Top 10 Scary Thanos Theories

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10, I’m your host Che Durena Who’s the big badass who wants to collect all the infinity stones? Well, it’s Thanos of course, and with Endgame just releasing, there are some pretty wild theories about what's going on with one of the best villains in Marvel

So today were going to countdown the list of Top 10 scary Thanos theories Be careful if you haven’t seen Avengers Endgame yet as there will be some spoilers in this video Make sure you stick around for number 3 because it’s the funniest one on the list and As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell And without taking any longer lets get into it 10 Thanos isn’t dead The purple king of death and destruction met his match in avengers endgame but does that mean that he is forever gone? Many people think he will make a come back

Now I’m not saying that he’s going to be in the next Avenger's movie, I mean we don’t even know if there’s going to be another Avengers movie Well, Endgame made 12 billion dollars in its first weekend so I think there will definitely be another movie But as the franchise moves on there's a good chance we will see Thanos again The big theory is that for the brief moment that Thanos had the infinity gauntlet on he moved his consciousness to another body

When the power of all the infinity stones surged through his body the time stone gave him a quick glimpse of the future, he knew he was going to die so he used the few moments he had to transfer his mind into another body So somewhere out in the universe is a version of Thanos waiting to take his revenge 9 Nebula is under Thanoses control In Avengers Endgame we end up with two nebulas from different time periods in the same place One who is the Nebula we have grown to love, becoming a suto member of the guardians, and the other being a past version of herself who is still loyal to Thanos Now the good Nebula gets captured and Thanos looks at all her memories, so he would know that it’s actually Gamora who betrays him first and that in the future Gamora and Nebula team up against him If you haven’t seen the movie this is all probably pretty confusing

But What if he reprogramed the future good Nebula to act as a sleeper agent So in the event that he did lose the fight with the Avengers there was a spy working for him in their ranks who could finish his plan 8 Death Will resurrect Thanos If your familiar with the comic books you know that Thanos’s motivation for wanting to wipe out the universe is very different He doesn’t care about overpopulation or bringing balance to the universe he’s in looooooove In the comics, Thanos wants to collect all the infinity stones so he can kill half the universe and impress mistress death, who is the personification of death in the Marvel universe

Someone should tell Thanos that there is such a thing as coming on too strong Well there a chance that this could play into the movies, maybe now that Thanos is dead he’ll meet death theyll get close and she’ll be like ,I only date guys who want to get serious, and he’ll be like, Babe Im serious She’ll bring him back to life in order to receive trillions of lives in return Pretty good deal 7 Thanos won by default Something that was brought up in avenger endgame was that if you remove something from a timeline it makes a split separate timeline unless that item is returned the exact moment it’s removed

Time travel rules vary from movie to movie, in looper your past self directly affects your future self In butterfly effect, the smallest change to the past can drastically affect the future and in back to the future you might make out with your mom But in Avengers, you can fix timelines However, at the end of endgame, there were a few things that were removed and never returned to their time, like Thanos himself and his entire army How many split timelines will that create? Enough shake the very foundation of reality and cause all existence to be wiped out

Maybe We’ll probably find out in 4 years when Avengers 5 comes out 6 Thanos Was working with The Skrulls In the recent Marvel movie Captain Marvel, we see the Skrulls introduced as an enemy and then later it is revealed that they have actually been the good guys this whole time Anyway, in the comics, the Skrulls are traditionally evil So it could be there are more Skrulls out in the MCU who have been in allegiance with the mad Titan

They want nothing more than to bring back their homeworld and who better to do that then the guy who wants to collect the stones that hold together the universe It would also set up the Skrull invasion very nicely Maybe after the Skrulls see that Thanos was defeated and some of mightiest heroes died in the process then it’s time to send in the troops and take over planet C 53 5 Thanos has corrupted Adam Worlock Adam Warlock is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe He can fly, has super strength, can control cosmic energy and is even immortal because death can never claim his soul He also is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if you saw the scene after the credits during guardians of the galaxy 2 you saw his intro scene

Now with a character that powerful hanging around the universe maybe Thanos made a stop before he went to the garden to destroy the stones A big fan Theory is that Thanos met with Adam Warlock and corrupted his mind This way he could have one of the most powerful people in the universe on his side if anything bad went down This could be the motivation of the 3rd Guardians of the Galaxy movie An evil Adam Warlock would be a lot to handle

4 Thanos is the hero After Avengers Infinity war I definitely was thinking, that guy is supposed to be the bad guy but I kinda get where he’s coming from Thanos goal is to save the universe, he wants life to thrive and for everyone to be better after some sacrifice He’s even willing to sacrifice the only thing he loves, Gamora, in order to complete his goal So Maybe he’s the good guy in all this Deep down in his heart, he believes that what he’s doing is right

At the very least you have to agree that he earned every last stone and he’s got to be one of the most positive guys in the universe When he finds out that his plan failed and that he’s faced to fight the Avengers again he says I’m thankful because now I know what I must do This guy for sure has a gratitude practice, I bet he meditates and listens to Tony Robins I gotta say even after Endgame I’m still on team Thanos 3 Thanos will be in the next Deadpool movie Now that Deadpool is going to be in the MCU there’s a chance that Thanos will get some screen time in the future

As we have already covered, in the comic books Thanos is in love with death, something that also happens in the comic books is Death falls for Deadpool Now with the Deadpool movies sticking to the theme of the comic books and constantly breaking the fourth wall and with Josh Brolin being both Cable from Deadpool 2 and Thanos, and with Deadpool two making numerous jokes about the cross over I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a little Thanos cameo as a nice joke in the upcoming Deadpool movie I would pretty funny to have Deadpool face to face with Thanos being like, didn’t I steal your girlfriend? 2 Thanos resurrected villains With the snap that ended life half the life in the universe and changed the MCU forever, there's a chance that Thanos might have brought back some of the villains that have died in the MCU or introduced new ones His goal was to see life thrive in his new universe, in order to aid that he might have brought in some like-minded people

This could instantly introduce some major villains into the Marvel movies like Doctor Doom Now that Disney has the rights back for the fantastic 4 they will for sure be working on some sort of movie I mean you don’t spend 713 billion dollars on foxes properties just to put them on a shelf And frankly, I would love if characters like the fantastic 4 and doctor doom were just introduced to the MCU without another origin film

If there's anything the world doesn’t need its a 3rd fantastic 4 origin film 1 Thanos Planned everything We all know that scene from Avengers Infinity war where Doctor Strange says he looked through fourteen million six hundred and five realities and there was only one where they win Well what if Thanos did the same thing After getting all the stones what if the Mad Titan looked into those timelines as well and saw a one where the Avengers think they won but it all plays into his hand There a chance the Thanos is still one step ahead of earth’s mightiest heroes

Maybe he saw that there was no way to defeat them at full power but he knew that if he let the Avengers think they had won that a few of them would be dead and he would be able to return down the line to finish the job This actually makes a lot of sense Thanos is one of the best tacticians and it doesn’t really make sense that he wouldn’t use the stones for anything other than destroying the stones Someone like him always has a backup plan Well everyone that is our list

Let us know in the comics what you think is going to happen to Thanos in the MCU and who’s going to be the next big villain that the Avengers are going to have to go up against As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Until next time I’ve been Che Durena and I can’t wait to watch Endgame 20 more times

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