Top 10 Scary Sunken Ships

Hey everyone and welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Back in the day being a pirate would have been boss

You just sail around on a boat and stab dudes while your perpetually drunk and hide gold in places that you can go pick up when your ready to retire But the down side would be getting into a cannon ball fight with another boat, losing, and then being stuck out in the ocean for a long long time hoping you can find land before some shark eats you Now we have to tech to go look at the pirate grave sites and today we will along with many other sunken vessels on today's list of Top 10 scary sunken ships As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification belle, and dont forget to follow most amazing top ten on facebook and instagram, there a ton of extra content there and its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better and without taking any longer, lets get into it

10 Costa Concordia Hey we all like to show off, maybe theres girls watching and you want to impress them or maybe you never resolved that deep regret for not pushing yourself harder in highschool football But sometimes you need to remember that your at work and its not time to try and show people how cool you think you are Well back in 2012 The Captain of the Costa Concordia thought he would show everyone on board of this italian cruise ship how good of captain he was by performing a sail by Just so you know its nothing like a drive by, everything on boats is nicer Like drinking and drivin, bad, Drinking and boating, thats the only way you can get people on a boat

A sail by is when you try to swoop in close to a land mass to take a close look What ended up happening is the captain misjudged how close he was and crashed right into in After this he tried to be a hero and help everyone on the ship, just kidding he abandoned ship He treated crashing into this island like hiding the piece of your moms vase you broke while playing kickball inside He was later arrested and charged with manslaughter and abandoning ship

9 MS Estonia Now heres another case of people just not really doing there job right The MS Estonia was a smaller transport ship that was used sometimes as a cruise ship but mostly as a ferry One day it was making its pretty standard trip from Estonia to sweden and there was 989 people on board this boat So far so good, but the cargo on the boat haddent been evenly placed on the boat and the weight distribution was off While making the crossing the MS Estonia got hit with some major bad weather and the ship leaned over to one side and began to flood

It was a devastating loss as most of the people on board didnt make it 989 people went out and only 138 were picked up by the coast guard If they had just put a little more effort into their job, like moved a couple of boxes to the other side then this might have not been a problem Also I have no idea how boats work so maybe it was a little more complicated then that 8 SS Edmund Fitzgerald The year is 1975 and a big tanker is trying to cross lake supiriro

This seem like it should have been the most chill voyage ever, your crossing a lake, your in a big boat It sounds the kind of job you can do with a sandwich in your hand and hungover from the night before But its on this list so you already know that something went wrong And Im gonna tell you the truth, I have no idea why this big guy sunk, there was no distress signal sent out Maybe it was ghost pirates! Or it could have been the hurricane winds and 35 foot swells that were happening on the lake that day

Something weird about this shipwreck is Gordon Lightfoot made a song about Whos Gordon Lightfoot? I have no idea, maybe he would be more famous if wasnt writing songs about sunkships How about you write some songs about drugs sex and violence so I have something to listen to while meditating 7 Carnival Triumph So this ship didnt sink but it did get wrecked and I had to include it on the list because it an amazing story So it was back in 2013 and this cruise ship was out in the golf of mexico, people were eating and drinking there faces off, everyone's diet was horrible, IBS was running smoke all over

It was truly a great time Then a fire broke out in one of the engine rooms, the fire was quickly put out by the ships safety systems but it did enough damage that the ship lost power This caused the motors to stop working and, get this, sewage to back up into the passenger areas All those margarita fueled diarrhea squirts that these people were firing into their toilettes were coming back to haunt them Poop was everywhere! It was hot too, a bunch of stinky turds baking out in the sun and they were stuck out there for 4 days! 4 days of poop fumes dancing in your nose holes

I guess you could say they had a crap time, ahahahah 6 MV Le Joola Guys we have rules for a reason, dont run with scissors your gonna fall and cut yourself, chew your food so you dont choke like a dog inhaling a bird And when theres a capacity limit on something maybe you should listen The MV Le Joola was making a trip from Senegal to Dekar back in 2002 and this bad boy was 3 times over the capcity limit You know what would happen if I got pulled over and I blew into a breathalizer 3 times over the legal limit, well I bet I would have had a really good night and like jail or something Well the people in charge of running this boat obviously didnt care about the rules or the poor weather conditions they were running into

They hit a storm and the ship flip in no time And because the weather was so bad it took a while for rescue workers to come grab them and almost no one was recovred 5 MTS Oceanos If you ever go on a cruise dont cheap out, also if your run a cruise ship please take care of it The MTS Oceanos was case of neglect on several levels First, the cruise ship was run down

This thing was littered with loose hull plates, a hole in the bulk head and some of the ship had been stripped for spare parts This is like taking a cruise run by your buddy Kev with a 1999 toyota corolla that has a 1000 water bottles in it and garbage bag window, dont worry man youll get used to the smell On its final voyage an explosion in the engine room, this is where the second level of neglect comes in The crew couldnt fix it, so they just dipped They didnt sound any alarms, didnt tell passengers, they were just like sucks to suck and took off

After the people were left to fend for themselves it was an entertainer on the boat who sent out a distress call that got everyone saved I dont know who this guy is but hes got some major big dick energy He saved a cruise ship full of people after all hope was lost, dude please be my dad 4 MV dona paz This is a situation of bad thing after bad thing after another bad thing The MV Dona Paz was a ferry taking through some transport waters in the philippines

It was filled with to the brim with passengers This was a night voyager so visibility was really poor, so poor that the ship collided with an Oil tanker, The MT Vector Oil Tanker This was a brutal crash injuring many of the people on board of both ships Then the oil inside the MT Vector caust fire, there were now two burning ships and the oil hard spread into the ocean so there was literally burning water People tried to save themselves by jumping into the water but between the two ships only 26 people survived

3 USS Arizona December 7 1941, a date that will live in infamy When you listen to this old recording the boarcaster sounds like palpatine I wonder if when the americans made the decision to join the war someone was in the back like Do it The sinking of the USS Arizona is of course one of the most famous of all time It was an attack from the japanese on the americans which brought America into the war

It was a major tragedy with only 1 third of the ship's crew making it out alive Theres a memorial at the site of the sunken as a reminder of what happened that day I dont know much about history but Im gonna go out on a limb and say this was a bad move, the attack on pearl harbor eventually lead to the dropping of two atomic bombs The most powerful bombs on the planet at that time, you could even say they had Unlimited Power 2 The Titanic What Can I tell you guys about this boat that you dont all ready know

Leonardo DiCaprio fell in love on it and then banged some chick in a car and then died of hypothermia The end, I just saved you 7 hours or however long that movie is Trust me you dont want to waste your time watching that movie, an extended cut of avengers endgame got announced and thats way more important Well for those of you who dont know, the Titanic was suppose to be a marvel of technology and thought to be a completely unsinkable ship They were so confident that there wasnt enough lifeboats and no safety briefings were given on what to do if the ship did sink

The ship smashed an iceberg some dude fell into a propellor and a bunch of rich people froze to death The end I dont know if you guys heard theyve built a second titanic and its going to be taking the same route as the original boat At least this time when it sink I can watch it on someone's instagram live 1 Wilhelm Gustloff The sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff was a major tragedy

It was the most lives lost in the sinking of a boat ever Over 9006 people died It was back in 1945 when this boat was making its trip across baltic waters And I want everyone to understand that this was a civilian vessel, there were no weapons, the ship wasnt smuggling anything, there were no secrets to be had no this boat It was about half way through the voyage when the Wilhelm Gustoff was attacked by a soviet military

A soviet battleship shot 3 torpedoes at the vessel causing it to sink immediately People were thrown form ship by the force of the impact, but it wasnt the weapons that would be these peoples fate but the negative temperatures Many of the people aboard died from the freezing cold waters Well everyone thats our list! Thank you all so much for tuning in As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the hosts a little bit better Until next time Ive been Che Durena and I you wont catch me on a boat for quite some time

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