Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told That Might Be Real – Part 8

How’s it going all you amazing people, We are your hosts Landon Do Not Scare Me and Ayman: what is upppp top 10 fam! Its me ayman do not scare me just kidding its ayman hasan why do so many of you guys think we’re siblings?! Lmao people either ship the hosts or think we’re related so i hope you enjoy this video from the Dowlatsingh siblings! Landon: I really feel like you liked the last part of this series so I thought I would bring you back on for part 7 If you guys want to be apart of the next video just leave your comment in the comment section below and also look for this image right here on my instagram @landonproductions and tell me your scary story

I will follow the people I choose to feature in the video Landon: Alright so this right here is the top 10 scary stories ever told that might be real part 7 Make sure you guys stay tuned till the end of the video because we have a very scary story from a police officer Thanks to everyone who submitted in there story Ayman: Starting us off with number 10 is The Gift and this one was shared with us by Tiffany Kuykendall: My story is I have the ability to see into the spiritual world ever since I was a little kid

So I have always been scared of the dark I have always slept with a light on in my room I was in high school when this happened I was trying to fall asleep but I was having a hard time so I rolled over on my stomach to try and fall asleep It was about 15 minutes later and I was about to fall asleep

All of a sudden my head was turned into my pillow and I felt hands around my neck and something on my back I struggled for 2 minutes as I was being smothered by my pillow and fearing for my life Now I have a guardian angel, I have met him twice in his human form and he has saved my life more times than I can count He showed up and threw what was on me off I sat up instantly trying to get breath into my lungs as tears stung my eyes

I looked to where whatever it was as it crashed into my dresser across the room I was met with glowing blood red eyes and the body was black It growled at me and said "This is not over" and fled out the closed window next to it Shaken I ran to my sister's room and slept in her bed for the rest of the night I told her what happened and she knew about my gift

I still sleep with a light on even at 26 years old Tiffany i feel like this is like the worst lucid dream anyone could have except its not a dream the nightmare was very physically present Ive never met anyone that has a gift or ability so what does that even feel like i mean what does that even look like?! i get you on another level its not even funny, ive always hated the dark and i sleep with a little night light as well No shame Keep the nightlight going and keep that guardian angel close we cant have this devil demon visit you again! Landon: Number 9

Here's a story about when my mom lived in a haunted house:when I was not born my mom was living in a haunted farmhouse she had three sons one day my mom was making dinner two of the brothers Christian and Jamie were in the kitchen and the other brother Daniel was in the living room sitting on the couch suddenly he felt hard poking someone or something was hitting and hurting him when his mom came back in the living room to give him his dinner he was lying on the floor with all scratches and bruisesevery single day something happened

Ok what do you mean by every single day something happened? So scary, how long did your mom live in that haunted house for? Because as soon as I got just one scratch on my body from the paranormal I am outta there I am grabbing my Game boy with Pokemon red in it and I am gone

I am running faster than forest gump People are going to be saying, Run Landon Run Ayman: At number 8 we have The Person This one gave me the creeps and was shared by Elizabeth Wilkins, she said: My dad is one of the most non believers in the paranormal, this incident scared and still baffles him My dad and I were waiting at the train station in port Augusta in South Australia

It was midnight, now I was waiting for it to get back to work We were getting a little concerned as it was running late, I wasn't sure what to do as phone coverage was poor, we saw at the end of the platform there was a person sitting waiting for the train, I figured we should ask if they knew how long the train will be We both started walking over and getting closer, we were only 5 metres away and this person literally evaporated I looked at my dad who was dumbfounded and said there's no way, he was just there! It's been almost 7 years and my dad says that it changed his point of view on the paranormal I love when a story has a nonbeliever that becomes a believer

Honestly if it was midnight and i was at an emptyish train station with barely any coverage i would be freaking out already so the fact this person literally evaporated in front of your eyes is actually giving me goosebumps I take the train everyday for work and honestly im so happy i wasnt you at that point Evaporating train ghosts are a hard no from me Ayman: Filling our number 7 slot is The Clown Just the thought of clowns has been demonized so much for me now i can never look at them as cute entertaining characters and apparently neither can Francesca Gehrs

This is what she shared with us: When I was three it was the night before Halloween and I was taking a bath and my sister was watching IT in the next room after I was done I came into the room and saw the part were the kid losses the boat into the sewer mind you I was three I went to bed and I was dreaming of a clown that didn’t look anything like penny wise then I woke up screaming and then I saw the clown but not penny wise right in front of me staring at me then I screamed so loud I woke up my parents and my sister my sister asked what was wrong and I said there was a clown right in front of me I had that happen for five more years I forgot about it and then I was watching one of ur serial killer videos and then i found the man of the clown i was dreaming about when I was younger i was dreaming and seeing John Wayne gacy jr mind u I was three and I have never heard of him before I am still terrified of clowns I’m now twelve and I hope I get to be in one of these videos love this channel Its so weird that you dreamt abut John Wayne Gacy when youd never heard of him, but they say you can actually only dream about faces youve seen in real life so maybe you saw a picture of him or a show about him in passing on tv and thats where it entered into your subconscious But im no psychologist Im actually genuinely worried about whether you dreamed that you saw him or if he was actually in your room about to kill you but your scream and your parents coming in made him abort his plan Landon: a Vivid dream that might actually be reality is next up at Number 6 This story comes from Nicholas Simons thanks so much for sending this in

this is what you wrote When I was younger I had a night I vividly remember We lived out in the country, and this was when I had finally gotten my own room In the middle of the night it looked like a duck head had formed out of my blanket and periodically it would peck at the bed make a noise and then stare at me This had scared me enough that I left my bedroom to sleep in a chair in the living room, but I could see my doorway and in it all I saw was pitch black nothingness with brightly colored eyes closing and opening in various spaces in the doorway staring at me

The chair was facing this and had scared me enough to get up and move one final time This time I had moved to my parents bedroom, however it would be a while before i slept, as this time coming into the bedroom it was like searchlights were searching for me Soft white light like searchlights were coming from beyond the door to my parents room No matter how much I wanted to sleep I couldn't all I could do was stare at the doorway and hope I was safe I eventually passed out and morning had arrived, nothing to this degree had happened again for a while

To this day I still feel like the trailer is haunted, despite everyone telling me what had happened was just my imagination How long ago did this happen? Have you been back to the trailer since? I for sure would have wet the bed if I saw something starring at me, but maybe it was a duck and nothing else But I can’t really explain the soft white light in your doorway Maybe it was a possessed duck, or maybe it was the slenderman Landon:The Evaporating ghost that was caught staring at you at night time is at number 5 This frightening story comes from Irvin Esmabe

Here's my story, There was a time when me and my wife are sleeping at their family house I felt the urge to pee, I slowly opened my eyes and there at my feet sitting a girl looking at me She seemed soul-less her eyes are deep black looking directly in my soul, her skin have cracks and it's color is same with the ashes of burnt wood, her dress is dark long gown I want to scream to jump out of the bed or even wake my wife up but I can't, I can't move, I can't scream and I remember I can't even breathe, all I can do is to pray on my thoughts Slowly I can move my toes, my fingers and there finally I jumped out of bed, I instantly switched on the lights and saw an evaporating smoke where I saw this ghost

And nope I wasn't dreaming Imagine if all this was caught on camera that would be insane because people would for sure believe you, but you know what I believe you, I believe this happened because why not

How is it possible that millions of people have seen something? How is it that when I’ve played the Ouija board and the thing moved and was spelling things out I wonder if there was a little girl in your town or area that passed away? Maybe someone you might know in the family or a friend when you were younger? Maybe the ghost had unfinished business who knows? Ayman: At number 4 is The Family Friend This one was shared with us by Hades Asphodel and they said: this is my true scary story I was 18 when my family moved to TX It was after i graduated and stayed home most of the day as i looked for a job

My parents loved to go out at night and play the slot games so i was left home alone at night a lot It didn't bother me as i was use to it It started out as knocking and the sounds of door opening and closing When i would go to check nobody would be home so i brushed it off as me being paranoid It wasn't till i started to hear whistling and words in my ear that I started to freak out

I told my mom and she brushed it off as me trying to scare her one night i had finished showering and got dressed, as i walked to my room i had to pass the living room and saw my parents home with a family friend I went to say hi but my mom looked at me her face white as was my fathers and the family friend "what?" I asked confused by the looks my mom asked me how did i get to the bathroom

I was even more confused as there was no way for me to get to the bathroom without passing the living room I told her "i had been in the bathroom this whole time taking a shower" as i pointed to my head "why?" they all looked at each other and them my closed bed room door "Someone was knocking on your doorwe thought it was you I even called out for you to stop" I walked to my room and opened my door no one was in my room I turned and looked at my mom "Now do you believe me?" I asked Honestly as soon as you mentioned a family friend I knew things were about to go very wrong and they did

I actually thought the family friend was gonna be a ghost like i thought your parents were gonna be like theres no one else in the room I really wanna know what words you were hearing before all this happened at first even i was like are they imagining things so i'm sorry i snaked you there Thats just so creepy like i really hope you didnt stay in your room that night I know i wouldnt have been able to Landon: Frozen in time is next up at number 3

This story comes from Ashema Deva Traveler This is what they wrote I have a story, I was about 5 or 6 when this happened to me not sure if it was sleep paralysis or something else but I shared a room with my older sister and one night I woke up but i couldn't move and the walls were this erie red color and there were comedy and tragedy faces on the wall, some laughing, some crying, some yelling at me saying I done something wrong and I was absolutely balling my eyes out and my head was throbbing with pain, soon after my mom came in but the faces gone quiet and just staring at me and faded away when my mom took me out the room Idk what to think of that but I never felt the same I think sleep Paralysis is a lot more common than I thought, especially after hearing about all of your stories over the past few parts of this video Ayman: Now at number 2 are the Black Figures

This one was shared by one of our youtube subs called Random gamer This is what they said: My scary story: This is recent and to do with my little boy who's 14 months old My son is normally pritty good about going to sleep but recently he's been struggling to sleep So a few nights ago I'm sat in silent reading on my phone with his baby monitor next to me and he began to babble away to himself and laughing After a while he began to cry like he'd been hurt, just before I got up to go into him over the monitor I hear "Shhh I didn't mean to scare you"

I know it couldn't be my son as he's 14 months and can't even talk I ran in there so quickly and there was nobody in his room but my son, I picked him up hugging him and as I walked out the room with him he began to wave to someone My son is now sleeping in my room with me and my partner I'm too scared to leave him in there now Sorry for the grammer mistakes This is literally paranormal activity shit right here

I read this one at home alone at midnight and it made me look around my house in case someone was there That is honestly the most terrifying thing i can think of, for a random person or spirit or force to be with your baby that you cant even see I honestly wouldve moved house and used a flamethrower on the baby monitor honestly Kudos to you for still living there Landon: Number 1

We have a very terrifying story from a police officer This story comes from Wakizu thanks for sending this in, and thanks so much for your services I work as a police officer in Romania in 112 (like 911 in America), in one night i received a call for a burning house, where a 35 year old woman died, The corpse was in a horrific condition altough her husband tried to save her, he was transported to intense therapy The next night i was home watching some horror gameplays on YouTube, in the jumpscare i saw her and even felt the smell of burning flesh, I rewatched the video but never saw her again, The next Day I meted up with my partner who said that we saw her in his dream and felt the same cent of burning flesh, exactly around 1 am when i was watching The video, later that Day where told that The husband who tried to save her wife died that night around 1 am In 3 years i had many corpses and cases but none was like this

I think its very hard being a police officers and the things you must see is un-real I think its insane that 2 different people are having dreams aboutt his woman, maybe she has a message she wants to get out to her husband who is struggling I dont even know what to say about this story I am just speechless Landon& Ayman: Well there you guys have it I just wanted to say thanks you guys so much for watching

Ayman: outro

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