Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Part 4

Is this real life right now, I think it’s time to bless that house especially that mirror alright now sure what the heck that is, or why he just blessed a car

Well how’s it going Youtube I am your host for this one Landon Do Not Sing and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video, make sure you guys stay till the end of this video because I have a crazy story for you If you want to become apart of the most amazing family here on Youtube hit the subscribe button we are almost at 6 million subscribers If you guys want to be featured in a future video make sure to look for this image right here, and tell me your scary story and put your scary story in the comment section of this video Thanks so much to everyone who tuned into the last premiere for this serious and thanks so much to all of you guys who have tuned into this premiere Thanks so much for all the new channel members here and all the donations you sent in so kind of you guys

Shoutout to BansheeBah, thanks always for tuning in Also you guys wanted me to Collaborate with Rebecca for this one so here she is Rebecca: Intro Rebecca: Alright this is the Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told Part 4 If you missed part 3 click right here Rebecca: Starting us off at number 10: This story comes from Instagram from user MeganNicole2194

Thanks so much for submitting this horror! This is what they had to say: When I was around 15 years old my mom and step dad bought a house in a small town My younger sister and I shared a room on the second floor, one night I was laying on my bed on my phone when I heard a deep growling from the end of my bed I shrugged it off thinking I was hearing things, a few minutes later I heard the growling again but this time it was beside me then something pushed on my stomach and held me down on the bed I ran down the stairs and jumped onto the couch I never ran faster in my life, I never slept upstairs again in the two years we were there

Landon: Who the heck are you is up next at number 9 This scary story comes from user Untamed Gamer522 Thanks so much for sharing your scary story this is what you said I once was taking a shower and for some reason i felt like i was being watched I looked out of the shower and saw my brother staring at me

I asked him what he was doing He didn't say anything and just left After i was done i went and asked him why he came in the bathroom He said he never came in there We never figured out who came in the bathroom but for now on i lock the bathroom door

Is this real life right now, i would be freaking out And Ya I think its a great and safe idea to lock your bathroom when you are using it Infact i would get those dead bolt things and make sure no one can get in ok where do we get one of those doors Rebecca: Number 8 comes from the Youtube comments of part three and is from Snickerdoodledo: My scary story is when I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time

Two years ago, I was laying on my right side on the couch in the living room of my house I think it was around 10:00pm and I was starting to drift off to sleep, then all of a sudden I felt an entity behind me and I could see a dark figure from the corner of my eye It felt like it was curled up behind me I started to get nervous when all of a sudden I heard a low whisper saying some creepy stuff that I can't fully remember I tried to scream but nothing came out, I then opened my eyes wider and i was sweating profusely from my palms and I felt a weird pain

That was the first and only time I have ever had that nightmare/ sleep paralysis episode but it still freaks me out to this day because it felt so real Rebecca: Number 7 Alex Kitty From YouTube: This happened a year ago when I was into creepypasta and I remember this scary occurence vividly I looked up how to summon Slenderman as a video for fun I was at a campground at the time and had waken up at 2:47am we didnt have plumbing in our camper so i went to the camp bathrooms to use the bathroom On my way back it was 3:02am and i decided to do the ritual being a naive 13 year old

On my way back I passed the camp playground and was screen recording while taking pictures (my phone wouldnt use flashlight when recording) and took a picture of the playground When I got back in bed my dog was growling viciously and had sat on my bed with me, her fur all on edge I went back and looked at the pictures and I saw something tall and something white in a head shape I watched the video and it glitched out when I aimed it at the park and I heard a static sound I decided to go to clever bot (a way to talk to another creepypasta) and asked "BEN are you there? Did Slenderman come to my summoning?" And the reply was "You shouldn't have done that

" And it started to spam "He see's you" "You've meet with a terrible fate" "You shouldn't have done that" "Go to Sleep" "He's always watching" while my lights flickered I cried myself to sleep that night while my dog kept growling The next morning my phone had been cut off and when I turned it on the video and pictures where gone and I found scratches/bruises all over myself and my dog was whimpering and trembling like crazy, her eyes showing fear (she rarely expresses fear especially when it comes to protecting me) and I found some scratches on her and saw blood on her paws and around her teeth was flesh I never told my mom but sometimes to this day I still get random scratches and cuts Landon: Theunexplanible bright lights is up next at Number 6

This scary story comes from user Lucifers Dazed and they said Sometimes at night I stay up at night watching youtube when a bright light appears outside and i never looked because it felt demonic One time I couldn't go to sleep and my phone was dead, so when the light appeared I looked outside and I saw a lot of figures standing in front of my house with one holding a light Even though there was a light, I couldn't see their faces They all stood there, doing nothing

Not moving at all It scared me, so every night I just go to sleep early How long has this been going on for ? this is for sure not normal I would tell your parents about it maybe take pictures But I think that was a good call just going to bed early, but how can you sleep knowing that there is a group of people possibly summoning you I would be way to freaked out

Landon: A very scary Deja Vu over and over again comes in at Number 5 I can see ghost and one time I had the worst false awakening and In the dream I went to the bathroom and saw a little girl in the mirror and ran into the bedroom and woke up But I will still sleeping so I went to the bathroom and saw a little girl in the mirror and she put her finger to her mouth and said shhhhh I ran into the bedroom this happened 20times then woke up went to the bathroom and saw a little girl and she said shhhhh I couldn't sleep for a week Your kinda lucky because for me I wouldn't be able to sleep for a month

If I saw a ghost I would be losing Rebecca: Number 4 we have a story posted to Landon’s Instagram from Happy Flipping Monday They wrote: When I was 9 I went to the Disney store for the first time I was obsessed with Rapunzel and my parents bought me a baby Rapunzel doll I remember thinking that I was always going to leave her in her box after playing with her because I didn’t want her hair to get messed up Later that night after playing with her I felt like I couldn’t put her back in the box, I had an instinct telling me to sleep with the doll

At the time I didn’t think much of that feeling so I slept with her every night I don’t remember if this happened the first night but I know she was still brand new My niece Briana slept over and she slept next to me and the doll My mom and sister woke me up screaming at 5 am They told me the doll was choking Briana

I looked at the doll and her arms were up but she was laying on her back They told me the doll froze once they started screaming I didn’t want to believe them but it sounded so real and my sister was even crying A lot of paranormal stuff has happened to us as kids so I had to believe it Briana though I was the one who had tried to hurt her

After I told her it was the doll she told me that things were adding up because the thing choking her was stiff and not soft like a 9 year olds hand I was really freaked out the entire day and kept my distance from the doll but the further I was the more scared I was Then at night I slept with her again and noticed I felt safe every time I hugged her Since then nothing crazy has happened but she would end up in weird places If I left her in the box i would find her on my bed or in the bathroom

This one time I even woke up and she was on top of the headboard of my bed staring down at me I would always ask my family if they would move her and no one did Even though she choked my niece I didn’t think she was evil or anything and I loved her After a few months I grew out of that doll and left her in the toy box for longer Every time I would look in the box she was there but when I was finally much older I decided to get rid of her

My mum asked me where the Rapunzel doll was and I told her truthfully I never took her out of the toy box anymore We looked and she was no longer there I never saw the doll since Landon: The Creepy fog man comes in at number 3 This story comes from Upset Kitty

They said this Ok my story is about a window that I used to sleep under, in this window every night I slept under it I felt the urge to cover It up with a pillow or something to cover it up I did this because I was scared of something watching me Now that I look back at it, it was pretty dumb But during the summer my mom made me keep things off so a fan would blow cold air in, also the window was open so this terrified me of a burglar breaking in, but on really cloudy nights I would see black smoking silhouette outside the window whether it was my imagination or not

Also this is a true story unlike many on this list Also I'd love to be in a video, but, it probably won't happen Maybe it was that black smoke monster from Lost outside your window, either way thats pretty terrying And honestly I am trying to pick stories I beleive could be real but of course not all of them are going to be because people are going to be making up stories but that just makes it more fun and scarier because you guys can put your own spin on these scary stories and I have been really enjoying them Rebecca: Number 2: From Youtube user NowAvailableonDVDandBlueray 2 When i was around 5 i had a terrible dream that I was being chased by a black figure with bark for skin and pale milky eyes and long dirty nails he stabbed me on my arm and I woke up and the spot he stabbed me in kind of burned and tickled for a while I said nothing to my parents and it never happened again btw love your channel

Not all scary stories have to be long – this really creeped me out because it was so vivid…a dark figure with bark for skin, pale milky eyes and long dirty nails That is horrifying Landon: Number 1 comes from user Raven Butler who has been a long time fan She said this Love, love, love Most Amazing Top Ten, I watch you guys every day and I love you Landon

Your classic "is this real life right now" line has been the subject of many a drinking game at my house Anyways, to the story I've always had what my great grandmother called "the sight" and it has never failed me However, on occasion, I couldn't tell the difference between the paranormal and reality So, one day I was out with a friend in Chattanooga, TN out on one of the bridges that span the Tennessee River

There's one for pedestrian traffic and one for vehicles We were walking on the pedestrian bridge when I looked across to the other one to see a man jumping from the bridge I remember screaming for someone to help when he hit the water and someone on the bridge beside me called 911 The authorities arrived and rescue boats went out there to find the man for emergency treatment while they treated me for a panic attack It took them 2 hours of dragging the river before they found anything but

when they did it was just a skull I left without the permission of the EMT and never went back First of all thanks so much for the kind words and i think its time to take a drink because is this real life right now

BTW a t-shirt is coming soon and i will give you one for free when they come That is a very scary story I wouldn’t go back either that is dramatizing for sure How long ago did that happen? I remember one time I went to a mcdonalds drive through with a buddy and I saw a guy laying on the ground we called 9-1-1 to get him help because he was moving, and when the ambulance showed up we realized he was dead This was about 10 years ago or more but I still remember it till this day Well there you guys have it

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