Top 10 Scary Swedish Urban Legends

Ive been working on so many Urban Legends videos for you guys recently and every time I think weve peaked, another country surprises me with just how strange and creepy their urban legends are Today we visit Sweden, after this video youll be wondering if another country in Europe can beat it

Lets find out – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Swedish Urban Legends Starting off at number 10 we have The Silver Train This is a true ghost train story Locals called it the Silverpilen In Swedens capital of Stockholm, legend says that passengers waiting on the platform may see a silver train slowly pull up You must not get on

The train is heading to an abandoned station in the middle of the woods – its passengers are the souls of the dead People who get on will never return The legend is also connected to the abandoned Kymlinge metro station which is said to be a ghost station Locals say only the dead get off at Kymlinge Some even believe The Silver Train takes people to an underground station with no exit – it never returns to pick them up

At number 9 now we have The Palace of Scheffler Located in the capital of Stockholm, ghosts have been reported in this palace for well over 200 years Some of the stories involve people seeing mirrors and windows shattering for no reason as well as music and songs floating down the corridor with no source in sight One notable story involves a man called Jacob Von Balthasar Knigge – trying saying that in a hurry He was a former owner of the palace who was allegedly a worshiper of Satan

He disseapeared one night and witnesses said he was last seen entering a black carriage being pulled by a coachman with horns and a tail Had he sold his soul to the devil? Some people certainly think so This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creepy goings on here The palace is now owned by Stockholm University who use it for storage – thats probably for the best Coming in at number 8 we have the Borgvattnet Vicarage

Borgvattnett is a small village with just 50 residents there – but apparently a lot of ghosts Its actually said to have the highest number of ghosts per people anywhere in the country Perhaps the most haunted spot is the old vicarage Built in 1876, it seemed like a normal building for some 50 years Then, locals began reporting creepy goings on

Ghosts that are not just scary, theyre also violent Some of the ghosts have reportedly knocked people out of chairs, moved furniture around while people are sleeping or even one case of a ghost throwing babies out of a window If that sounds like your idea of fun, you can actually book a room there for the night and breakfast is included – if you make it to morning Next up at number 7 we have Toftaholm Herrgard Some Swedish people proudly claim this place as the most haunted hotel in the world

Located along the edge of Lake Vikostern, the hotel is picturesque but comes with a dark story attached to it One night, a young man killed himself in one of the hotel rooms after he was forbidden to marry the daughter of the landowner Hed had a secret love affair with her for months but her father, a rich baron, refused to give their blessing because he was a poor commoner Instead, he married her off to an older man not too dissimilar from the baron himself Heartbroken, he hanged himself from the rafters of what is now room 324

While most visitors avoid that room, that hasnt stopped them seeing the ghost of the heartbroken man He is said to wander through the hotel at night, shutting windows and crying out into the night … Coming in at number 6 we have Gamla Stan In 1520, the Danish King Kristian the 2nd invaded Sweden 92 members of the Swedish royal family refused to obey the invader so, Kristian sentenced them to death

All 92 of them were either beheaded or hanged in the main square of the Old Town of Stockholm known as Gamla Stan Some say their blood flowed across the cobblestones for months In the red building nearby, 92 white stones came to represent the 92 swedish nobles Now, locals believe that if a stone is removed, the ghost of one of the dead nobels will rise up and haunt the streets of Stockholm Moving on to number 5 we have The Skogsra

In ancient Swedish folklore, the Skogsra are forest spirits From the front they look like a beautiful woman but from the back they resemble a tree trunk There stories of men who were entranced by these spirits without ever seeing their other form from the back The Skogsra wear the men down over days and weeks, draining them until they were helpless – playing on their temptations, fears and fantasies If they manage to outsmart the spirit, the men will see their true form from behind and the Skogsra will disappear forever

If they do not, they are carried off into the woods at their weakest, never to be seen again Next up at number 4 we have The Mylingar These are said to be the undead corpses or ghosts of infants murdered by their mothers They haunt the places where they were buried with cries that pierce the night air Why do they cry? Well, they want you to give them a name – they were often said to be killed before receiving a name, now thats all they want

Theyll ask you to carry them to hallowed ground to be buried – they grow in size as you get closer There have been stories of these undead babies asking people for other tasks on roads at night – if they don't perform the tasks, the person will often return home to find a member of their family has been killed – often in the same theme as the original request I would go into some of the details I saw but they really are gruesome All you need to know is that theyre Zombie Babies – not two words you want to hear together … Coming in at number 3 we have the Nyk Also known as the Nokken or Nykkjen, this is a mysterious water creature that always crops up in Scandanavian folklore

In Swedish tradition, the Nyk lives in freshwater, lakes and deep ponds They are shapeshifters and will often transform into a handsome young man They then trick women into jumping in the water before drowning them There are also other versions of the legend that involve him changing into a white horse to let children ride on his back before jumping into his bond to drown them Some believe the only way to save yourself is to throw metal in the water, like a needle or iron cross

Next up at number 2 we have Stockholms Royal Palace As you might expect from a palace, this place is huge Many of its 1400 rooms come with some of Swedens most famous ghost stories Among them is the White Lady, her name in life was Vita Frun She is said to appear anytime a member of Swedens royal family dies

King Oscar once wrote that she is tall, wears a long white dress with a white veil and dark cloves She wanders the rooms and halways clutching a ring of keys which jangle and echo in the night In 1971, Princess Eugenie saw The White Lady 3 days before the death of Queen Louise Over half a century before, she was also said to appear as Princess Margaret lay dying Despite not actually being dead yet, a guard saw The White Lady standing on the roof – keys in hand

Two hours later, the princess was dead … And finally at number 1 we have Svaneholm Castle This is another castle in southern Sweden known for its high concentration of ghosts Perhaps the most famous is King Frederik the 2nd who his said to wander the halls at night searching for his long lost love who he never married Then there are the 3 ladies In previous Urban Legend videos, you may have heard me talk about a castle or house having the White Lady, the Black Lady or the Grey Lady ghost

Things like that Well, how about all 3 Thats right, visitors to Svaneholm castle have reported 3 seperate ghost ladies – some even say they compete for each others territory Another regular on the scene is said to be the Grey Monk who was murdered in the castle in the 1500s and now occasionally helps staff carry heavy items up the stairs from the cellars Is that not the most helpful ghost youve ever heard of? I say all ghosts should be put to work

Just kidding, let them do their thing Thats Sweden done – whats next? Denmark? Norway? Shall we go back to ancient times and do some Viking legends? Youre in control of where the Urban Legends ship sails to next so make your voice heard down below – thanks for watching as always guys, my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video

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