Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told That Might Be Real – Part 11

Is this real life right now? What is up all you most amazing people? Welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video I am your host for this one Landon Do Not Sing

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Alright get back into this video, this has easily become my favorite series here on Youtube because you all get to become a part of the video If you want to be featured in part 12 of this series make sure to leave a comment telling me a scary story Let’s get into this one, This is the top 10 scary stories ever told that might be real part 11 Click over here if you missed part 10 Starting us off at number 10

we have memory loss This scary story comes from Kimberly Park Hey Landon I love this channel and these are my favorite videos to watch! Here's my scary story I was 9 or 10 and I shared a room with my sister She told me one night she just turned off the TV but I woke up then propped myself on my elbow

She said I was facing the tv and I was laughing She asked me what I was doing and I replied with watching TV She told me that she just turned off the TV and when she told me that she said I slowly moved my head towards her and smiled big and creepy like She told me to go to be and when she said that my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light I don't remember any of this when she told me the next morning

That wasn't the only time I creepied her out during the night Every time I did she would tell me but I wouldn't be able to remember anything I have a feeling you sleep walk a lot, I remember one time my wife was jumping on the bed screaming, the dogs are coming the dogs are coming I do have a fear of vicious dogs so I freaked out until I realized my wife was just sleep talking again Well more like Sleep freaking me the hell out

Next up Number 9 we have the freshman in highschool who saw a ghost girl This story was sent in from Fennekin Flames Hmmm, creepy stories huh? I think I got one When I was freshman in high school, about 5 years ago, I was with the band playing at the senior night game, which coincidentally was on Halloween, and it was extremely rainy and cold I constantly had to go inside and run my hands through warm water Well, one time when I did this, I decided I had time to kill and that I'd just get cold again anyways, so I just waited for my hands to get warm, I was walking down the hallway to the band room, I decided to look behind me for some unknown reason

What I saw nearly drained any color from my body, I saw one of the bathroom doors fly open, for no apparent reason, there wasn't even any wind in the hallway, and needless to say, I booked it back to the band I didn't know what it was then, but I come to find out about 6 months later that that general area where I was was where a girl had drowned in the 1940's, and her ghost has been said to haunt that general area She also haunts the auditorium, which is right across from the band room Wow so this little girl has been haunting that highschool for almost 80 years I wonder what unfinished business she has? Maybe she just wants to talk to someone? Maybe someone drowned her and she wants people to know the truth

The loud bang is next up at Number 8 The galaxy Kitten Club sent in this story Hello, I've been watching your videos for a very long time, and oh boy do I have a short, but creepy story for you My mom, dad, and two other sisters left to go talk to a friend, while me and my other sisters stayed home Me and the other two were watching YouTube, like most kids do A few minutes later we heard a loud bang from the kitchen, so we ran to the closet in the hallway, when we got inside the closet we heard running in the hallway going towards us, then going away, but when we left the closet no one was there, and no doors were opened Well thanks so much for been a long time fan, and you know what just last night me and my wife heard a very loud bang in the house up stairs

We were way to afraid to go check it out If someone was robbing us I rather they just take what they wanted and I dont have to come face to face with them It sucks that our scared reactions freezes us, well for you guys you ran into a closet I would have done the same thing, I would have lived in that closet for a week just in case Moving right along into number 7 with The Guardian Granda

This scary story is from Jodi Streeter I was leaving a grocery store a few years ago when I spotted a guy parked in a spot texting on his phone , I was walking behind his SUV and it was at this point my grandmother spoke to me My grandmother died when I was 15 I was 29 that day She said "get out of the way he doesn't see you, move fast" I got about 3 ft past when he backed up with such speed he hit the light post damaging everythingI would have died with that force

I love ma red nana soo much Is this real life right now, if that is a true story wow

That is absolutely insane Sorry about your grandma passing away but she just saved your life out of nowhere Also why are people whipping out of parking spaces like that Whenever I walk behind a vehicle getting out of a spot i don't walk behind them unless I make eye contact because i've almost been hit way to many times I have to like bang on the back window of the vehicles and it scared them like you shouldn't get startled you should know what or who is behind you

Grandmas Cane is up next at number 6 This scary story is from Lindsey Life I remember this like it was yesterdayI was 20 years old when this happened and I live with my grandma to make sure she is okay It was late night around 2 am

I was watching Most Amazing Top Ten I been a fan for many years I was skeptic and never believed just love the stories cause it's entertaining It was 2 am and I had my room door closed, I remember hearing my grandma kane on the floor It's how I knew it was heranyway heard her kane go down hallway and seen hall light come on I was going to see if she was ok because she is usually sleepbut something told me not to get up at all Anyway I paused tv and heard her cane in the kitchenthan heard her cane coming down the hallway So I said "goodnite Grandma" as I saw hall light cut off with same sound as her cane

She responded "goodnight Bree" And I oddly didn't hear her door close Just heard her cane and noise stop So I continued watching tv It was 10am and I seen my grandma

I asked her was she ok because she usually sleep before midnight Now she looked at me confused so I explained how I heard her down the hall way around 2 am Than my grandma said she never came out at all and she went to sleep around 10 pm I had chills go down my body wondering who in the hell was that who said goodnight back to me And the sound of her cane

Maybe it was a ghost, or demon I don't know But something told me not to come out I'm now older and til this day I don't know who that was pretending to be my grandma Ya pretty sure a spirit was using her cane do ghosts or demons even need canes? Or maybe it was actually your grandma walking around and she forgot I rather it be my grandmas memory loss than a demon walking around my house

Number 5 the cross that broke into pieces This story is from Silas no last name given Hi, i love you guys and i 14 years old and have a story for you Two to three years ago when i walked through my hallway i felt an angry presence in the hallway, also when i was on my computer i could see things out of the corners of eyes, and it lasted about 2-3 months maybe more, during that time i told my grandmother twice, after the second time she told me a small story that my mother when she was my age she played a ouija bord, after that my grandmother had the house blessed but i could feel it there, a while after i went to a Cristian camping place with my friends grandparents and i talked to the pastor there and during the conversation he said that a spirit could come back after the blessings and i said that makes sense and about a year or two later when i was watching a video about heaven and hell, when they said the word heaven in the vid the cross in the hallway hit the ground about a foot in a half to two feet away from the wall and the metal on the wooden one broke into three pieces and that reminded me about 666, i was freaking out about it and a while later a picture hit the ground at 3 to 3:30 am as if it was reminding me that it was still there, and i put the picture back up resumed what i was doing and from then on i felt someone watching me most of the time when i'm alone Thanks for sending that in You know what time it is? Its time to call in Mr

Bean to bless that house Alright so I am just reminding you guys if you want to be featured in part 12 of this series tell me a scary story in the comment section of this video As long as we are getting a lot of stories submitted in we will continue this series lets see how far we can get With that being said lets move into number 4 So at Number 4 we have a story from Samantha Benyo My story I never really believed in spirits or anything like that until this happen to me

I was laying in bed having a hard time falling asleep after my grandma past away and all the sudden my bed started shaking a little bit I sat up kind of confused looking around my room then a hear a sweet quiet voice say “sleep child it’s okay” and then I had chills all over my body but I didn’t feel afraid I laid back down and my bed began shaking again softly and I fall asleep When I woke up the next morning one of my stuffed animals that was on my nightstand was in the bed with me it could have fallen off nightstand and landed on my bed I have no idea It was a strange night but as I said earlier I didn’t feel afraid

That was the only time anything like that has ever happen to me before Ps: I absolutely love all you guys and all your videos!! Keep up the amazing work!! Thanks so much that means a lot That might have actually been your grandma one last time saying good bye to you But if you do hear her again, tell her to try not and shake the bed because that would terrify me so much Like Grandma your already freaking me out by talking to me

Just before we get into number 3 I wanted to read a comment quickly This one is from Mrs Ox I'm 42 and still have sleep paralysis bout 4-6 time's a month!!!! The stories I could tell… I really think you should submit a story in, I am so interested in the sleep paralysis stories since I’ve experienced a mild form of it as well Alright We have the unbelievable story at Number 3

It’s Me Adrien shared this story Hi! I love your videos!! I wanted to tell you a story that happened to me when I was about 12 years old Me and my best friend Amber were playing video games down stairs in my house Now this house was haunted on its own Many experiences with this house will scare you! Anyways we were playing games down stairs and we heard a thump in my room, we walk very slowly upstairs

As we got closer there was giggling like a little girl giggling we walk in my room and there was a little girl with long dark brown hair standing facing my window!!!! We both book it out of there!! And when we went down stairs the faucet in the kitchen turned on too!! We had to go outside until my parents came Back home! They didn’t believe me so we kept it to ourselves Its a hard story to believe but I believe you Its quite possible a little girl passed away in that house and her spirits still live within those walls Do you still live in that house? I wonder if that ghost girl is still in there Dark Nightmares is up next at number 2 I love that you guys have been naming your stories because I always put a name to them, well i try to

Alright so this story comes from Silver lce Dragon Queen My story, Dark Nightmares So this year I was sleeping and jumped awake to see my body sleeping but the horrifying thing was there was a shadow man with a bloody knife standing over me!!!! I didn't know what to do so I just watched Before this there have always been footsteps in my roof so yeah hella creepy I watch as the shadow man stands back looks me in the eye then disappear i don't know why he was there but he's been in my life for 5 years now Also my rocking chair started rocking itself that's when I could finally wake up

I remember when I use to have dreams that would stay with me for years, there was always that re occuring dream of me being chased but I just cant run away I am always run up hills so to run i tried to grab onto the blade grass or bushes but it never worked I don't even know what I am running from in the dream Hopefully for you buddy after 5 years that bad nightmare can go away I wonder what it all means? Finally at number 1 we might have had a kidnapping? This next story is titled Dream Hag and it was written by Knockout Starscream Hi Landon love the channel My story is called the Dream Hag I once had a nightmare that I was walking through the grocery store and this sweet looking old lady wave at me so I waved back trying to be nice

What happened next was a blurr but I was suddenly woke up in a room I didn't recognize I was sweating and couldn't move or speak and everything looked fuzzy But I saw the same old lady but she didn't look like a sweet gramma type anymore she looked like a Witch and she had a syringe in her hand and was standing over me touching my face then she raised up my shirt and gave me an injection in the belly Then that was when I woke up for real totally freaked out Pretty sure you might have been kidnapped and drugged and what that witch did to you I have no idea Lets just hope that was all a dream and it just seemed so real? Well there you guys have it thanks so much for watching part 11 of this series I was your host Landon Do Not Sing and I will see you guys all in the next video

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