Top 10 Scary Texas Urban Legends – Part 3

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 i'm your host Che Durena So we’ve gone all over texas to find some of the most haunted, creepy, keep you up all night kind of places in texas and the public has shouted more! So today Im bringing you top 10 scary texas urban legends part 3

There is just so much haunted weird things going on in texas They should add that to their slogan, everything is bigger and more infested with ghost in texas As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell, Also stick around for number one and two because they really will have you looking over you shoulder at night And without taking any longer lets get into it 10 Summit Elementary school This place is legendary for have the worst childs are every, its said that the art made by the kids at this school is so awful that if you put it on your fridge it will break down and youll have to spend thousands of dollars on a new fridge No I just kidding, its way worse than that

The Summit hill elementary school is abandoned and one of the most haunted places in texas Nobody dare venture near it, well except for those guys with goatees that hunt ghost There a whole bunch of creepy stories tied to this place It said that this was a very common stop for people to commit racist murders against black people, in texas no way Another part of the legend is that there is the bodies of dead prostitutes stuffed into the walls, I would imagine that is terrible for the air quality, and on top of all that the janitor who used to work at the school would apparently throw kids in the boiler

There was a straight up freddy kreuger at this school But they did have a spanish program 9 The Fanged baby Dude this sounds the opening to an x-men movie, he had fangs and could crawl up walls and do sick flips and stuff I mean I would want this kid, he would have dope instagram account of him doing a bunch of cool feral stuff like hunting rabbits and seeing the dark, and then he would be on Ellen It would be like that little hank Williams kid times 1000

Unfortunately this urban legend doesn't end walking out onto a talk show stage This one follows a group of guys who were driving back from a camping trip when they saw something jump out into the road They swerved and missed it but a few people in the car could have sworn it was a little baby with fangs and blood all over its mouth One of the guys was a little too curious so he went back the next day to check it out When he got to the spot one of his tires blew so he changed it and was pretty exhausted by the whole ordeal so he decided to take a nap in his truck

He woke up to a fanged toddler sitting in his lap, it then bit him in the neck and took off out the window That dude should probably get that bite checkout, nobody wants baby rabies 8 Center Theatre This would make horror movies so much better, imagine you get to watch a movie about ghost in a place thats actually haunted with ghosts Amazing The Center theater is apparently haunted by the ghost of an usher The usher was killed at the theatre by a jealous boyfriend

On the brightside you would get free movies for eternity I mean there's way worse places you could die Imagine you died in a paint store and then you had to haunt that place for the rest of time, the most exciting part of your day would be when they bring in the new fall colors Eleven shades of brown, i'm on the edge of my seat 7 Civil War Ghost I guess the benefit of being a ghost after a war is you get to see everything that happens after

Your either like I cant believe what this world has come to, or man I was really the bad guy this whole time Over on the Thompson island bridge in San Marcos Texas, a Civil War ghost has taken a post that he will never leave The backstory on this ghoolie is he pops up whenever a war is happening, so for america that means this guy is working overtime Also its said he cant leave because he made a promise to his brother that hell make it home alive I think its time this guy took the L and just moved on to the after life

6 Sarah Jane Next we got Sarah Jane, we gotta go all the way back to the american civil war Sarah Jane was the wife of one of the soldiers fighting for the confederates in the Civil war One night in her home she saw enemy soldiers approaching and she panicked She had a baby in the home and she was worried that the men would kill her and her baby So she snatched up her baby, put it in a wicker basket, ran out the back door and rushed down to the river

She then hid her baby next to the river and returned to her home She thought they wouldn't kill a baby if they found it all alone However when she came back home the soldiers were gone So she returned to the river to find her baby, but it was gone also The tide in the river had risen and swept the baby away

In a panic she looked everywhere for her baby, running up to strangers asking if anyone had seen her baby Eventually when it was clear that her baby was gone she walked down to a bridge next to the river and hung herself from the bridge Its said if you return there you can see hear the baby crying and sarah jane frantically looking for her baby 5 Marfa lights Where jetting over to the little town of Marfa Texas In this little old country town there is some pretty weird happenings appearing right in the sky

The Marfa lights are these balls of light that appear out of nowhere Like someone floating in mid air lighting off a M-80 There has been so much speculation on what this could be Some people think its spirits floating around doing a little dance for all the people watching Just because your dead dosent mean you don't like attention

Other people think that it could be aliens, They think they travel in between this spot in Marfa and wherever they came from to take samples of the earth Like a little school trip to earth But scientist have said that its just balls of gas lighting up in the air Boring old scientist always have to ruin our fun But hey, we can still hope that they're just trying to cover up some actually alien activity

4 The Haunted Lighthouse of Bolivar Peninsula Do we still need lighthouses for anything other than being giant creepy buildings and being the best place for segauls to meet and poop I know nothing about sea travel so they might actually still be very important But the Lighthouse in Bolivar Peninsula is more than seabird truckstop Its haunted! They story behind this tale is the lighthouse used to manned by a husband and wife with the help of there teenaged son One day, maybe from too much sun or having to eat fish for dinner one to many times, this kid snapped and killed both his parents, and then commited suicide

Now the spirit of the crazed teenaged son haunts the halls or stairs, or whatever a lighthouse has The backstory on this one is kinda loose Some people swear that it is true, while others say its just a tale made up by kids who are stuck in a small town The only way to find out would be to go to lighthouse with some monster energy and a copy of call of duty to see if you can draw out his teen spirit 3 Camp Lulu sams Camps great guys, you get to make a bunch of new friends, do a bunch of arts and crafts and occasionally one of the camp counselors will go crazy and murder everyone there

Yaaaay, who needs sunscreen The legend behinds Camp Lulu sam's is it was an all girls camp and one night a counselor lost their mind and killed a bunch of the people who were at the camp It said you can hear the screams of children on the property at night However local if you check the history books there's nothing about a mass murder at the camp So this one might have been made up to spook the kids who come to stay there

2 Bigfoot Yes I know that Bigfoot was originally spotted in north carolina but there have been many sightings of the possible missing link in the lone star state I mean if your a bigfoot i cant imagine you believe in borders, you just kinda go where you please and try not to shot and make sure your always out of focus Although I do think that Texas would be one of the worst places for a bigfoot to travel too They're covered in hair and texas is almost always hot, there's cowboys and trackers all over the place who would probably all love to hunt you down and theres so many guns I would definitely put bigfoot on the list of things that are totally fine to shoot on site

But the old ape man is really popular in Texas, there's even a group in Beeville called the Bee county bigfoot research group that is dedicated to finding out the truth about bigfoot I wonder if they get paid to do that or if they just do it out of the goodness of their hearts 1 Ghost Kids Give You a Hand If your ever in South San Antonio dont park on the railroad tracks unless you want some unexpected help This one is a pretty horrible sight, it of course takes place in San Antonio but back in the 1930s when a bus full of school kids got stuck on some railroad tracks There was an incoming train that tried to stop in time but couldnt and slammed through the bus full of kids injuring some and leaving 10 dead These kids now haunt the area, if you make the strange choice to park on the railroad tracks then they will push your car off the tracks, preventing anyone from meeting the grizzly fate that they did

You can even put baby powder on your bumper to see there little handprints So creepy, but also the most helpful ghost of all time I wonder if you got a flat if they would all help you change it, I hope when I’m a ghost I'm this generous Well everyone that is our list, make sure you go to the comments and let us know about any other texas urban legends that you know about Like always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Until next time I’ve been your host Che Durena and I cant wait to go to texas to get some BBQ and watch an exorcism

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