Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Part 3

Is this real life right now, that’s why elevators are terrifying you never know who is in there with you and when the doors close anything could happen Well how’s it going all you most amazing people welcome back

I am your host for this one Landon Dowlatsingh and make sure to follow me on instagram I’ve been following a lot of you guys back Lets see if we can hit 100k followers If you guys want to be apart of this new series we have going on with scary stories ever told by you guys, please look for this image on my instagram and tell me a scary story and tell me a scary story in the comment section of this video All of the stories on this list was told by you guys either on instagram or Youtube Next video the stories will only come from Instagram we will keep switching it up

Alright let’s get right into this video this is the top 10 scary stories ever told part 3 Start us off at number 10 we have a story from user Fuzzymeatwaffl E from part 2 of the series and they said When I was 11 years old my grandfather died from cancer and after a few days I started to see some paranormal stuff the best experience is when I was sad and when I get sad I would sleep downstairs I was having a dream about my grandfather and it woke me up I was crying and in front of me I saw a hand in front of me waving I stood up and I saw an old man sitting on a chair waving at me but I felt safe and not scared I don’t know if he said “you will be safe” or if that just my mind I told my parents about the incident but they didn’t believe me we shorty moved after that and sometimes I can hear and see him still Was the old man waving to you your grandpa because it was just a random old man waving and saying you will be safe I am not sure about that one I can’t just trust any old person who is dead telling me I will be safe

Also on a side note have you guys tried that old person filter thing, well here is what I look like, I aged horrible and my wife is looking pretty good Also apparently be careful downloading that app, apparently the company gains access to your camera roll Alright let’s move onto number 9 Comes from user Jonesy149 on instagram and I choose you to follow on instagram Your account is private so make sure to accept my request Eric

well this is what you submitted in to me (This is a true story and I still think about this from time to time) My family moved in this really old house when we first moved to Pennsylvania I remember it being the first house I ever lived in that had a food pantry I was about 6 or 7 at the time I remember going down stairs in the middle of the night to fetch a drink of water for myself

On a lot of those nights I heard sobbing coming from in the pantry I also heard a voice talking as if they were venting to someone I heard bits and pieces such as “and this one time my little brother” and “and when I was 8” I knew my older sister had a few problems so I honestly thought it was just her and never thought twice about it I remember about three years later and many nights of this (not every night but some of them) we eventually moved out after my little sister was born to a bigger house

I remember packing our stuff and asking my older sister what she was always crying about in the pantry She turned to me and looked dead serious and said “What are you talking about? I never leave my bedroom at night cause I’m scared of the the dark I never cried in the pantry” (paraphrasing that conversation a bit since it was so many years ago but that’s basically how it happened) I still ask her about it every once in awhile now that we’re both adults and she still continues to deny it Wait so this whole time you have been hanging out in the food pantry with a hungry ghosts Is this real life right now? I would be so terrified, were you the only one that heard the crying? I would hope my sister was lying to me and she was the one sobbing in the pantry because if not you just witnessed paranormal activities

Moving onto number 8 This scary story also comes from Instagram Drake_dndsk8 submitted this story into me I once was sitting in my room having a late night Minecraft session and around 2:30 am I started hearing noises, I Disgarded it seeing that my house is old I had my lights on at the time and music playing on my radio at 2:59 and the exact second that it hit 3:00 everything turned off my Xbox my tv everything, I was scared stiff so I hid under the covers when my bed started to move a little back and forth and then exactly at 3:01 everything is back on

That's my scary story it happens when I was about 13, I love most amazing top 10s and would be in shock if this made it into a video Well there you go buddy you have just made it into a video thanks so much for that scary story I think its safe to say you should just go to bed before 3:00am Never ever stay up that late again but I do wonder if the power always goes out at that exact same time? So maybe if you were brave enough you should have recorded your bedroom with the lights on at 2:59 every day and see what happens But than again I would be to afraid to do that Number 7, this story comes from Chimney Nugget on youtube they said

I have my own story that gives me chills so when I was young my mother came to sleep in my room so I can feel comfortable when scaredI was just paranoid about somebody watching me (my bed is facing to the balcony windows) and once when it was 12:00AM I was just trying to fall asleep but me and my mom saw a tall fiqure with tentacles just staring at us

(we live on an apartment block on the 5th floor) after that we always put some sort of a blanket on the balcony so that creature doesnt watch my family at night I think maybe Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribean or maybe even Cthulhu was watching you guys at night time It might be time to move buddy, when you move make sure to request the 20th floor and above hard for creatures to get up there

Thanks so much for submitting in that story Unexplainable demonic activities is up next at number 6 This story comes from Mattewtrev on instagram they wrote, I was once in my house and than all the taps suddenly turned on I was so scared I then heard demonic laughing

I was home alone but I ran out of the house I came back later and the taps were turning on and off Than there was quiet If that is a true story it’s time to look for your suitcase and your cell phone Suitcase is to pack up your important things, and the cell phone is to call Sam & Dean from supernatural because you need to be blessed

Also call a realtor because you need a new house, tell him on your wish list you wish for it to be demonic free and every room has to have a cross on it Probably one of the scariest stories on this list but at Number 5, we have a story from Dan_xp they said I ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom And I ate something really spicy so you know I needed it I think that is one of the dramatizing situations to be in

is this real life right now I would be so scared Like what do you do? What do you do? A blast from the past, is at number 4 We have a story from user noir_art7 on instagram they said This is a true story Back when me and my sister were younger she would constantly have nightmares and wouldn’t tell us what they were

One day she past by a photograph that was framed in our house and ask us who it was when we told she told that she kept seeing him in her dreams and this shocked me and my parents as that was our great great grandfather that had past not to long be for the occurrence of her dreams but the thing was she never met him Now as she is old she doesn’t remember any of this but I do vividly That would be very scary, some say you can’t dream of something you don’t know or haven't seen but yet you are having dreams of your great great grandfather not even sure how that is possible Pretty scary if you asked me It seems like when your very young, you can see and hear things that adults can’t

I remember seeing things in the mirror when I was very young freaked me out which is why I believe most of these scary stories Anything seems to be plausible doesnt it Number 3 This story comes from Lakira Gaming on Youtube they said, True story When I was like 6 I met 3 kids only I can see I tried really hard to show my family but they just said they were imaginary friends

I used to have the same dream of me pushing my lil bro down the stairs killing him and the 3 kids would be at the bottom shushing me Eventually I told my mom through fear of it actually happening one day and she dismissed it as a nightmare

They finally believed me when me and my siblings we're arguing and a light bulb flew off the dining table we had and some picture frames flew off too None of them were on the edge and that's when my auntie prayed over me and I never saw them again I think when something scares you its best to tell your parents so they can maybe help so good call there I’ve never had an imaginary friend, but how can so many people like millions of poeple have imagionary friends? Maybe they are real, its just not everyone can see them If i start seeing people who are not real I would be freaking out just saying What the heart attack just happened

Well this next scary story is next up at number 2 This story comes from user xxalienxx96 on instagram and they said My husband told me one of the scariest stories I have here heard in my life He and a friend of his decided to go to an abandoned insane asylum that was 5 stories He and his friend had heard rumors about that building but they laughed about them

They entered the building and made their way to the fifth floor They went from the fifth floor to the basement Each floor began to feel more and more eerie When they finally hit the basement, thats when things got insane He and his friend began to feel funny

They heard the noise of claws being drug against the walls and then they began to feel strange The strange feelings were there breaking points and they ran out of the basement and exited the building Upon exiting the building, the strange feelings didnt stop So they went to the hospital to see what was going on After tests were done, my husband got told by doctors that he had a mini heart attack and a mini stroke at the same time

And he and his friend have not been back to that building since I think the story was scary once you said he and a friend of his decided to go to an abandoned insane asylum who does that? So brutal about your husband having a mini heart attack hopefully he is ok, and hopefully he stays out of abandoned buidlings especially insane asylums Finally at number 1 we have someone who was blessed as a kid but still sees demons We have a story from _tomergy

_ from instagram and they said Even though I was blessed by a priest and everything I still see this demon Out of the corner of my eye or sometimes fully in person I also know that this demon is still haunting me because I still shift to this nightmarish dimension

I am very frightened and always pray whenever this happens One time, I put crosses all over, my room and house and when I was alone, they all turned upside down Pretty scary

I have learned something from this: NEVER MESS WITH THE SUPERNATURAL BECAUSE YOU CAN END SUMMONING SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN NEVER GET RID OFF When I tell my family of this experience, they always tell me to have faith and never stop going to church I believe I am cursed by this demonic entity and I am very scared of what's gonna happen when I die… Maybe you have to figure out how to get rid of the demon, maybe talk to a priest see what they say, try holy water I also agree with you with the fact you should never summon anything which is why I dont think Ouija is a game to be played

https://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=MJIcZGEjjwo 0:00 -0:03 ok that actually scared me, sorry if that 3 second clip scared you guys it came out of no where Well there you guys have it Make sure you guys submit your scary stories to instagram or in the comment section of this video so you can be featured in a video

Follow me on instagram so i can follow you guys back I was your host landon do not sing and I will see you guys in the next most amazing top 10 video

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