mean post meal food baby belly i mean the man looked like he was legitimately 9 months pregnant However by June of 1999 his stomach got too much for him to the point it was pushing on his diaphragm and making it hard for him to breathe

He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and doctors assumed it was a tumour that was growing But on the operating table they found something else entirely First the surgeon felt some bones and then he one limb came out, then another, then some genitalia and then hair etc its like he had given birth But doctors discovered that Sanju had fetus in fetu aka he was carrying the mutated body of his twin brother for a whopping 36 years

He had fully grown hair limbs, fingernails, the whole lot The trapped fetus basically survives as parasite even forming a sort of umbilical cord to leech off the body After he was removed, Bhagats weight went from 200 to 88 pounds At number 8 we have is the Botfly Other than when im filming videos i wear glasses all the time and i hate it when people think rain or sand wont get to my eyes cus my glasses are like a barrier and im like no they can get in from the side, i assure you im as exposed as everyone else

But anyway a 5 year old boy in Honduras had the worst luck possible He felt some sort of eye irritation one day and thought it was just dust stuck in his eye, he rubbed it hoping it would come out and went about his day But he eye got super red and eye drops didnt help whatsoever and after a few days it was swollen as hell When he went to the doctor he wanted to operate straight away because he thought it was a cyst or something but it turned out to be an insects egg And the pictures are truly something, please dont look at them while youre eating

Botflies lay their eggs on other creatures and when they hatch the larvae burrow into their host to feed and thats exactly what happened inside this little boys eye But thankfully it was easily removed and the problem ended there Filling our number 7 slot is The Scratching Sound For many days a Chinese woman named Li Meng had been hearing a scratching noise of some kind No one else seemed to be hearing it but her and she was too scared to go to the doctors about it because she thought that it may be evil spirits

She lived with the noise, coping for as long as she could until it became too much and she finally went to the hospital After the examination, doctors found a live spider weaving a web in Lis ear canal and it was found just resting on her eardrum Anytime they tried to pull it out, the spider got upset so they actually had to knock it out with meds and then remove it The thought of having a spider in my ear for even a second let alone days is revolting like ugh i cant even imagine I hate spiders

I just hate them Now at number 6 is Skull for Two So in 2017 Selvi a 42 year old domestic worker in India woke up with a weird discomfort in her head She said she felt a strange tingling or crawling sensation and was hellbent on it being an insect She even said whenever it moved she felt a burning sensation in her eyes

So Selvi decided to go to the hospital when she woke up and they found a fully grown cockroach lodged in her skull base right between her eyes The Doctor assured her they managed to get it out but it wasnt easy It was alive and wanted to stay in her skull it took a combination of forceps and suction to get it out They theorised it mustve entered her nose and bore a path under her skin up to her skull they went on to say theyve had experience removing insects before but a full grown cockroach this big was a first for them

Coming in at number 5 is Turbo So back in the summer of 2013 4 year old Paul Franklin was on the beach with his family when he tripped while running and skinned his right knee I mean kids fall all the time its not really a big deal, and his parents evidently thought the same because they cleaned it and just put a bandaid on it But a few weeks later it got super infected and so the doctors gave him antibiotics thinking it was a staph infection WRONG

The medicine helped with the oozing but now the growing black bump Pauls mum had had enough so she decided to do a home remedy and squeeze the growth And so she did And out came a sea snail who Paul named Turbo And then Paul decided to keep Turbo as a pet and they lived happily ever after

At number 4 is The Fir Tree At least its not an insect this time so you can save your gag reflex Back in 2009 one day 28 year old Artyom Sidorkin complained he had really bad chest pain and then started coughing up blood He went to the hospital and doctors were 100% sure it was a tumour, they even did xrays and were convinced thats all it was and so they decided to proceed with they surgery to remove it But before removing part of the lung the surgeon investigated the tissue and honestly couldnt believe his eyes

Quote on quote he thought he was hallucinating He asked his assistant to look and he also confirmed what the surgeon thought Sidorkin had a 2 inch fir tree in his lung They realised he mustve inhaled a seed at some point which sprouted into the fir tree He was in so much pain because the spruce was touching his capillaries

Artyom was so relieved, he initially thought it was cancer and so was weirdly overjoyed when he was told no no it was just a fir tree Filling our number 3 slot is The Fish From the previous kid who had a sea snail stuck in his knee, we can conclude that kids dont always end up in great situations So back in 2012 12 year old Anil Beral was playing in a river in central india when he accidentally inhaled a 9cm fish 9cm is not small when it comes to something youre swallowing

Anils oxygen levels plummetted understandably and he began struggling for breath When he finally got to the hospital, the fish was fully alive and flapping when doctors performed a bronchoscopy to get it out It was restricting the functioning of both lungs resulting in all of Anils symptoms Either way i dont even know how he inhaled this by accident like 4cm down he couldve been like wait and then pulled it out or closed his mouth idk idk Now at number 2 is The Pregnant Mouth

Yeah can you imagine? Cus i sure as hell couldnt Back in 2012 a woman was eating a partially cooked piece of squid that still had its internal organs fully intact As she bit into it she felt a foreign body sensation and a pricking in her mouth Even though she spat it out straight away the damage had already been done Pods of squid semen had already been shot into her mouth thus impregnating the mucous membranes of her cheek, gums and tongue

After experiencing severe pain doctors removed 12 small white spindle shaped bug like creatures stuck in her gums cheek and tongue But they were baby squids they were just spermatophores (sper-mata-four) which are more like pods of squid semen theyre not fully formed organisms Which is great cus i think anyone would rather that than actual baby squids And finally at number 1 is The Urethra So I didnt know this but apparently theres a fish in the Amazon called the candiru that will swim into your urethra if you ever have it exposed

Now hold that thought A 14 year old boy in India went to the hospital one day after persistent pain in his bladder and due to the fact he couldnt urinate The doctors decided to do an ultrasound and found something in his bladder blocking his urethra He was rushed to surgery and a 2cm long fish was extracted from his urethra How freakin sus

When they asked the boy how this fish magically got inside his urethra the boy said he was cleaning the fish tank in his house and was holding one of the fish and then went to the bathroom to pee and as he was peeing the fish slipped from his hand and entered his urethra Um ok I think thats the biggest load of bull ive ever heard The boy was released post surgery but then taken to psychiatric counseling And thats all for todays video guys! Am i the only one that viscerally cringes when you think about any of these things being inside you? Like a spider in my ear, excuse me while i vomit out my heart in response to that

Hard no fish in my uretha? Hard no you guys But as always let me know what you thought of all these crazy stories in the comments below, im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you in the next one Byee

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