Top 10 Scary Spider Infestations

There are a ton of unwelcome pests living in your home Depending on where you live in the world, you might see the odd mouse or centipede crawling away

But if you thought that was bad, you are in desperate need of a reality check Because things can get a whole lot worse From thousands of spiders to huge spiders with fangs, people from all over the world have battled with a nasty spider infestation So grab some insecticide and have your exterminator on the phone, because things are about to get pretty messy How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Do Not Singh and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video

Are you guys afraid of spiders? I didn’t even realize it, but after scripting this video I can confidently say that I officially have arachnophobia and I’m sure you will too Alright, let's do this, this is the top 10 scary spider infestations Starting off this list in at number 10 hundreds of fanged spiders crawling out of a wall A pest controller from the UK discovered hundreds of spiders lurking behind a wall If you pay close attention to this clip, you might catch a glimpse of their sharp, green fangs

That was just one of the spiders, this house is literally swarmed by hundreds of these creepy guys Apparently, there were only 100 of them when they were first discovered in the home, but they’ve quadrupled since then and the homeowner had almost 400 spiders living with him by 2017 I think it’s time to pack a bag and leave town Next up in at number 9 we have a spider and cockroach infested apartment Well I think it’s safe to say that it’s probably a good time to start looking for a new apartment

There’s only two ways to completely get rid of spiders and cockroaches in your apartment One way is to burn it all down, and the second option is to nuke it I’m actually pretty scared for this person’s life right now I hope he realizes that this is no longer his apartment, it now belongs to the spiders and roaches If you guys weren’t scared of spiders before, I’m guessing you are probably are now

Number 8 takes us over to a mama spider This is what happens when you try to tackle a spider problem on your own Please learn from this guys mistake and don’t ever try to burst open a mama spider with a broom I guess this is just another typical day in Australia though If I was him, I would drop that broom and immediately move to another country

One that’s probably on the other side of the world Thousands of little babies came pouring out of her sack and now I feel extremely itchy But get ready guys, cause this is still only the beginning of the video We still have a ton more scary spider infestations coming your way Number 7 Towns are being taken over by spider webs

I know what you must be thinking, did my worst nightmare come true? Well yes, but only if you live in Greece A small town in Greece was covered in a veil of spider webs and it was all captured on camera Enjoy, Nearly 300m or 1000 feet were covered in spider webs in this small village All I have to say is that exterminator bill is going to be pretty expensive So what causes these spiders to make webs like this? It all comes down to extremely warm temperatures and an overpopulation of gnats

Apparently these spiders can’t resist a good meal, so when they heard that the gnats were in this area, they decided to swarm the area with their webbing and feast Thankfully, once the gnat population is under control, the spiders will diminish as well But you’d never see me at this beach ever again If you thought that infestation was bad, let’s travel over to Pakistan in at number 6 Take a look at this next clip

This is an unexpected side-effect of the flooding that happened in Pakistan back in 2010 It left millions of spiders seeking refuge up in trees to escape the rising flood waters Because the flooding took so long to go down, spiders built massive webs on the trees which turned them into massive cocoons Nothing like this has ever been seen before and it’s actually pretty traumatizing What if a big gust of wind came along, how many spiders would fall out of the tree

Nevermind, I actually don’t want to know the answer to that A giant spider crashes the party in at number 5 A pest control employee was working in the attic of someone's home when he came across a massive spider nest that was crawling with a ton of spiders But when he moved his flashlight around, he found something even more terrifying Is this real life right now?! Why is he so calm and why the heck is he still there?! I would’ve dropped my flashlight, ran out of there screaming and quit my job on the spot

Guess where this video was filmed Yep, that’s right, Australia Remind me to never live in Australia Apparently this is a Huntsman spider and they are actually pretty beneficial to have in your home because they get rid of other pests and venomous spiders So people actually want to keep these hairy beasts in their home

5,000 spiders in the walls brings us to number 4 When a family purchased a home for $450,000 back in 2007 they didn’t know what kind of trouble they were getting themselves into They thought they bought their dream home, but sadly they were mistaken Large spiders started to bleed from their walls shortly after they moved in Maybe the spiders wanted to throw them a welcome home party

But this wasn’t enough to make the family move They battled with the spiders for four years and I have no idea why The spiders aren’t even harmless either They are brown recluse spiders and they are extremely notorious for their painful venom A pest control expert estimated that there were approximately 4,000-5,000 fanged spiders crawling inside of their home

Oh and get this, State Farm denied their insurance claim but unfortunately a judge forced the company to pay the family $472,000 I think I’d rather lose all of that money than be forced to live in a house full of these poisonous spiders, but I guess that’s just me Crawling into number 3 we have Spiders invading a man’s apartment Back in 2015, a man got a rude awakening when he discovered that he had a lot of unwanted roommates Those are some pretty massive spiders that have taken over his apartment

I guess he’s going to have to transfer the lease to the spiders because they look pretty comfortable There are probably over 2 dozen of these spiders in this video, but that’s not even accounting for all of the other spiders that are probably hiding Oh, and take a look at this clip of the man trying to scare them away I’d burn everything I owned and I would get the hell out of there Raining spiders make it onto this list in at number 2

Ok, sorrythis isn’t something to joke about Over in Southern Brazil, it looked as though spiders were raining from the sky

Take a look for yourselves Even though it looks like the spiders are falling from the sky, they’re actually building a super fine web that is nearly impossible to see with the human eye So it gives us the illusion that the spiders are floating in the air But that doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable, if anything that puts me on edge These spiders are working together to hunt prey and they are supposedly harmless to humans Something like this can happen in this area due to the hot and humid weather but something tells me that I wouldn’t be living there for long if this is the norm

Spider hell tops this list in at number 1 Alright guys, this is the reason why you clicked on this video in the first place, be prepared to have your skin crawl for days And don’t say I didn’t warn you… What the heck is wrong with this house?! Why are there so many spiders?! I have never seen so many spiders in my entire life There are thousands of them crawling on the ceiling, the floors and even inside of the walls All of the insecticide in the world wouldn’t be enough to take care of this problem

I think it’s safe to say that the entire house needs to be burned down to the ground and then burned again I’m pretty sure this house is the reason why flamethrowers and grenades were invented Apparently these are actually Daddy longlegs and they are completely harmless but I wouldn’t want to share my house with one of these creepy guys No thank you, I’m doneget me out of here I need to take a bath in sanitizer now because I feel like spiders are crawling all over my skin Well there you guys have it

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