Top 10 Scary Things Found During Archaeological Digs

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 When people tell me weve only explored 5% of the entire ocean it actually blows my mind like what cool things could be possibly not know about that exist alongside us

But then forget the ocean i start thinking about the mainland and how many things on land still remain hidden Above the surface its easier but even under the surface theres a lot of things we havent found yet that are just waiting for it Obviously i cant include those things in the video cus we dont about them yet but from the stuff we have dug up it gets pretty gruesome So lets get into it, this is the top 10 Scary Things Found During Archeological Digs Starting us off with number 10 is The Claw

So back in 1986 an expedition was undertaken on Mountain Owen in New Zealand since there was a network of unexplored caves under the mountain Yes because exploring caves with little to no light always ends well for everyone involved Thankfully nothing horror movie esque happened other than them finding a few bones here and there and then a gigantic claw And honest to god when i saw a picture of it i was like what the hell was living in that cave and i hope to god it didnt have kids Forget kids what if its hungry cousins were nearby like youre still done for either way

And im not talking like a small bear claw im talking 4 massive claws that were most likely attached to a dinosaur ready to steal your kids and your wife Hide yo kids, hide yo wife It wasnt jurassic park 20 but the team managed to find 3000 year old remains of an upland moa which was basically a flightless bird Flightless or not it could still probably tear you apart on foot

Coming in at number 9 is The Caveman And before you skip this one because you think its just one of those basic old cavemen that we keep finding, its not Just putting that disclaimer out there One day a speleologist someone who studies caves, was looking through the Lamalunga cave network in Italy when he found the Altamura (altamoora) Man And I kid you not if you have trypophobia i really recommend not looking at this one or its pictures because its really pretty cringy

I get goosebumps just looking at it The skeleton of this man was covered with white bumps as was the cave, its like the man and the cave became one I dont know where one started and the other ended What really happened was that a neanderthal from way back when mustve fallen into the cave and died of starvation Eons later a layer of calcium carbonate built up over his remains thus preserving them but also making you want to vomit

Basically the cave ate him and is still eating him After scraping off a bit of his shoulder, researchers concluded the Altamura Man is the oldest Neanderthal ever found At number 8 we have Cannibalism We need backstory for this because how did they magically dig up cannibalism? They didnt relax Back in 1845 The Franklin Expedition was a British voyage of Arctic exploration which went promisingly underway but ended up in disaster

On the way the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror got stuck in the ice and were trapped a lot longer than expected due to very cold summers By 1848 the 129 men aboard the ships decided to leave and do a 1000 mile trek to the closest trading port which was Hudson Bay On the way there researchers were sure the men suffered from many things like scurvy, hypothermia, lead poisoning, etc that couldve been what caused them to leave their ships which were essentially their only food source Like they packed enough food to last them 5-7 years yet they still left Something doesnt add up

None of the men survived and even the Inuit of the area stayed away from that region because food was so scarce After recovering around 35 bones from the area anthropologists noticed the bones had been broken and many had cut marks indicating someone had cut the flesh from the bones so cannibalism definitely had occurred amongst the crew But the bones also exposed something more gruesome They also showed signs of pot polishing which means the ends of the bones were heated in a boiling cooking pot And that only ever happens in the last stage of cannibalism when someone extracts the marrow from a bone to get any nutrition they can

This all goes hand in hand with what Inuit eyewitnesses said they saw which were piles and piles of fractured human bones Filling our number 7 slot is The Sewer So i didnt know excavation could be done in sewers but apparently it can so a group was doing just that under a Byzantine bathhouse in Israel After a while of finding nothing they started coming across hundreds of thousands of little bones And after finding nearly 100 bodies they realised they were waist deep into a sewer that was specifically for getting rid of newborn babies

Despite doing a lot of research no one knows the real reason all the bones are down there Initially researchers thought it was just for female infants since at the time the parents of these kids wouldve seen girls as less valuable than guys thank god we grew out of that but either way some of the bones also belonged to male babies so it wasnt that either And thats how far their research went So in conclusion we found 100 baby corpses in a sewer and we’re just apparently gonna sweep it under the rug and move on Now at number 6 are The Headless Vikings

So along a road in Dorset archaeologists were doing some digging when they came across the remains of 54 Viking mercenaries But the scary part was all the corpses were headless The group went on to record the positioning of the bones when they realised everything was conveniently in its own pile The heads were all together, the legs and arms were arranged as were the torsos Initial theories were that the vikings tried to occupy a village, failed and then the villagers came and murdered them and took some of the skulls as souvenirs

I highly doubt this cus arent vikings meant to be jacked and very good at fighting I feel like they wouldve beat the villagers Another more viable theory was that the vikings may have been sacrificed in a ritual which explains the bone arrangements but has no link with the culture around the area so ya win some ya lose some Coming in at number 5 is The Screaming Mummy Back in 1886 Gaston Maspero the head of the Egyptian Antiquities Service was bringing mummies out of their sarcophagi side note i love when the plural of something ends in i its just so amusing to me

Anyway he came across one sarcophagus that was quite plain The ones of queens and kings usually say very clearly whos buried inside but this one was a bit of a mystery Inside it was even wrapped in sheepskin which was seen as low class and unclean in ancient Egypt Either way when Gaston finally uncovered it the corpses hands and feet were bound together and the person also died screaming or so it seemed It looked like the person had been tortured mid death or was buried alive or maybe even poisoned

As sadistic as that sounds after a lot more research into mummification they realised unless the jaw is strapped shut when the body is mummified then the jaw naturally falls open anyway So in that regard i guess all mummies are screaming mummies, but this person known as Unknown Man E was the first At number 4 is The Pit Back in 2012 archaeologists were surveying an area in Bergheim France when they found around 5 acres of pits called silos absolutely filled to the brim with human bonesThey uncovered 60 silos, 14 of which were filled with bones

Because thats totally normal One of the silos just had dismembered human bones which shows a hell of a lot of amputation took place to fill it up Other bodies were found which had suffered trauma blows and stabbings as well Why are we uncovering so many pits or tombs filled with suspicious dead bodies like how did people not have to report this stuff or write it up back then Either way bodies of adults, children and even infants were found and were estimated to be around 5000 years old

Filling our number 3 slot is Chemical Warfare Back in 1933 an archaeologist by the name of Robert du Mesnil was doing a dig near Dura-Europos which was where the Persians sieged the Romans During the dig, he went through several tunnels and he happened upon the bodies of 19 Roman soldiers All the bodies were positioned as if they died running away from someone or something and at the end of the tunnel was a single Persian soldier found literally clutching his chest in his armour After an investigation and then a reinvestigation of the original dig, another archaeologist found that all 20 men died due to one of the earliest attempts at chemical warfare

The Roman tunnel was above the Persion one so they planned to break into them from above but obviously the PErsians could hear them So they came up with a plan to light a fire in the tunnel and throw bitumen (bitchamin) and sulfur on the flames which caused all of them to die As they breathed the choking gas inside, it turned into sulphuric acid in their lungs leaving them all dying a slow painful death Now at number 2 are the Polish Vampires In 2016 a group of archaeologists were doing a dig in cemetery located in west Poland

They uncovered graves dating back to the 13th and 14th century but it was the way the bodies were buried that caught their attention All the corpses were either mutilated, decapitated, punctured in the spine or sacrum or, pinned down from the neck or bound All these methods were believed to physically stop the dead from rising again so researchers believe the locals assumed these people were vampires One woman who died was believed to have kyphosis a condition that gave her a hunch which couldve led people to believe she was a vampire She was buried face down and her knees were broken in various places

Another man with the same condition was buried the same way and a third body was buried with their head between 2 big stones Most of these bodies were probably not vampires at all but victims of cholera, and people believed the first person to die from an outbreak would return as a vampire Sound logic And finally at number 1 is The Murder Tomb Back in 2009 a group of archaeologists were excavating the bottom of a prehistoric dry lake bed located in Motala, Sweden

They werent expecting to find much since they were just doing it because the area was being paved for a new railway line but they struck gold I dont even know if i can call this striking gold but sure They ended up uncovering a stone tomb structure at the bottom of the lake and after getting it open discovered the skulls of 10 people All of them were 8000 years old and it ranged from elderly skeletons to babies as well so no one was spared in whatever this was But it gets worse

After digging deeper they found fragments of other skulls lodged inside of an eleventh skull I dont know how you would shove skull fragments inside someone elses brain while theyre still alive this is some Hannibal ting right here They also found a lot of bodies that had been torched alive and that had stakes driven through them, and that wasnt even from guessing the group literally found 2 skulls with stakes melded into their skulls No one can think of why the murder tomb was there perhaps some warriors mounted the skulls of their victims onto stakes or maybe some innocent people were killing off a vampire infestation i have no idea And thats it for todays video guys! Im not gonna lie im surprised at how many groups of dead bodies we’ve uncovered in this video

Because then how many more are still buried that we havent found yet? Im asking the real questions now But anyway do let me know what you thought in the comments below and as always im Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time

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