Top 10 Scary Sounds Heard On A Baby Monitor

Starting us of on this list at number 10 we have some spirits yelling on a baby monitor What the heck did we just listen to

Not sure who uploaded that video but in the description they said please like and subscrib I was so scared Um I was super scared as well so I liked the video Also 10 people subscribed to them who were also scared Someone in the comment section said it could be Chewie

now lets go back to the baby monitor sound Alright moving on, number 9 We have very scary music playing from a baby monitor listen to this imagine hearing this from the baby monitor and you know you didn’t play this creepy music for your kid to listen to I feel like this is what Michael Myers would listen to when he is asleep the person who filmed this went into the babies room and they couldn’t even hear the sound

The person who uploaded this video said this Every now and then i hear this strange music played through my baby's monitor Have tried changing frequencies and still the same What usually happens is ill hear this music start to play, then when it stops he wake up Have gone right through his room looking for the source but the 3 or so toys that play sounds have their batteries taken out

I have some advice for you buddy, grab your baby and run as fast as you can without looking back An Alien invasion is up next at number 8 This is one reason why i would be way too afraid to film something at night time Would you guys be brave enough to set up a camera in front of your bed and film the whole night I wouldn’t want to know whats lurking in the darkness

Something are just left better to be un-known I think this is why Paranormal activity movie is terrifying to me I just cant watch it ya no thanks Don’t sign me up, ive actually never watched Paranomal Activity because I enjoy my sleep at night time

Number 7 What the heck is that Sounds like an angry cat or maybe an engine trying to start It could also just be the wind If i was this person I would for sure put my phone down and run to the babies room because something is happening

In the comment section of this video someone said, they say ghost can communicate using white noise Maybe you caught some distressed spirits I think I have to agree with that person You have some spirits that are pretty upset, grab out a ouija board and find out what is bugging them Ok that might actually be a bad idea

Just get your baby and run Moving onto number 6 We have parents who just freaked out after listening to there baby monitor the father believes there kid might be taken by aliens is this aliens or werewolves

Alright number 5 This video i am about to show you is short but you can hear a man’s voice talking and than the baby bursts out crying that was the whole video I have no idea what the man was saying in the baby monitor Not sure if I want to find out

Well in the description of this video it says this Apparently a mom in the northeast was hearing strange thing son her daughters baby monitor, so she decided to record it This was found on the audio recorded of the first night The creature speaking in the recording is suspected to be the infamous Rake because its voice is unnatural and high – pitched Who the heck is Rake

well I looked it up, and it seems to be a creature that might be real Moving into number 4 We actually have a very terrifying video captured on a baby monitor What your about to see is pretty unexplainable is this real life right now

How the heck is that possible This baby is screaming and crying while balancing on the edge of its crib This is one of the most terrifying insane baby monitor video I’ve ever see I would be so fearful that the baby would fall Imagine just looking into the baby monitor cam and this is what you see

I would run so fast So the baby actually feel after so long, but it feel right back into the crib those parents are so lucky and it’s time to buy a way taller crib so the baby can’t climb Rumour has it that baby grow up to be Spiderman Number 3

This one is terrifying We have someone who was able to hack into a baby monitor and was able to talk to the baby This has to be the last thing any parent would want to hear on a baby monitor, another man’s voice or someone’s voice talking to your baby Why are people so damn disturbed Well at number 2, we hear more voice

Well I think its someone talking does that sound like a mans voice? Or what the heck is it Its either a mans voice or an alien invasion I don’t know this is what people in the comment section of that video said

Sounds like a lagy robot It sounds like when trump speaks It sounds like an alien Sounds like an auctioneer talking fast Finally at number 1, this one freaked me out so much

alright so you can clearly hear a baby crying on the baby monitor right Nothing to creepy about that Well the person filming, filmed the baby monitor and the baby crying but than the camera turns right to the baby and the baby isn’t crying So where the heck is this sounds coming from, whose baby is that Is this real life right now imagine your with your baby, but you can hear another baby on the baby monitor

Maybe its a ghost baby or the signals is getting tied up with another baby monitor close byJust imagine goign to check up on your baby because you hear that they are crying and than when you get to the crib the baby is fast asleep but the crying noises is still happening in the baby monitor I mean what the heck very scary situation I would for sure be throwing that baby monitor out and purchasing another one Put text when the mom talks” “ I am so creeped out”

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