Top 10 Scary Things Caught On Camera In The Woods – Part 2

Hey most amazing top 10 family Im your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10 If your walking around in the woods you should bring a camera with you because theres a good chance youll run into something horrifying and if it dosent kill you, you could upload the footage to the internet and I could use it as content for one of my list

Go, run out and be my little content minions But before you do that make sure you watch todays list of top 10 scary things caught on camera in the woods part two If you havent seen part one then you should go check that out now As always I would love it if you could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell also stick around for the whole video because Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts that you love so much And without taking any longer lets count down this list

10 Bigfoot Lets kick this one off with a classic! I dont know how this dude didnt make it onto the first list, I think thats why we had to do a part two because Bigfoot was like, hello Im the original scary thing caught on camera in the woods, How am I not in the top 10 Well ever since that first grainy video was release people have been trying to hund down the sasquatch day in and day out That must be exhausting for the dude, hes like I live in the forest for a reason, please leave me alone Sorry no can do big guy, papa needs some footage for top 10s And this guy has been caught on camera yet again and lets take a look

Clip1 This footage was taken by a group of people who have dedicated their lives to proving that bigfoot is real their organization is called the sasquatch genome project And they all share a hobby that involves a lot of camping I think thats why I never would do something like that I would totally help these guys if I didnt have to leave the comfort of my own home 9 Take a seat So your driving on a road right next to the woods, its a perfectly nice night and everything seems to be normal

No crazy ghost ladies sitting in the middle of the road, and then what do you know, you come across a crazy ghost lady sitting in the middle of the road Clip2 I love their reaction to this whole thing, they see her and like, no thank you, Im just gonna put my car in reverse and get out of here Thats the biggest nope reaction in a spooky video I think Ive ever seen Most people are like we should go investigate and see whats going on, bring the camera and leave any weapons we could use to protect ourselves This is how your suppose to deal with these situations

You see that kind of stuff and go ummmm no thank you, I would like to live and Im gonna go home and forget what I saw Keep the blinders on and keep living 8 The most haunted woods in america You go walking around in a place like that at night and you are just asking for trouble The youtuber The Paranormal Files Highlights did what most of us would never do and decided to spend a night in the most haunted woods in america just walking around Its the Freetown Fall river state forest and their are hundreds of rumors about the woods People talk about bodies being buried all over the woods and satanic rituals taking place there

While walking through he came across this Clip4 Its a little hard to hear but I have watched the video enough time to confirm that I could hear the wales in the background And it goes on like that for most of the video It sounds like someone in pain yelling out to him Later he comes across a rundown chimy just sitting in the middle of the woods, for whatever reason it scares the hell out of him and he ran out of the woods faster than Usain Bolt 7 Crazy guy in the woods The youtuber PhiltheThrill was just trying to enjoy some good old fashion dirty biking when some psycho stopped him in the middle of a trial Clip5 This guy claimed that he owned the property but there were no signs up and he didnt provide any identification

He just popped out holding a gun and thought that would be a good way to do business Maybe try talking to people first before you start using a firearm to threaten teenagers He wanted Phils name and address but he was like no way dude, your just a crazy dude in the woods wearing a mask, I'm not gonna tell you where I live, anyone could come here and start riding bikes and you would blame it on me So he tells Phill to get off the bike and then starts to fire into the woods Holy crap

After that the guy rides through the woods to literally try and hunt down the other people that phil was with Just talk to people first and then if they dont listen, you can start shooting at them, its not the other way around 6 Stalker in the woods I think the woods are lightning rods for crazy people, they love to be hidden and it increases their ability to creep around Like check out this video Clip10 Whats this dude doing in the background like that Hes just creeping around this house, dont do that dude, its weird

Apparently this guy has been doing this for a few days so the brothers decided to get some footage of this strange man walking around I think they should have just throw water balloons filled with pee at him but teach their won 5 Clowning around I think if you see someone walking around dressed as a clown trying to scare people, it should be legal to attack them mob style Frankly even if you see clowns walking around trying to make people happy I think we should have the same policy but that is just me Two brothers were running through the woods when they came across this dude just strolling about

Clip6 Just your casual clown psycho walking around with a knife over a suspension bridge You know really normal behaviour, nothing that a dangerous person would do, what hes doing is basically meditation If you want to up the crazy factor this video was taken at 7:30 in the morning and hes all done up in clown gear That means that this dude got up at 6, got ready, drove to the trial and then started walking around If your getting up at 6 am to scare people dressed as a clown I think they should lock you up no trial

Youre too motivated for how crazy you are 4 Yogi Hey bubu do you wanna go out into the wood and see if we can find a few runners for lunch This dude had the biggest scare of his life This kind of thing makes me never want to go for a run again, well Im also not great at running but so Im probably just looking for excuses to not go out there, but you have to admit that this is a pretty good excuse Clip7 I feel like I can hear him poop his pants He speeds up so fast man, thats the kind of speed you want at all times

You want to be hitting that bear about to kill you speed at all times Also you can hear the terror in his voice and its totally understandable, theres a 1500 pound beast trying to take you as a snack And not the sex fun version of a snack, the literally Im gonna eat your bone marror kind of snack 3 People really hate dirt bikes Alright lets get over to Russia, the got a lot of woods and the people over there dont mess around Every time I see a video from russia it involves violence or some strange music I have never heard before but still slaps pretty great

Well the guy in our next clip was riding through the woods on a dirt bike when some dude walks out with an axe This one is even crazier because the guy dosent own the land or anything he was just pissed off because the dirt bike is damaging the trials and destroying mushrooms This guy is ready to kill someone over mushrooms Theyre arguing and then this goes down Clip8 The guy tries to strangle him to death

Just so you know the dirty biker overpowers him and then pins this crazy guy to the ground He tells him to calm down and then lets him go and then the crazy guy attacks him again with a stick but the dirt biker gets away in one of the funniest escapes ever Clip9 Haaaaaaa he kicked him over, classic 2 Albino bigfoot Who knew there was something that was even more rare then the original bigfoot This guys pelt must be worth more then all the gold walt disney was buried with Also some of you at home might be like isnt an albino bigfoot just a yeti? Well apparently not, Im not super educated on the inner workings of the bootfoot lifestyle but I from the research Ive done these are two very different creatures And I know we had bigfoot on this list once but this is different footage and it actually scared the hell out of me when I watched it so how could I not Clip3 Now who knows this might be fake, I mean all the bigfoot footage we have ever seen might be fake but this one is terrifying

It has some creepy sunken eyes at first I thought it was a mummy or some sort of undead creature And it moves so fast, thats part of why I think it might be real The part that makes me think its not real is how chill this guy is Hes just like what was that, if that was I would be praying to god as smash through branches and scream cry 1 Swamp Lizard Thing Ok this last one was filmed during some night fishing, right when you think everything is going normal and theirs nothing to worry about you see this Clip11 What is that? I have no idea but it made all the hair on the back of my neck stand up

Later in the video the thing turns to the camera and you see it short of posture up, like its saying dont follow me or Ill eat your whole family and then your kids and your bones and Im scared I dont know what this thing is but I really never want to see it, its gross and makes me feel bad in my tum tum Alright that is our list and as promised Im going to do some more pet shoutouts, Remember if you want me to shoutout your pet you can message me on instagram I pick new pets everyday so if you dont get picked one day you can message back another day and if takes me a while to get back to you Im very sorry I got a lot of these to do And without taking any longer, lets shout outs some pets

First we have Shelbys cat O’Malley Pic1 this guy has got a nice happy smile and a sleek black look We got another black cat named Onyx Pic2 just a couple of super sleek looking boys Rebel sent in Princess Buttercup pic3 She is a cutie I love her little cute collar Next we have Sampson and Zoey Pic4 A couple of husky puppies, hanging out like buddies Then Jack sent in his pupper Pic5 That is a nice close up shot, very glamorous And finally Rose sent in a beautiful picture of her french bulldog Pic6 Look at how handsome that boy is, I am in loooooove

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