Top 10 Scary Things Discovered At Area 51

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Now area 51, i feel like i know this subject more than i know information about myself at this point

Ive overdosed honestly, and when this video goes up the raid wouldve happened 3 days ago Honestly whenever I thought about the raid i was like the aliens are gonna be behind the fence all like ___ as the camo dudes are just shooting people on the other side And then they get into their hidden crafts and jet back to Planet Drutark i dont know man Either way, that being said, these are the top 10 Scary Things Discovered At Area 51 And just for the fine print of this video, almost all of these are fictional, a lot of these are my predictions on what could be discovered there

Starting us off with number 10 are The Missing Ones So there have been many conspiracy theories and real stories where the CIA has assassinated people, theyve planned to kill people, theyve made people go missing if they know too much And i know the first thing that comes to mind when you think about these missing people is that they were obviously killed If theyre going to go to the effort of making someone vanish off the face of the earth then surely theyd just kill them But what if they didnt? What if they transported them to a secret underground base at Area 51

We already know there are quite a few underground facilities at Area 51, why cant a prisoner holding base be one of them If youre locked up or trapped in area 51 youre as good as dead according to the CIA anyway since no one will ever know youre there or be able to find or save you Its the perfect nonviolent solution where everyone wins Except of course, th the people locked up in Area 51 Coming in at number 9 we have Alien Scientists

So I feel like with the amount of government cover ups over different plane and military craft crashes and their remains i definitely believe area 51 houses aliens and not just the dead remains of old ones for observation, im talking proper communicative aliens that are helping human scientists This may be far fetched but considering people think a one world government operates at area 51, that government would need a lot of alien tech for whatever their future plans of world domination are So with that in mind, i think from these alien spacecraft crashes in the past, living aliens were saved from them, and now theyre there working for the US government either voluntarily or involuntarily And they probably have einstein level knowledge and then some so i hope theyre the first people we saved when we went in there At number 8 we have The Getaway Saucers

Say the whole world is going to shit right, say theres been a zombie apocalypse or something more realistic like climate changes tipping point or a food shortage or a disease epidemic Or a 2012 scenario where the earth is literally breaking apart People need to run, they need to survive and in this scenario forget us mere citizens, theyre not worried about us The people that theyd want saved are the leaders, the president, the very rich, the people with power And like in the movie 2012 this top 1% had a secret base in China where they would be safe from everything

Similarly i think the same sort of thing is located in Area 51 in the form of getaway flying saucers Think about it The only way to save yourself from this planet, from the horrors of it, is to simply leave the planet And what better way to do that than on highly advanced spacecraft with aliens or extraterrestrials youve been making this plan and deal with for the past century Like its the perfect escape

Us peasants get to die on earth and Trumps out here making Planet Ploot great again Filling our number 7 slot are The Bodies So we’ve heard of the BBC crew that got into the base and were basically pointed at with guns and forced to stay on the floor for hours There are signs all around and leading up to the base saying youll get shot if you try and trespass onto the base but of course in kinder words cus they cant just say that I suspect there have been some people that have managed to make it into the base, some were definitely shot and that wasnt publicized because it makes the government look bad, some probably did make it somehow but were hiding on the ground under some major camouflage

And i suspect they were either found out, stayed hiding there cus hiding there was better than trying to leave getting spotted and then getting shot All in all i suspect there quite a few skeletal remains to be found in area 51 Now at number 6 are Alien Offspring I feel like any alien still at area 51 right now is either dead and there for observation or working there involuntarily or locked up None of them actually want to be there when they could be home with their family's on Plant Glerp

So with that being said im sure there have been many escape plans executed by them, maybe they self sacrificed not wanting to tell the evil humans their secrets or simply because they couldnt take being on earth anymore So to combat that and ensure the longevity of the alien link i really believe the heads in charge definitely got them to reproduce and cloned those eggs or fetuses so theyd have a whole armoury of aliens if the existing ones successfully leave or whatever the hell Coming in at number 5 are Star Crossed Lovers I feel like this has to happen without fall when two people or entities from totally different upbringings and backgrounds meet and hate each other at first and then fall in love In this case im talking about an alien and one of the area 51 workers

As i previously mentioned there are most likely aliens living at area 51 who can communicate with us, so i feel like one of the workers if not more who interact with them daily have probably fallen in love with one Yknow it wouldve started off like what the hell are you and vice versa, then it wouldve been like ok let me just quickly do my job and leave, then it wouldve moved on to telling each other bits and pieces about their own lives, then in a moment of laughter one of them realises wait im head over heels in love with them Then comes the confession, the no we’re too different itll never work the CIA wont let you be with me and my parents on plant Yipjoo will never allow this And then they get over it and have a secret romance until one of them has to kill the other Hunger Games style And if you werent just sucked into that love story so hard then youre LYING

At number 4 are Dinosaurs Hear me out i know youre gonna think im ridiculous but im not There is no proof that says aliens came after us, if anything we’ve seen signs and cave drawings from god knows what BC indicating that alien sightings have been occurring for a long long time So whos to say they werent around during the cretaceous period? What if they were flying in and out of earth during the period Dinosaurs roamed the earth? Its not like dinosaurs could record that aliens were visiting And even if they did somehow they were wiped out anyway so

But what if aliens found them interesting, what if they stole and preserved some eggs here and there like Jurassic Park if they were smart they wouldve gotten 1 of each gender for each species of dinosaur And if they did, whos to say they werent forced to share at area 51 after being captured from a crash? Or what if they wanted to share the knowledge? Pretty sure dinosaurs have a better chance of surviving on earth where theres oxygen than on Planet Zoofs where theres none It could be the Alien-Human Dino Alliance AHDA for short

Filling our number 3 slot are Clones Okay so theres a huge debate about whether cloning is ethical or not and honestly i personally dont see the problem It is weird, its creepy to have someone or something that looks exactly the same as something else yet their personalities are completely different Its strange We’ve successfully cloned animals throughout history but humans is something we’ve never done

Most countries in the world ban cloning anyway so theres that but theres a bunch of states in the US that dont specifically ban cloning but ban reproductive cloning So if human technology couldnt achieve it, maybe alien technology can and did What if there are clones just walking around area 51 and we have no idea about it? What if theyve cloned prime ministers and other world leaders to make it easier to make appearances when really the real Theresa May is on Planet Klintarb? What if theyre in their cloning humans and aliens? Now at number 2 are The Cures So again this one is problematic to talk about but someones gotta do it Many believe that the government injects a disease into the public which creates an epidemic, many thought that of the Ebola outbreak in Africa a few years ago

Some think the government is behind it to control population numbers whereas others think they do it to distract from a bigger story going on underneath Whichever story you wanna believe, if the government created the disease, they also created the cure to it and i believe those cures are stored in area 51 And i even believe they have the cure to other things like Aids and Cancer in there as well Yknow how they say the pharmaceutical industry makes the most money because they keep you sick? If you werent sick they wouldnt make money, so they dont even want a cure to be found But what if its already been found? Theyre just not releasing it so the economy can gain more money for all these people that do have these illnesses

And finally at number 1 is Osama Bin Laden Very controversial i know and of course I don't mean any disrespect by putting him on the list but again i'm not gonna pussyfoot around any topic on this channel So the news broke in May of 2011 that Bin Laden had been found in a compound and killed by a CIA led operation Thats all we know And ive been hearing about this conspiracy for years now that he wasnt actually killed

Like did we ever see his dead body? No they said they identified his body many ways, by his height many men out there are 6’4, apparently one of his wives was shouting his name during the raid, again that couldve just been a body double and someone paying an impoverished woman to shout a name His burial took place at sea and it wasnt documented, according to a US official there are pictures of his body and the burial but where dey at doe? No one other than the people involved saw his apparent assassination and burial so people believe that 1) they didnt actually kill him, 2) they killed a look alike cus that could be possible, 3) hes being hidden in Area 51 till his death So I mean theres some food for thought And thats it for todays video guys! This was a bit of fun but also a lot of these are serious speculations that i believe are yet to be discovered at area 51

Hopefully one day when the whole thing gets classified, ill turn out to be right and win like 5 million dollars Is that not how it works? Oh well Lemme know what you thought below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you in the next one! Byee

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