Top 10 Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – Part 2

Hey everyone welcomes back to most amazing top 10, I'm your host Che Durena Something that has definitely been making a comeback in recent years is horror and whats the root of all good horror, well a scary story

So today I’ve put together a list of the best scary stories I could find I even put in a few of my own so make sure you watch them all and see if you can guess which ones were written by me As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell and without waiting any longer let's get into it 10 The home We grew up in an old home in the 70s, it was probably over 100 years old when we moved in I always remember my mom never liked being home alone

She would always ask me to stay home if my dad wasn't around I never notice strange things happening in the home until I started to get a little older but sometimes things would go missing and books would fall off the books shelves My parents told me that they would often find up late at night talking to someone, I remember playing with a small boy but they insist that no one was ever there When I was 14 I was walking down the hallway of my house and a saw a man at the end of it, I had never seen him before but he was staring at me grinning, I was frozen in place and then I felt a hand touch my shoulder I turned and it was my mother, I looked back and the man was gone

My parents divorced and we moved not too long after that but I never forgot that day 9 Walking Alone One night Amanda was walking home after work, usually, when it's this late she would try and find a ride but it was so warm she wanted to enjoy it It seemed eerily quite, it was a Tuesday night but it was like there was not another soul for miles She felt like someone was following her so she looked over her shoulder and saw a brown windowless van creeping behind her It was starting to scare her so she sped up but the van kept with her pace

Rebecca thought she saw someone turn down an ally up ahead, desperate for help she ran towards and turned down the ally but when she got there no one was there The van pulled up and a man stepped out wearing a long trench coat and holding a sharpened hook Rebecca sprinted down the alleyway only to reach a dead end The man was getting closer and she was screaming Please No Just when the man was about 10 feet away someone popped out of there window and yell, Hey are you ok? This scares the hook-wielding man and he ran off into the night

Rebecca sat there crying for a few minutes before she contacted the police, the man was never found 8 Wax Museum Me and family would always go on trips, one year we drove to Las Vegas It was so bright and exciting What I was most excited for was the wax museum They had representations of famous people from all throughout history

After we check into our hotel it was the first place we went but right when we crossed through the doors I could feel something was off, it felt something terrible was about to happen We were walking through and I couldn't shake this feeling Then all of a sudden the power went out and something pushed me over It was only for a moment but when the power came back my little sister was missing It started out as a joke and then got serious when we couldn't find her

We called the police and a full investigation was launched but she was never found My parents never fully recovered from the loss but once I was old enough to go on my own I went back, I walked through, and then just before the end one of the wax dummies winked at me 7 From the deep I had been teaching free diving for a long time, I grew up in Texas but made my way out to Mexico when I 25 It was nice to work in beautiful clear warm water One day I and a friend decided to go out and just do some freediving of our own, no students

We brought a spear gun to hunt some lobsters We were just about to wrap up the day when my buddy said he thought he’d say something big swim by, it might have been a manta ray so we wanted to take a closer look We dove down but as we closed in we saw it, it looked like a man with scaly skin and gills, and where its face should be was just a whole with sharp teeth, We tried to swim away but it grabbed my friend, it put its hands around his neck and I could hear the bones snap Then I saw more of them, one reached for and cut my leg but I managed to get away I know what I saw was real because I have the scar to remember it

6 The gypsy When I was about 26 I went to see a fortian teller I didn't believe in them, I went more to just make fun of her While she was reading my fortune I kept making jokes, eventually, she had enough and said if you wish to insult, now you are cursed with being the fool It freaked me out so I left A few weeks later my friend calls me and asked if I've seen it, I asked her what, and she said pictures had been uploaded of me, pictures I wouldn't want anyone to see

I tried to find out who did it but never could A week after that I noticed my hair falling out, and I started breaking out, I stopped going out because I was too embarrassed I went back to go see the fortune teller but her office as now abandoned On the way home, I slipped and fell and instead of anyone helping me all I heard was laughter 5 Janelle had just moved into her dorm for freshman year

She’s so excited unpacking all her things She got everything set up the way she wanted and was wondering why her dormmate hadn't shown up yet She didn't really think of it and went on with her day and went to check out the campus She can back later that evening and when she came into her room, most of her things were missing Her clothes, makeup and even pictures of herself

She went to campus security to tell them what had happened but they told her that she had already filed a report She argued with them but they told her to go back to her room and that they were working on it When she got back to her dorm her door was open She slowly opened and there was a girl crying Janelle asked the girl if she was ok as she walked in, the girl just said please close the door

Janelle shut the door behind her and then the girl turned and looked at her Janelle's heart sunk, the girl looks exactly like her The girl lunged at Janelle and knocked her unconscious She woke up to a knock at the door she was in the closet but she couldn't move, she was tied up Then she heard campus security ask if her stuff was still missing followed by her own voice saying It's ok I found everything

4 The Date I was driving from the suburbs to downtown one night to meet up with a girl I met online I was texting back and forth with her while I was driving even though I know I shouldn't have I looked up from my phone and a man was about 10 feet out from my car and I slammed on the breaks Stopped right before I hit him, he then brandished a gun and told me to get out of my car I was unarmed and totally caught off guard so I just stepped out

He then pulled out a pair of handcuffs out and told me to put them on I was scared and didn't want to die so I did what he said, he then told me to get in the trunk He slammed to trunk closed, and I heard the car start up He drove a couple of hours before he stopped Then the trunk opened

He had the gun pointed on me and told me to get out There was a old farmhouse and the front entrance to the cellar was open He told me to go down into the cellar and followed me in He threw me the keys for my handcuffs and told me to handcuff myself to the exposed pipe on the wall I yelled why are you doing this and he said this is our date

3 Father After my mother died my father secluded himself to the basement He would spend hours down there and tell us never to disturb him After a while set up so it could be locked from the inside and put padlocks on the outside He worked as a surgeon and do some of his studying down there One night I swear I heard screaming coming from the basement when I brought it up with my father he said he was just watching a movie

I was getting increasingly curious and a little scared so one day when my father forgot to take the padlock keys into the basement I took them to get copied It took a couple of weeks but eventually, he left to get groceries, as soon as I was certain he was gone I unlocked the door and headed into the basement It was dark, and the light switch wasn't working, I headed down to try and find another way to turn on the lights, then I heard a moan I immediately took out my phone and turned on the flashlight There were pictures of my mother everywhere, and a surgical table with a woman who had been sliced open every which way, It looked like horrific plastic surgery and she was barely alive

Then I heard my fathers voice say, I’m bringing her back 2 sight I had been losing my vision for years now, every few months I could notice it was getting a little worse My doctor told me it within the year I would be completely blind but I could still make up some shapes I'm an only child and my parents had both passed so I had to manage this on my own Late one night I heard a smash come from my bedroom, I slowly made way there

When I opened there I ran my hand over things to try and find what fell then I felt Someone breathing on my shoulder They grabbed and took me to the ground I tried to fight back but they were strong and taped my hands and feet together, then put a gag in my mouth He started to speak and he said You know me, and you trust me and one day I'll kill you because I can

He then put a rag over my mouth and I passed out, woke up on the floor unbound That was 2 years ago and I am now completely blind, tonight I just heard a smash 1 A short one My favorite horror stories are the short and sweet ones so our number one is: After working a long day I came home to see my girlfriend cradling our child I didnt know which was more frightening, seeing my dead girlfriend with your stillborn child or that someone had broke in to place them there Hey everyone that our list! Thank you so much for tuning in

please let us know which ones were your favorite and remember I wrote a couple of these so let see if you can figure out which ones As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the notification bell I've been your host Che Durena and Ill see you next time

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