Top 10 Scary St. Louis Urban Legends

Is there such a thing as a urban legend that isnt scary Like you see that house up there on that hill? Legend has it that a old woman lives in there, and if you go up to here house shell give you a cookie and tell you youre handsome, and you wanna know something else

She really means it too Well if I ever manage to find enough wholes urban legends then one day maybe ill make a list about it But for now were gonna stick to the types of urban legends that make the exorcist seem like an episode of my little pony And today we have just that with our list of Top 10 Scary StLouis Urban Legends

As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell, Also stick around for our top 2 because I want to see how many of you out there have heard of them before And without taking any longer, lets get into it 10 The Lemp mansion If your some sort of beer nerd you probably know about the lemp mansion The Lemp family was wond of the original kingpins when it came to making beer at the beginning of the 20th century in america They were wealthy, lived in a huge mansion and seemed to have it all until one day there son was found dead, over the next few decades 5 different lemp family member would kill themselves

Its said that even with all their success the family was cursed The worst of these being the eldest Lemp son who shot his dog before killing himself Dude what the hell, leave the dog out of this! If this dude didnt put a bullet in his head after this John Wick would have kicked in his door and done it for him Now the Lemp family mansion operates as a restaurant and tourist attraction If your ever feeling like you want to pee you bed while your staying in St

Louis you can also check into the Lemp Mansion as a hotel I think Id rather take my chances sleeping on the streets thank you very much 9 The Momo Where not talking about that creepy chain letter that was getting sent out to kids Where a some creepy face was tell todays youth to jump off of buildings and stuff, but this one is equally as twisted it just hasnt had the same amount of press The Missouri Momo is a 7 foot tall creature covered head to two in hair, reports say that it has so much hair on its head that you cant see its face like some sort of emo kid whos taken the depressing bangs thing too far

Its also said to have glowing orange eyes and the three fingered, toad like, hands and feet Story from people who have encountered this ape man have said that it wont attack humans but it will kill animals, one sighting said they saw a huge hairy creature that looked to be half man, half ape that was carrying a dead dog under its arm Well at least we know how we can find this thing now Once John Wick is done double killing the ghost of Lemp son who shot his dog he can come back to our world and beat the hell out of this dog killing bigfoot knock off ________________ 8 Zombie Road This sounds like the place you go to blow off some steam after the zombie apocalypse happens

Like Lets go down to Zombie road and bash some slow walkers with baseball bat Well unfortunately Zombie road isnt a fun time for you and the boys, its one of the most haunted roads in America This site is home to one of the biggest Native American burial mounds in all of north america This is like a ghost metropolis, theres so many ghost here that you have to pull a number before you scare anybody Its said the road got its name by serial kill who was dubbed the zombie killer

He would hide out in a cabin close to the road and find young lovers who were just looking for some privacy and kill them Dude some people are just out here trying to loose their virginity and you kill them, thats like the rudest thing I think Ive ever heard Apparently there is also a famous ghost which haunts the parts, Dalla Hamilton McGowan was a Judge and winner of the most old timey name award He was hit by a train one day after probably buying moustache wax and now his ghost floats around this haunted place 7 Jefferson Park Cemetery We’ve always gotta throw a cemetary or two on these list, its where all the top shelf spooky stuff happens

The jefferson park cemetery is home to a few famous ghost Theres a little girl who has been seen walking from head stone to head stone, running her fingers along the tops of them People who have seen this phantom youngster say that shes usually whistling a song, its almost like shes playing in the cemetery having a great time There have also been sightings of two ghost who appear in opposing civil war uniforms This two dueling death walkers pop up around sundown

Most of us here probably thing they pop up to fight for eternity but apparently they just tip there hats at one another and move on I guess being dead for over 100 years really helps you meditate on things Also I love the hat tip, I didnt realize that ghosts had a black guy nod 6 The exorcist house For those of you who dont know the blockbuster hit, The Exorcist, was based on a actual case of demonic possession It was a young boy name Roland Doe, who decided to play with ouija board and then got possessed by a bunch of demons

When you buy a oujia board there should really be a warning on the side Like side effects may include vomiting, screaming, scratches appearing on the face or body, demonic possession, renouncing christ and erectile dysfunction Now Rolland didnt possessed in St Louis but his family went to seek help from family members in St louis You can still go visit this place

Its said when you walk into the home it just feels wrong, like you can feel the evil in the walls There have even been reports of people having vicious nightmares after leaving Just go to Bali for your vacation, get drunk on a beach, dont go somewhere where you might get possessed Demonic possession is worse for your skin then sun damage 5 Alexius Brothers Hospital So the exorcism we just talked about, well the boy stayed in the house with his extended family but the actual exorcism itself happened at the Alexius Brothers Hospital

Could you imagine, being in that hospital because you have a cold and in the bed next to you some guy is getting several demons exorcised out of his body Like can move to another bed please it hard to sleep with someone yelling in tongues and his vomit is splashing me It said that after they demons were pulled out of Rolland Does body they shut his room down Locking the door and never putting another patient inside it Legend goes that when nurses would walk by the room they would scratches and whispering

One doctor said he saw a pair of bloody eyes staring at him through the glass in the door Unfortunately if you wanted to check if this urban legend holds up, you cant They demolished the hospital I think thats a good policy, if you find a ghost or a demon in your house or establishment, just burn the whole thing to the ground and start again 4 The Devil's Wine Box When first reading this I thought it was gonna be a really good time, I mean if anyone knows how to party its the devil so Im sure his wine box would be full of amazing ways to get wasted and make a bunch of choices youll regret in the morning

But sadly theres no much luck with this one The Devils wine box is an artifact that is supposed to have an insane level of bad mojo around it The movie drag me to hell is based on this little box of horrors It can curse anyone who interacts with it, leading to possibly endless misfortune Its said that the current owner brought the Devils wine box to the set of drag me to hell while they were filming

On more then one occasion lights short circuited and exploded and props burned to the ground The owner offer to give it to anyone on set who would take it but everyone was like “helllll no!” Yeah why dont I borrow this live grenade with a loose fitting pin while Im at it 3 The Bubble Heads One of the creepiest ones of all is the bubblehead Up around Carrico Road is a house that is far tucked away Deep in the wood out there a family lives that will apparently kill anyone who gets too close

The Urban legend behind the bubbleheads goes down a few different paths Some say that they were tested on by the government and then sent up into the hills of missouri to be hidden away from the public Others say that years and years of inbreeding caused them to become deformed and violent Thats why you should never date anyone who looks too much like you No matter what the case it can definity be determined that they are ugly, aparently their heads are the size of inflated watermelons and they have freakish strength

Basically the hills have eyes Moral of the story, dont go camping in Missouri, not unless you want to end up being beat to death by someone who looks like they walked out of a gushers commercial 2 Molly Crenshaw One of the most famous ghost stories in the St Louis area! Theres a few different renditions of this urban legend, one says she was a voodoo priestess back in the 1800s who the villagers hung after she was blamed for causing a bad crop with her witchcraft Another where she would cast voodoo spells on people before she would murder them But they all end the same way, with her putting a curse over her grave

Threatening that anyone who touches her grave would die a horrible death In the legend its said that the villagers were so afraid of her that they chopped her bodies into quarters so she could never rise again Thats the kind of respect I want to command in my life, I want people to know Im so ruthless that they better dismember my crops or Im gonna com back and take revenge on everyone who blue shelled me in mario kart 1 Jap Harron For our number one we have an urban legend you can actually read about in the history books It’s about Emily Grant Hutchings, she was quite an accomplished author and avid spiritualist

One night she had a bunch of ladies over for a spiritualist girls night You know martinis, gossip and of course a ouija board Well, while this ladies were trying to contact the other side they apparently got in touch with famous dead writer Mark Twain He reached out to them because he died a unsatisfied man and still had a book to put out And the reason he reached through the astral plains is because he wanted Emily to ghost write this book for him

The legend goes that she spend the next few months writing down letter by letter every word Mark Twains ghost signaled through the oujia board And if was finalized as the book Jap Harron, which was! A massive flop, people called the book unreadable and she was even sued by Mark Twains family I like to think after the reviews came out Mark contacted Emily one more time to be like Hey sorry about that, my mistake for ruining your image, Im gonna go back to being dead Well everyone thats our list, thank you all so much for tuning in If you know of some more urban legends write them down in the comments below

Also Im going to start reading out comments from you guys so thats extra incentive to ask me any questions you might have As always make sure you like comment subscribe, hit the little notification bell and check out most amazing top 10 on all social media, were constantly posting things on facebook and instagram Its a great way to get to know all your favorite most amazing top 10 host a little better Until next time Ive been your host Che Durena and Ill see you, well next time

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