Top 10 Scary Stories Told on Reddit

Hey Everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Whats some of the best parts about reddit? Well you can use it to discuss tv shows, find the latests memes, complain about pretty much anything

But one of the best hidden features of reddit is scary stories Some of the most bone chilling tales ever written are tucked away in the far corners of the reddit verse and I did some digging to find them So today were going through the list of the Top 10 Scary Stories Told on Reddit Make sure you stick around for the top 3 and let me know which order you would have put them in As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

And without taking any longer lets get into it 10 The end Result is the same This one was thrown onto reddit buy reddit user queen of scots Ruthy was older now, just had passed her 85th birthday a few months ago and now her body was starting to go Her vision was poor, she had trouble moving and she didnt always make it to the bathroom on time One night she received a knock at the door

She opened it to reveal a tall figure draped in a dark hood She thought this must be death and her time had come The tall figure stretched out his hand and Ruthy took it, but it was wasn't cold and stiff as she thoughts death's hand would be, but shaky and sweaty Then he started guiding to the driveway and it seems there was a car parked in front of her house But why would death drive a car? Will it hurt? Said ruth looking up at deaths skull face

But it wasn't a skull face, but a pale pimply face, and through grinning teeth he said yes Ruth would try to scream but the gag muffled her noise, and it did hurt, ruth would meet death, just not it the way she imagined 9 The experiment Moving on we have on posted by reddit user AR Junks Dave was working late one night in the lab and the phone rang, “Hello this is dave speaking” The caller shouted, whatever you do, do not pick up the phone

Then the call went dead, how did the caller get the lab number and who would waste their time trying to prank call this late at night He went back to his work, he was almost at a breakthrough, if this experiment went right this new energy could change the world Just then the phone rang again Furious he spun his chair around to grab the phone, he accidently knocked his workstation and everything went black He wasnt in lab anymore, but just empty darkness for miles

‘Hello’ he yelled out, but there was no answer Just then he got an idea, he pulled out his phone It was almost dead but it had reception He called the lab, someone picked up and he heard, “Hello this is Dave speaking” 8 The Pills Our next one was written by K

R Shann I had developed a sickness and the doctor prescribed me some pills I was very sick so thank god I had my wife with me, she made sure I took my little red and blue pills every 6 hours As time went on my sickness only got worse, my skin got pale, I grew very weak and my eyes became sunken

My wife reached out to the doctor and he seemed to think that an increase in medication would help So I was now taking a dose every 4 hours My condition only worsened One day while my wife was out grocery shopping I noticed it was time for me to take my medication It was a struggle but I managed to make my way to the medicine cabinet, there were little blue and red pill spilt inside the cabinet so I grabbed my pill bottle to put them back it, I opened it and that's when I saw it

My pills were white 7 The Shed Our number 7 on our list is the shed by minn boy At the edge of the warrens property sat their shed, It was an older creeky thing with no windows and a massive padlock on it to keep everyone out except for the warrens patriarch Jeff The warrens had two boys Jeb and Evan who both new to never go in the shed, if they ever asked their mother about it she would quickly changed the subject One day the boys were playing catch in the backyard, a missed pass led the ball tumbling close to the shed

Evan ran up to retrieve the ball and saw that the door of the shed was ajar “Wow dad must have forgot to lock it” said Evan, lets go in “No way said Jeb, dad will skin us alive” Jeb turned and ran to the house without looking back to see if his brother followed That night when Jeb came down for dinner he saw 3 place settings instead of 4, his mothers eyes were red like she had just been crying and his father was carving a roast

“Wheres Evan” asked Jeb “We don’t know anyone named Evan” replied his father 6 The Wanderers We have another one coming way of KR Shann

The atmosphere changed one summer and whipped out everything, no crop would grow, they rain wouldnt fall and people were starving Andrea was running back to her house carrying a blundell She burst through the door, locked it, went straight to the trap door and laid the bundle down Then she heard them, the wanderers They were savages that would travel in search of food, they would kill for rice

They bashed down the door, walked in and saw Andrea “Heard you have food” said one of the wanderers “I dont have anything” said andrea The wanderers searched the whole house and found nothing Just when they were about to leave a babys cry broke through the silence

So you do have food 5 The Accident This next one was also written by Minn Boy Dave was driving home after a late night at work He had been pushing himself hard at work and was exhausted He was a little too tired to see what was coming when a cyclist cut out in front of him and he hit them

The person tumbled over his hood and in a panic he spread off Why did he run, he thought, he should have stayed He got home, rushed inside and sat on the couch for hours feeling fear like he had never felt before He thought it was only a matter of time before they connected this to him Just then there was a knock at the door, he answered it and standing there was a police officer

Dave was frozen with fear Mr Mandelson said the police officer A yes barley creeped out of Daves mouth Im very sorry to tell you this but your son was struck and killed on his bike this evening

4 Tired Im so tired lately I have so much trouble sleeping and when I do fall asleep I wake up in strange places, like standing in the bathroom or living room Sometimes I have strange dreams that seem all to real One night Im struggling to sleep so I decided to get up and make myself a snack I go to the kitchen and start cutting some vegetables and I slice off my finger

But it doesn't hurt and my finger grows back Just then I realize Im dreaming, So I decided to push the limits and cutt off another finger It also grows back, well I should try and see if I can fly So I go to head up to the roof but I slip and fall, this wakes me up and when I come too I’m on the floor of the kitchen in a pool of blood with two missing fingers 3 The mirror Rebecca and finally found the perfect mirror to hang in her room after her ex left with the last one

That night she hung it up, grabbed a good book and cuddled up in her room It was getting late when she heard her phone rang, it was her ex husband Randy, she rolled her eyes and ignored the call Just then she saw a shadow in the mirror, she got up to take a closer look and the shadow formed into an image of her ex husband standing in her room with a handgun She turned to look but there was nothing there When she looked back at the mirror it had cleared as well

Feeling very frightened she called the police, she was unsure what to say, so she told them that she thought Randy might kill himself An hour later her phone rang, it was the police Mrs Herra, said the officer We found your ex husbands car The door to her room started to creek open

Its parked outside your house 2 Sleepwalker This used to happen a few years ago when I was still living at home, I would get woken up by my four year old sister just standing in my room She was sleep walking This would happen to my parents as well and a few times we found her standing at the top of the stairs My parents were worried she would fall down the stair so they installed a child gate

Once in the middle of the night I woke up to go to the bathroom and I saw my little sister standing at the top of the stairs pointing down to the bottom It was a little unsettling but I just lead her back to her room and then went back to bed When it turned to summer time sometimes I would hear my sister up late talking to herself, it seemed pretty cute but sometimes I swear I heard a deep voice respond to her I eventually went off to college but we never knew why my little sister would sleep walk and why it seemed like she wanted us to lead her downstairs 1 Missing boy Two weeks ago my son went missing, I did everything I could do to find him, filed a police report, search parties, posters but there was no sign of him

I had given up hope I told the police to give up hope, but they didnt They showed up at my door with huge smiles on their faces and in front of them was my son They said they found him wandering in the forest on the edge of town I took him in but I knew that this was not my son

Late at night I would find him standing in the doorway of my room, when I would get up to check if it was him he would disappear He talks like my son, acts like my son and looks like my son but I know this is not him I know this because two weeks ago I killed my son and buried him in the forest on the edge of town Well everyone that is our list! Let us know in the comments which scary story you like the best and whos your favourite scary story author on reddit As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Until next time ive been your host Che Durena and I hope these stories were so scary youll all be sleeping with the night light on

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