Top 10 Scary Things Found In Backyards

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and as the weather is getting hotter out here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are getting out and about to the garden…so fire up the grill as we talk Top 10 Scary Things Found in Backyards

I have an irrisistibe urge to sing Kellis’ Milkshake… but I’ll wait til the end of the video… 10/10 worth sticking around for! Now I am worried some of you are too young to remember that song… so…we’ll…let’s just pretend I wrote it! Before we get into this video lets have some classic backyard chat! Do you have a back garden? Have you ever found anything scary there? Has milkshake ever attracted swathes of lads? I need more information in the comments section down below! I would also love a thumbs up for this video Check out the links in the description box to our sources and most amazing instagrams and stick around to the end because…well you know why! 10 – A whole cemetery Imagine walking into your yard one day and being like… I am going to do it! I am going to build a pool! Then, as you start digging you discover you have been sunning yourself atop an a cemetery Absolutely not Vincent Marcello lives in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, so I am sure he knew that there was a likelihood of something old being unearthed, he just didn’t expect it to be hundreds of bodies It seems that once the digging started, one of the most densely populate old burial sites in the era was unearthed

Mr Marcello later began working with forensic teams to reunited existing family members to the human remains It is unclear whether he ever got his pool… but I guess if he did… how could he not think of THAT scene from Poltergiest… you know the one Editors roll clip

More pool drama at number 9 The Alligator I guess this is an occupational hazard of living somewhere lovely like Florida On the one hand, hurrah, lovely weather and pool fun… but on the other… uh oh, Gator in pool! I am curious, how many of you guys live in Florida? Have you had an Alligator in your pool? Is this normal? It sounds scary to the rest of us! In April 2018 a 10ft Gator was fished out of a pool in Sarasota County – and this picture was captured of the rescue… ARGH! 8 – An actual Cheetah You would think that this story would have gone down in Africa…where Cheetahs are a thing, but the scariest thing about this story, other than … You know

killer cat… is that this happened in Cambridgeshire in England, where the scariest wild animal is pretty a rabbit with myxomatosis So…a nine year old boy by the name of Toby Taylor saw a cheetah in his garden How did he know it was a cheetah, well it came replete with sharp teeth, a fearsome raw, long claws and classic spots Toby was riding his bike in the yard when he saw the big cat

He ditched his bike and ran inside, screaming to his mum that there was a killer cat in the garden Good job he got inside as this is the Cheetah gnawed on the boys bike! His mum Jules said: We peered out of the kitchen window and there it was, sitting bang in the middle of our lawn, looking towards the house Then it got hold of Toby's bike and started ripping it to bits I was in a blind panic and didn't know what to do so I phoned 999 It seems the Cheetah had escaped from nearby Hamerton Zoo

The zoo downplayed the incident and called the Cheetah, named Akea, as friendly as a pet dog Mmmmhmm 7 – 3000 Unexploded Bombs What a find! It seems thousands of unexploded World War Two Bombs dating back over 70 years were found in the courtyard of a residential house in China This is another case of…ooh… Lets build a pool… oh wait…

Hell no GET A LITERAL LOAD OF THESE UNEXPLODED WEAPONS! It is said that the majority of explosives were hand grenades, along with mortars and incendiary bombs The bombs were thought to be left over from the second Sino Japanese war that took place between 1937 and 1945 https://wwwdailymail

couk/news/article-6977091/More-THREE-THOUSAND-unexploded-bombs-WWII-discovered-backyard-Chinahtml 6 – A Lost Hollywood Star This is actually a really sad story In 1996, Margot Kidder was found dirty, frightened and paranoid in bushes in someone’s back garden in Los Angeles Imagine hearing a rustling in your garden and going out to find a star in mental distress?! At the time Kidder was 47 and had made her name as Lois Lane in 1978’s Superman

Sadly in the mid 90s she suffered a mental breakdown and went missing At the time of her discovery in a residential garden she had cut off her hair, was covered in bruises and scratches and had been living feral in the bushes for days She claimed she had been the victim of assault and that she was hiding from someone, but officers who responded to a concern homeowners call found no evidence that she had been the victim of a crime Sadly Kidder, who committed suicide last year, was suffering from a serious mental health lapse 5 – Cursed Cash A 51 year old man from Illinois was picking broccoli in his garden when he came across $150 thousand dollars in cash

Wayne Sabaj was unemployed at the time of the discovery but none the less alerted police who retrieved the money They said if no one had claimed the cash by the end of 2012 It would be his to keep A spanner in the works came when his 87 year old neighbour Dolores Johnson claimed the cash was cursed and that she had got rid of it for this reason Shortly after, Johnson died, so the money was set to go to Sabaj… but just ten days before the money was due to be released to him It was decided that the money would go to his dad, who then went into cardiac arrest So was the money cursed? 4 – An Alien WHAT IS THIS!!!! Honestly… get a look at this and tell me what on earth it is? A slimy pink creature turned up in a woman’s back yard and had tongues of the internet wagging with conspiracy theories

The Californian homeowner posted the image on Facebook saying: I wasn’t going ti post this but I can’t stop trying to figure out wtf this thing is I heard something scream at like 1130 last night and went out on my side yard and found this thing Some responders were telling the woman to salt the ground Many more level headed viewers claimed that the creature was a deformed deer foetus

Either way…what a thing to find in your garden! 3 Deadly SNEKS Imagine having an old shed at the bottom of the garden and one day you spotted a snake slithering under it We don’t have rattlesnakes in the UK but they are a thing in America, especially Texas and the south Bobby Cowan and two of his friends were at his property working on a windmill when they saw a rattlesnake slither under and old hunting shed

They used machinery to lift the crumbling shed to find the deadly snake, but when they lifted it…erghh… I feel sick Do you want to see what they found Yep A nest of rattle snakes

Between 35-50 of the blighters slithering around under there That is …… honestly the stuff of nightmares for me! I can’t Like…snakes just casually dropping YUCK NO

The video posted on facebook went viral in 2018 and currently has over 800 thousand views! 2 A GHOST In March 2019, a family checked over their CCTV footage only to spot a GHOST in their back yard! The spectre was spotted by 39 year old mother Amanda Papadopoulos, who’s home in Lincoln, used to be a former Victorian School The ghost seems to be of a Victorian child walking across the grounds – have a look Editors clip Mrs Papadopolous discovered the footage after receiving a notification from Nest – a security company that made the camera – to say there had been activity in her garden and she was shocked to find what it was In an interview, she said: 'I don't want to look at it too much

My husband think it's fantastic whereas I'm a bit more scared” She also said that it wasn’t the first time something strange had happened on the property, her family had heard a few things go bump in the night 1 – A human foot In July 2016 a severed foot was found in the undergrowth of a garden of a property in Bath in England It was the second foot found within a 5 months span and baffled officers due to its lack of DNA The foot was from an adult white Caucasian human and had been seemingly doused in a preservative chemical

The first foot was found in a park by dog walkers a month before the second And dear reader, a third foot was found in another garden in Bath, in a residential area called Cranswells park Three feet! That is…too many feet! Imagine finding a SEVERED FOOT IN YOUR GARDEN! NO ! Absolutely no! Well, police still don’t know what happened! An Avon and Somerset Constabulary spokesman released a statement in 2016 to say: We have carried out an extensive investigation into all three feet and have exhausted all active lines of enquiry pending any new information “We are satisfied that no crime has been committed and that the feet are more than likely an exhibit from a medical or educational establishment or from a private collection which has been disturbed by animals URM…………

I am sorry… But that doesn’t really make it any less creepy? A private collection of dead people has been disturbed by animals and hacked off body parts are turning up on peoples lawns Thanks, that is a real comfort! Comments from Top 10 Scary Deep Sea Diving Stories That 1 Dude NS said: (Note To Self) #1: When Scuba Diving, If you find a shoe 9/10 somebody died #2: When Scuba Diving, Bring a scientist, Never trust a professional Diver (Because if you fail or die before coming back up the scientist can calculate the errors and learn from them Harley Dahl : I love your voice Miss Rebeccaand I am a lover of the ocean but unfortunately will never be able to go diving due to health issues – you know what… No worries… There is so much land fun to be had! Lets all have land fun! MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD!

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