Top 10 Scary Statues That Shocked The World

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Scary Statues that SHOCKED THE WORLD

The world was shocked guys SHOCKED But like, actually shocked I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Scary Statues That Shocked The World – I am gonna practice my shocked face … So before we get started, give my best shocked face a rating out of 10 and leave this video a thumbs up! Check out the links to our most amazing Instagrams in the comments section down below and stick around to the end of this video to hear some comments from a previous most amazing video

OKAY lets just get this out of the way at number 10, I am still shocked and appalled by this… but at the same time it is one of my favourite things to ever have happened! I 10 – Christiano Ronaldo I am never going to stop finding images of the 2017 unveiled bust of Christiano Ronaldo by sculptor Emanuel Santos The bust was commissioned for display at Madeira airport in Portugal, Ronaldo of course is a Portuguese football superstar who now plays for Juventus FC in Italy The 34 year old is a superstar a well known face…so… I mean… why did his face end up looking like THIS! Sculptor Santos said: I wanted to reflect was his interior strength, when he was preparing to take a free kick or a corner… Instead he ended up reflecting what the star would look like if he was hit by a bat in the face … but was oddly happy about it! When the football star visited the bust on its grand unveiling, he found it pretty funny… Although many good people of the internet found it scary

Soccor AM tweeted that the bust gets creepier the more you zoom…which…yeah… others photoshopped him peeping from a drain in the style of Pennywise from IT PEEKABOO! I’m dead RIP me While that statue shocked… I loved it

I do not, however, love THIS at number 9 – 9 – The Man Eating Rabbit I guess from the title of the point you have a preconception of what this might look like … so lets see If it matches up with your imagination? Classic Czech Republic… this sculpture was created by Adam Trbusek who says he was inspired by Francisco de Goya’s work, Saturn Devouring His Son That one always gets me…such drama Trbusek said: In my sculpture depicts society I showed it for what it really is The man is in the grip of the system, he is helpless and sick

Very rabbit of caerbannog……… run away… Run away! 8 – Nightmare Arachnids I literally just said Arachnids to enhance the drama… but still… Giant spider statues? That is a hard no thank you for me Sculpture Louise Bourgeois created six giant spider sculptures in 1997 – and has since become the highest paid woman artist in history as a result of a later auction of the beasties, one of which has a shocking price tag of 282 million

I am really pleased for her and I’ma let her finish… But these are some of the scariest sculptures of all time… ALL TIME Look at that big spider in Washington DC It seems like the start of some kind of apocalypse movie! From six spiders to six broken men at number 7 The Broken Men Not one but six creepy statues line the steps leading up to the Petrin Hill in Prague

The series of sculptures are VERY scary and seem to disappear as you walk up the steps, their bodies mutating, splitting open and lacking limbs The collection is as a Memorial to the victims of the former Communism regime, with a plaque reading that 4,500 people died in prison, 327 were shot trying to escape and 248 were executed The stressful thing about these statues is that they appear decayed Shall we take a trip to the underworld at number 6… sure…The Ghosts of Hell Garden This is another…shall we call it a collection?! I think we shall These statues are… well I mean they are horrifying aren’t they

Their tongues look like fruit roll ups but not even in a fun tasty way… In a … please keep those away from me way It seems that these statues are located in Wang Saen Suk Gardens in Bang Saen City in Thailand The large beings are depicting Pretas – hungry ghosts of materialistic people cursed to spend the afterlife in a constant state of famish, craving money, power, fame, sex or food Below these hungry hungry ghosts are smaller statues, some of which are being disemboweled, others are being savaged by dogs… I believe on member of the Garden party is being boiled alive… I think it is time for me to do my shocked face again……

NO! It seems that near the statues are little donation boxes to encourage you to give to charity… if you don’t… well…… maybe you’ll find yourself in this garden for realz… is that what they’re trying to say?! Okay, lets check out of hell and take a trip to a lovely, beautiful garden in Upstate New York where a horrifying ghoul of a departed celebrity 5 – Scary Lucy I literally just went to Celeron in New York and stayed right next to Lucille Ball’s former haunting ground in a park beside the lovely Chautauqua Harbour hotel! These days there is a great statue of iconic Queen of the B’s, but the original Lucille Ball statue was nightmare inducing! The statue by New York Sculptor Dave Poulin has been dubbed Ugly Lucy and Scary Lucy… and … well I can see why! She is holding a bottle, which it seems is supposed to be vitameatavegamin, but kinda looks like a scary drunk woman in the park… The statue caused so much shock and outrage that it was recently replaced by a ,uch more legit looking piece From New York to Ireland next, at number 4 we have The Ferryman’s End This truly horrifying sculpture can be found in Victor’s Way, County Wicklow, Ireland Making the sculpture arguably scarier is its positioning in an algae covered pool It seems that there is a sign behind the sculpture that reads – The ferryman’s craft lies dead in the water

Unable to move, he can no longer reach the ‘other’ shore and touch it Unable to touch he cannot become real, identified and fully energized (hence joyful) Unmoving, he sinks and dies Want a closer look at his face?! Here you go I think that this statue is even scarier than most as it depicts a person stuck in a rut, unable to get themselves out

Honestly, what could be worse? Coming in to number 3 – a statue from the very same garden – The Split Man Create or die reads the dagger that the statue figure is using to cut themselves in half with Yes, they are cutting themselves right through the head – It seems that the Split Man is illustrating how procrastination and the inability to focus on creativity will result in a life unworthy living Create or die The park seems scary but also at the same time, pretty cool… Victor’s Way is a park designed for adults to encouraged them to think outside the box, do some reflecting on the meaning of life Oh hello … I was wondering when a weeping statue would turn up

2 – The Haserot Angel Okay, so listen, the doctor who Weeping Angels are a work of fiction, albeit brilliant fiction, but they aren’t real… none the less they definitely were scary and shocked the world ! If you are afraid of weeping angels, you may want to steer clear of Lake View Cemetary in Cleveland Ohio! Why? Well there is a lifesize bronze statue that appears to cry Not only that, the statue is depicting the Angel of Death, so… You know

The Angel sits leaning on an upside down torch that has been extinguished, symbolising life that has been extinguished Apparently this shocking statue draws a regular crowd…people who want to come and see her cry Honestly, I would rather leave her to it! Also, fun side fact for you, the sculptor who made this angel is buried in the same cemetary Who ELSE could be at number one in place of this headline grabber – the ultimate scary shocking state, it is Virgin Mary …obvs A tale as old as time… a Virgin Mary statue crying blood It must be the end of timeeeees! In August 2018, Frias Mendoza from Argentina claimed that he had a statue that cried blood and even went as far as to capture it on video! He said I thought it was some kind of punishment and was scare/ Although he soon made his peace with it and thousands of people started flocking to see it in a local church

One nay sayer said: One sceptical person joked: ‘The local parish priest must have done a degree in marketing’ I meaaan… Scary though… old blood crying Mary! So, that was that…can we please just get one more look at Christiano Ronaldo’s bust… It’s just too good

All hail the new bronze god If THAT started crying, I would be REALLY scared! Which of these statues did you guys find the scariest? Was it the man eating rabbit? How about the person splitting themselves in half……or what about drunk poison yielding Lucille Ball? Crying virgin anyone?! Comments from scary Peppa Pig Theories Bubble rose was calling out the Hypocrisy of Momo : Well momoYOU HAVE FREAKING LONG HAIR TOO!!! GO CUT IT OFF THEN TELLING A KID TO! Mean Momo Scavengers revenge wrote: That realistic picture of Peppa is truly horrific lol – ISNT IT THOUGH! Antex RBLX said: 3:46 That just makes me want a Rebecca Felgate Piñata – No BASHING ME THOUGH! I don’t wanna be a pinata…

Can I just give you sweets instead and you not hit me with a stick?! LIKE Share comment –

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