Top 10 Scary Things Found In Funeral Homes

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10, I’m Che Durena So what are some of the Scariest places off all time I’m sure if you google it we have a list about it

And if that list does exist I would bet that Funeral homes are on the list So were going through the top 10 scary things found in funeral homes Make sure you stick around from number one because we got such a freaky video for you So without further ado lets get into it 10 Moaning dead people You’re working at a funeral home late at night and you start hearing moaning, and not the fun moaning, well I wouldn’t want to hear that in funeral home either, I guess the point is your in a house full of dead people you don’t want to hear wails of anybody pleasurable or otherwise Well if you work at funeral home this is actually pretty common

When people die our bodies start fill all sorts of gases and when these gases escape from the body, they can make moaning sounds, the technical term for them is spooky toots The freakiest part about this is this usually happens when someone is moving the body Your doing your already creepy job of moving bodies at a funeral home and then some of them start sighing at you, no thank you I’ll keep making Youtube videos and living in a basement apartment 9 Ghost Now to build a place where you can store dead bodies and chances are, you’re going to get a ghost or two It could just be that staying in funeral home late at night might have the overnight security guard feeling a little jumpy or maybe the ghost of dead people follows their bodies to a funeral home, meet a bunch of other ghosts it’s a pretty good hang and they decide to stay

All speculation aside there has been numerous reports of people in funeral homes feeling cold spots, seeing ghosting figures that resemble their loved ones or even seeing ghost siting in the service during the funeral Imagine you have to watch your own funeral, seeing everyone bails Like “I can’t believe Mark isn’t here, I helped him move three times” There’s even a story of a mortician doing is mortician thing, getting bodies to look good for their big day He goes to take a leak and there’s guy in there with a blue suit, they man walks past him and when the mortician goes back to work, he realizes it’s the same man he’s been prepping for the funeral! 8 A Resurrection Usually if someone dies, they stay dead, I mean it’s a pretty hard and fast rule, no exceptions

Except for like Jesus and apparently the baby of Swapna and Mekela Srinivas The baby was born July first 2017, she was premature and very underweight, not of to a hot start for this little one The couple and their baby were transferred to another hospital where sadly the baby passed away The doctors told Swapna and Mekela that she was too weak So, the parents were crushed and left to a funeral home to set up arrangements to have their daughter buried but while inside the funeral home the baby began to move! She pulled a full Jesus 3 day faster

The parents were elated to have their baby back and also furious that the doctor told them that their baby was dead So, they stormed the hospital and police had to stop them from killing the doctor 7 An Extra body If you work at a funeral home you must come up with some pretty great ideas of how to ditch some bodies I mean I’m not saying I would do it but say stuff two bodies in one casket during a close casket funeral so no body would know and the body would be disposed of without anyone noticing Well that’s exactly what Mark Villella did He got in a fight with his girlfriend then stabbed her to death in her sleep and the got a big old light bulb over his head

He was like “Hey don’t I have to work a closed casket funeral tomorrow?” So brought his dead girlfriend to the funeral home, stuffed her in a casket with a 89 year old woman, everyone sat and mourned two people unknowingly and Mark thought he was the cleverest guy in town But when Mark’s girlfriend never showed up to work people got suspicious and started looking for her, not long after that he was arrested and using CCTV footage from the funeral home they were able to figure out exactly what happened They dude didn’t even try to run to Mexico, you always got to run to Mexico 6 A Wink I don’t know if any of you have ever been to a funeral or if you’ve seen them recreated in movies or on TV But a very common theme is that the deceits persons eyes are always closed, because there’s nothing quite and unsettling as having a dead person staring at you

Well in this one special case an elderly woman was very proud of her glass eye, think sometimes old people get very bored So she put it in her will that she wanted her glass eye to be on display when she passed And she didn’t mean on display like in a nice little box next to her casket, she wanted it in her head, one eye open like she was winking Now the families and loved ones knew this but the funeral director’s assistant didn’t and when she opened that casket, she got a face full of winking dead lady In the funeral business they call that a wrinkly peekaboo

5 A Clown What happens to a clown after they die Do they go to the great big top in the sky or do they get shot out of a cannon into hell? It probably depends on how many kids you made cry But what I can tell you is I would never want to go to a clown funeral Clowns are creepy enough without the risk of one of them clawing its way back to life from the underworld However, if you work at a funeral home you don’t get to choose which funerals you go to and apparently on this day, they didn’t get to choose what they wore

During a clown’s funeral everyone working the funeral had to dress up as clowns Also, you shouldn’t be surprised that many of the people who came where dressed up as clowns and they painted a single tear in their clown makeup Baggy clothes, a love for rhyming and single tears painted on their faces, I would have never thought that thugs and clowns have so much in common 4 A missing body This one isn’t so much about what was found but what wasn’t Back in 2015 a young woman by the name of Julie Mott sadly passed away

Her family went to a funeral home to make the necessary arrangements The next morning when one of the funeral directors went to check on her body it was gone! Now my first response would be to start looting because the zombie apocalypse had started but this funeral director was a little more grounded The funeral home contacted the family who then contacted the police, the police launched an investigation now there wasn’t to go on expect one very creepy dude Apparently there had someone who attended Julies funeral and even though he was not close family he was the last to leave, he had also been texting Julie constantly in the days leading up to hear death The police couldn’t not link the disappearance of Julie’s body to this creepy fellow and her body was never found

3 The Walking dead When’s the best time for a prank? When everyone is morning the loss of a dead relative? Sure, why not Now I’m not sure if this one was intended as a prank but you would have to be a fool to not see the potential here We pulled this one right off of reddit and it’s a very sad story of young boy dying at the age of twelve His family set up a funeral, everyone came and the boys brother decided to dress up just like is deceit sibling Not a big deal, but it scared the hell out of some people because the boys were twins

Not everyone attending the funeral knew that the boy had an identical twin brother I mean I want to say he didn’t know what he was doing but I think he did You really only get one shot to pull that prank off, I really commend him for doing it I mean if me and my brother were twins, we would want to pull something like that at each others funeral 2 A moving corpse This one was written by redditor The_8th_henry

He wrote about a story his neighbor told him who work as a mortician One day this guy was doing his body prepping thing late at night, for a wake that was early the next morning He turned his back to grab some tools and from the corner of his eye he saw the body starting to sit up straight, insane core strength Well of course this is one on the most terrifying things that can happen to a person so this guy ran right out of the room He had sprinted half way up the stairs before he was like “oh yeah I’ve been doing this for 20 years, that’s just rigor mortis”

I think if that happened to me, I would just quit, take my mortician skills and start working as a hair stylist 1 A Soul Now I don’t know if I believe in the after life, I mean I don’t know if I believe in this life Joe Rogan keeps telling me that were living in a simulation and sometime when I think about it, I just feel like this But this video is pretty chilling, it’s CCTV footage from a funeral home in China There’s definitely a chance that this footage is doctored in some way but it looks pretty real It looks like you can see the soul rise up from the woman body and the quickly run away…Float away? Scurry? I don’t know what’s the right verb to use for souls exiting the body

Part of me really wants this to be real just because it makes life a little more exciting Knowing that there’s a bunch of stuff out there that we don’t understand inspires me to dig deeper into life mysteries Also, I want reincantaion to be real so I can just ruin people’s weeks Well there you have it, Those are the top 10 scary things found in funeral homes Let us know in the comments which ones you thought were the scariest

Don’t forget to like comment, subscribe and hit the little notification bell and until next time I’ve been Che Durena and I hope none of you end up finding creepy things in a funeral home

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