Top 10 Scary Things Kids Have Said

Boy oh boy, do I have an interesting video today Now some people love little kids, If you can get passed their stinky phase, but they are adorable tiny humans who often have no filter and say whatever

Some can be hilariously funny, other times it could be some what dark Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10, I hope you all are having an amazing day, or night, or afternoon whenever you are watching this Now today lets talk about the top 10 scary things that children have said Now these are based on real life stories from individuals who shared them online Now when humans are developing it is said that they are more suceptible to certain things

In fact, it is said that when we are young some children have seen spirits of ghosts or family members that have passed away It could simply be from them having a wild imagination, or since they are still developing it is more easy for them to misinterpret what they see Either Way, its enough to creep anyone out Especially for the mother in the next story Lets start off with number 10 So there have been numerous stories of kids talking about seeing their grandparents or great grandparents who passed away

Some families are shocked when their kids, who never met these family members, but can still perfectly describe them Well this is the case for this next woman When her son was 3 he would sing polish nursery rhymes The family didn't know where he learned them or how But the nursery rhyme that he sang was what her husband's grandmother would sing to all the babies in the family

However she passed away before ever meeting there son On top of that she said that they don't speak, or sing in polish!!! Well this one is scary but also a little comforting Like in a creepy way it's sweet that this grandmother is still looking after the babies Moving on to number 9 Now as kids we are known to have an imaginary friend Meanwhile if I had a kid and they were telling me about some friend that i couldn't see but that they talked to…

Oh man i would be sageing my house and kid on the daily But as a kid i do remember i had an imaginary friend I don't know how i didnt creep my family out, because I clearly remember talking to her Anyways lets get back on track

Apparently this one child had an imaginary friend named Jenna One time when they were driving, they passed a cemetery and the kid looks up and says bye jenna and waves to her When the mother asked where jenna was going, the girl said, home, she lives there SPOOKY So her daughter was in contact with a spirit

I wonder if they ever went to the cemetery and looked for jenna’s grave, or looked into her death Like maybe they could have found a photo of her and ask her daughter if that's what jenna looked like That would have confirmed or denied the thing and either make you feel better, or scared I dont even know how I would react if that kid perfectly described a picture of Jenna, now that would be super creepy! Number 8 Kids definitely have some sort of special sense that we lose when we are older This next kid was staring at the christ decorations and mumbling to himself

He was saying “ hmm it will take 11 days” wait let me do that in a kid voice Seems pretty innocent right? Well the family thought nothing of it until 11 days later their house was broken into and they took most of their christmas decorations First off who goes to all that trouble to break into someones house only to steal christmas decorations 😮 the grinch!!!!! Literally you guys were robbed by the grinch, case closed, i solved it, you are welcome But seriously, how that kid knew that was super freaky!! Next we have number 7 While getting her daughter dressed one day, her daughter kept looking around her and laughing

When asked what she was laughing at her daughter said a man And pointed to the open closet doors NOPE JUST NOPE I would have been out of that house so fast She continued saying the man with the snake neck

Time for a new house, and a new child Kidding! But like a snake neck? Like was it long and skinny? Why not a giraffe neck? Or was there a snake wrapped around his neck Moving on to number 6 Okay onto our next creepy child I mean story, creepy story So apparently when this womens child was five years old she would point in the corner of a room and start crying saying scary lady! It wasnt until her son also turned 5 when he did the same thing, he would point to the same corner and mention the scary lady

Now it could be that the son just picked up on what his older sibling was doing, or maybe there really was a scary lady lurking in the corner Either way I dont know why 5 years of age was significant Did this lady pass away on the 5th month or 5th day of some year Or is it a clue to her death Ugh seriously now I feel like I should be a ghost hunter and start exploring these cases

Anyone up to come ghost hunting with me? We are now at our halfway mark with number 5 For this story a family moved into a new apartment in a new country Now this apartment came fully furnished, including the owners leaving some paintings behind… how sweet of them… Or not One of the paintings in the master bedroom was one that was said to look like abstract hair flowing in the wind The wife didn't really like the painting, but she was trying to, so they left it up

One day when her 2 and a half year old son was getting ready for a nap he pointed to the painting and said “ I don't wanna sleep in this room he said This painting looks at me and tries to talk to me I don't like it AH a haunted painting! Really! BURN IT I would have chucked that painting out the window or something Like trust your intuition if something is giving you the creeps, its for a reason! No wonder they left the paintings behind! They are probably cursed

Onto our next story coming in at number 4 Now a well known fact is to keep sharp objects away from little children Especially this next child This older sister states that when her sister was four, she walked past her bed and saw a pair of scissors She stopped and looked at the sister before saying “ you know I could chop your head off with these Goodnight

Aww what a sweet goodnight message If that was me i would sleep with one eye open the whole night, or i would barricade my room shut I hope she hid any sharp object away from her sister Imagine that like… I could kill you Sweetdreams! When this little girl was about 4, her mom found her in the bathroom dunking her barbies in the water When she was asked what she was doing the girl said “ the man in the wardrobe told me if i didnt do it, it would be my turn to swim facedown No, just no Move out, get rid of that wardrobe Like thats some twisted narnia wardrobe stuff

Ah thats just so terrifying Your daughter was definitely in contact with someone or something dark Moving on to number 2 Are aliens real? This has been an ongoing conspiracy for decades Who knows, and I don't know if we will ever discover the truth, or discover what really is in area 51 Whether you believe in aliens or not this next story is creepy

A mother posted saying that her daughter came home from school one day distraught When asked what was wrong she said “ I miss my other family My alien robot family '' Apparently this mothers child was living in outer space with other aliens One day she was angry at her family and came down to earth and was brought into this mothers stomach

But now she misses them and wants to go back home… I dont even know what to say to that! And not just an alien An alien ROBOT I mean how does your daughter act normally is she really stiff and like we come in peace beep boop? Were you letting her watch terminator? Come on tell the truth cause she wants to go BACH but seriously, very creepy

And we have reached our number one spot on the countdown Now there are tons of stories out there on kids who remember their past life This one young boy used to tell his family about the other set of grandparents that he had He described that his grandparents would live in a blue house Of course he was just a child, so his family never believed him The family was fed up about hearing his story about these grandparents that lived in the blue house, but this boy ended up saying he knew where the house was

This 5 year old gave her accurate directions for a 45 minute car ride until they ended up 4-5 towns away In this town, at the end of the dead end street stood an abandoned blue house Imagine a 5 year old being that good at directions This dude is like a human gps

But seriously, it freaks me out, there is no way this little boy could have known about this house, let alone know how to get there off by heart! Again, I wish this family did some research, find out who lived in that house and what happened! I need answers people! Alright thats all for todays video, i really hope you enjoyed it And if you have a little sister, or brother, or child of your own, comment down below something scary that they have said! Now onto our comment shout out from the video Top 10 scary pokemon stories xxHellcat said nervous chuckling because lavender town is my ring town… wow you are brave Or crazy, or bother Jordan 95HD said “ theyre probably the scariest pokemon stories ive ever heard lindsay” Well thank you, glad you enjoyed it, hopefully I didnt spook ya too much Jenni brown commented, didnt she have blond hair yesterday? Or am i going crazy? No youre not crazy, my hair actually changes colours depending on my mood Kidding, i think youre mixing me up with someone else Glad i was that memorable And thats all we have for today Dont forget to give this video a big thumbs up, turn on the bell notification, and subscribe to most amazing top 10 for more amazing videos

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